Our lifes with 25 years


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Our lifes with 25 years

  1. 1. OUR LIFES WITH 25 YEARS Ana Vadillo, Julián Ureña, Laura Herrero and Elena Maroto.
  2. 2. Ana Vadillo • I finished my university degree two months ago. • I will start working in four weeks time. • I live with some friends in a house in Galicia. • In my free time, I teach piano to kids. • I usually go to Madrid and Caceres to see my friends and family. • I want to travel a lot and I want to do dungee jumping. • I want to go on a tour in the USA by motorcycle.
  3. 3. Julián Ureña • I’m working in a Drama series called ‘The Lock’. • I studied Physics and while I was doing my degree, I did a lot of castings. • I have girlfriend but I’m not married, I met her in a casting. • We live in the centre of Madrid, very near Callao, in a small but a nice house. • When I finish my series we will go to Paris. • I would like to have another series in France so I have to study a lot. • I wouldn’t like to have children right now.
  4. 4. Laura Herrero • Life now is different, because of technology. • This year I’m working as a surgeon specialized in traumatology, because I finished my university degree last year. • I live with some friends in a rented house in Madrid. • I’d like to buy a house to live there with my boyfriend. • I visit my parents all weekends. • I want to learn to play instruments and I want to travel a lot. • The last thing that I want is to become a mum.
  5. 5. Elena Maroto • I went to study one year in the USA. • When I finished high school, I decided to study my university degree here, but then I moved to the USA. • At first I started to work in New York with a fashion designer. • Now I’m working in Chicago as a Spanish teacher. • I live with my boyfriend. • Probably, the next thing is to be engaged, and in a couple of years I would like to become a mum. • I still dancing, but now I teach it to little girls.
  6. 6. Pictures ‘Julián is living in Callao now’. Elena is dancing in a music school because she loves it.
  7. 7. Pictures Ana teaches piano as a hobbie... Laura is a surgeon specialized in traumatology, she has to work hard but she likes it.
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