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  1. 1. nicelyShe has painted it --------------. (nice)Suddenly he woke up loudly because the phone rang ----------------. (loud)
  2. 2. happilyMary jumped up -----------------. (happy) elegantlyShe dresses -------------------. (elegant)
  3. 3. fastThe train travels --------------. (fast) gentlyThe nurse held the babies-----------. (gentle)
  4. 4. heavilyYes, it was raining ------------------for two hours. (heavy) beautifullyThey dance the cha-cha-cha ____________(beautiful / beautifully)
  5. 5. beautifullyAvril is a pop singer. She sings --------------------beautiful beautifully carefullyThey planned their trip to Europe very -----------------(careful / carefully)
  6. 6. bravely The brave men fought ----------------. (brave) happilyThey lived together ----------------. (happy)
  7. 7. hardShe is tired because she has worked ----------. (hard) quietlyShe went to bed ---------------. (quiet)
  8. 8. hard Andy doesnt often work __________ . (hard / hardly) lateSometimes our teacher arrives ________for class. (late / lately)
  9. 9. wellShe knows the road __________.(good / well) terriblyHe plays the guitar _________.(terrible / terribly)
  10. 10. loudTurn the stereo down. Its too __________.(loud / loudly) happilyHe skipped __________ down the road to school.(happy / happily)
  11. 11. clearIt is a beautiful ------------- day.(a) clear (b) clearly slowlyTom opened the door ----------------.(a) slow (b) slowly
  12. 12. I didnt sleep __ last night, so I feel __ today.(a) good, terrible (b) well, terrible c) well, terribly (b) well, terribleThose apples look ___. May I have one?(a) delicious (b) deliciously (a) delicious
  13. 13. This situation requires a ___ investigation. (a) serious (b) seriously (a) seriousHe speaks so ___ that I cant understand him.a)fast b)fastly a)fast
  14. 14. ADVERB COMPARISONFor Example: That boy runs ___________ (fast) Bill. That boy runs faster than Bill. later thanKeila got to work ----------------------------Harold. (late) more fluently thanDr. Elimelech speaks English ---------------------------Sophorn. (fluently) more slowly thanA turtle moves ----------------------------a rabbit. (slowly)
  15. 15. harder thanRoger works ------------------Stan. (hard) better thanMaria dances ---------------Laurie. (well) the bestDebbie dances ------------------of all. (well) earlier thanMark came home -------------------Steve. (early) the earliestJudy came home ------------------of all. (early)
  16. 16. worse thanCarlos drives ----------------Henry. (badly) the worstBill drives -------------of all. (badly) more quickly thanKim does her homework --------------------than Tom. (quickly) the most quicklySheila does her homework -------------------of all. (quickly)
  17. 17. Be ___ to visitors if you want them to come back to your country. a)pleasant b)pleasantly a)pleasantShe walks so ___ in those boots.a. heavy b. heavily b. heavily
  18. 18. We worked [quick/quickly] because we had very little time. quicklyThat is such a [noisy/noisily] child! Can you control him? noisy
  19. 19. Cant you tell me [honest/honestly] what youre thinking? honestlyWe cant find an [honest/honestly] politician in this city! honest
  20. 20. Fill in the blanks with the right adverb. quickly(2) / suddenly / heavily / brightly / easily / soundly /eventually / cheaply / slowly 1. The snow fell -----------------on the mountain. 2. The boys ran ---------------down the road. 3. I slept --------------after the long day. 4. Our school team won the match --------------. 5. The sun shone --------------whilst we were on holiday. 6. The old lady walked ----------------to the shops.7. David bought his new steroe -------------------at the sales. 8. The hungry child ate his dinner ---------------------. 9. The tortoise finished the race --------------------. 10. --------------------, it clouded over and started to rain.
  21. 21. ANSWERS:heavily 2- quickly 3- soundly 4- easily5- brightly 6- slowly 7- cheaply 8- quickly 9- eventually 10- suddenly
  22. 22. Prepared byMünevver ÇELEBİ