Trabajo de inglés


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Trabajo de inglés

  1. 1. Alberto Lozano: Hello I’m Alberto Lozano and I’m an Olympic champion. I’m a personal trainer in USA, Ithink that all mi life is perfect because I do things that I always wanted to do, and I have only the things that I need. I live with my best friends, Alejandro and Héctor. I train very hard wtih The Gators in Florida, is an excellent club,and I train with another olympic champion Ryan Lochte, he’s a good swimmer and a good person. I’ve finished university in California with marks like ten or nine, I think that I’m a good student and good swimmer, I was sixteen when I went to California, because I wanted to study and swim hard, and I decided to live there in Florida a few years and train with the best swimmers in the world. Two years later I was summoned by the spanish federation to go to The Olympics. After that I became very famous in my country because I won the gold medal in The Olympics. My return was amazing , people that I’ve meet and reporters was there. I think that in my future I will probably create a family and an association with children with disabilities because these people need the best. They deserue the best, also I want something for me and I will probably have a good car and a big house in miami. I want to travel to other countries because I want to meet other cultures, other people, other sensations, but all my life Idreamed go swim with dolphins and swim with the best olympian ever, Michael Phelps. I hope to do this in the future.
  2. 2. Héctor Muñoz: My life has changed since I was 15 years old. When I was 15 years old I couldn’t drive a car. I didn’t work because I hadn’t finish study yet, but in the future I would like to work in something that I like. I don’t like live with my parents because I have rented a house in U.S.A. The university where I study is the most important of the U.S.A. Now my life is more interesting thet I was 15 years old. In the future I would like to work in a good job or help people in other country. At the university I have met different people, I’m still doing triathlon, this year I want to go to any important competition. This sport is very important for me because I have done this sport since I was 8 years old. When I finish the studies I woul like travel to Australia because is one of my favourites countries.
  3. 3. • My physical apareance has changed. • Where I live now. • I’m study … • My freetime. • Things that I will do. • I will work at…