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If you’re looking into the iliving app, you are almost there. What is the iliving app?

It’s an amazing app for mobile phones, but is a lot more to those of us who are online marketers. Here’s why:

This could go viral!

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First app that_pays_you_to_share_it_i_living_app_review

  1. 1. e m po we rne t wo m http://www.empo wernetwo m/rapto r99/blo g/first-app-that-pays-yo u-to -share-it-ilivingapp-review/First App That Pays You To Share It….!!! ILivingAppreviewIf you’re looking int o t he iliving app, you are almost t here. What is t he iliving app?It ’s an amazing app f or mobile phones, but is a lot more t o t hose of us who are online market ers.Here’s why:T his could go viral!T he iliving app is t he f irst Apple App On “personaldevelopment and self improvement ”First App To Pay You3 X 7 FORCED MAT RIX (see t he websit e undercompensat ion if you don’t underst and)NO Recruit ing RequiredSubscript ions $9.95 per mont h- T he developer has 22 successf ul apps t hat havemillions of subscribers- You will have a chance t o review and secure yourposit ion wit h t he iliving app bef ore t he pre-launchdat e of January 28, 2013CLICK HERE T O GET START ED!The iliving App – Why Get Involved?Why is t he iliving app special? Because it hasn’t launched yet . Out side of t he f act t hat it ’s amobile phone app t hat you can get paid on, t he iliving app is GROUND FLOOR right now. Is yourcurrent program dying or worse, dead? Is t he market f ully sat urat ed? Wit h t he iliving app, itcert ainly is not !You know when you see t he guys in your current program t hat have t hose huge checks and youjust simply don’t ? T hey have probably been t here since t he beginning and got t ons of signupswhen people were incredibly excit ed about it . People are get t ing incredibly excit ed about t he ilivingapp!Check out t he compensat ion plan!Are you going t o t ell me t hat you can’t blow t his out of t he wat er? You can get 10 people t o spend$10 a mont h, right ?The iliving app – What Does It Do?It ’s a self help app t hat can give people assist ance in t he personal livesalong wit h t heir prof essional lives.Know someone who could use some help?
  2. 2. Give t hem t he iliving app! Get st art ed here!The iliving app – Why?Why? Because you work hard and have worked hardand now it ’s t ime t o reap t he rewards. Your skillsand knowledge and cont act s have lead you t o t hissit e, and now I’m sending you t o where you need t obe. Recruit ing is easy! You want somet hing new,t hat ’s why you’re here, right ? How many ot herpeople also want somet hing new? 100,000?200,000? You don’t need t hat many t o make a huge splash wit h t he iliving app. Get over t o t hewebsit e and see f or yourself !You aren’t going t o believe t he compensat ion plan. Even if you’re t errible at recruit ing, you can st illmake a lot of money. You’ll be in my downline so my overf low will end up under you anyway! Wit ht he iliving app syst em, my hard work will pay dividends f or you!T he syst em is new, it ’s f resh, and it ’s not even out yet . You will see everyt hing I’m t alking aboutwhen you go over t o t he websit e. You are going t o be BLOWN AWAY by t he opport unit y t hat iswait ing f or youSign up t oday. T he sooner you get on board, t he sooner you can st art recruit ing. Event ually, liket he ot her programs, t he f un and excit ement will subside. Right now, it has barely even st art ed.Wit h t he iliving app right now, you’re in bef ore t he mad rush. T he mad rush is going t o be coming t oyou!iLiving App Compensation PlanT he iLiving App compensation plan seems t o be t he t alk of t he t own right now. As t he programmoves int o f ull swing, people are wondering exact ly how t hey are going t o get paid and what t heyneed t o do in order t o earn t he big bucks wit h t he iLiving App compensat ion plan.iLiving App Compensation Plan – Early OnOne of t he great t hings about t he iLiving App compensation plan is t hat you st art get t ing paid wit ht he f irst person under you. Now, let ’s not pret end t hat you’re going t o make a lot of money on t hef irst person. T he f irst t hree people under you in t he iLiving App compensat ion plan will earn $1.00each a mont h. T he second t ier will have nine people, each giving you .80 a mont h.
  3. 3. Now, t hat seems like next t o not hing, right ? Well, it ’s $10.20. Considering t he program cost s $9.99 amont h, t he iLiving App compensat ion plan works quickly t o cover it ’s own cost s. While you areworking on your ref errals, t his makes it a no-brainer t o st ay in t he program. T here’s no need t o quitwhen it ’s f ree, right ?Keep in mind t hat t hose 12 people don’t have t o beref erred by you. T hey can come f rom your upline aswell, or in t ot al. If you are on t he right t eam, you canact ually do absolut ely not hing and have your uplinef ill in plent y of spot s below you. T hat ’s anot herhuge benef it t o t he iLiving App compensat ion plan.You act ually get paid just f or showing up.Example: On my t eam, t he f irst t hree people belowme have not ref erred a single person and yet t heirf irst 12 spot s are f illed. Why? My market ing is in f ull swing, and I f illed t hose slot s f or t hem. (Hint :Join my t eam. A deadbeat t eam will not get you anywhere.)iLiving App Compensation Plan – Tier 3 and 4In t he iLiving App compensat ion plan, t here are dif f erent values assigned t o each t ier. Tiers 3 and 4will pay you a dime f or each person. T his will t ot al out at $10.80. Once again, no great shakes, butt hen again, t hat ’s not why you are int erest ed in t his program. You aren’t going t o join and getinvolved wit h t he iLiving App compensat ion plan so you can earn $50 a mont h or $100 a mont h.You’re looking f or t he big one. T he big one is coming.iLiving App Compensation Plan – Tier 5 and 6T hese t wo levels of t he iLiving App compensat ion plan st art t o show some signs of hope. Tier 5checks in at .05 per person while t ier 6 is at .10, giving you $19.44 f or t hese t wo. So now you’re atabout a net of $30 t hanks t o t he iLiving App compensat ion plan. Lucky you.Keep in mind t hat t his could all happen wit hout you ref erring one person, as long as your t eam isst rong. If you are looking f or a st rong t eam, you def init ely want t o join mine. We’re really blowing upwit h our organic and specif ic market ing t ools.iLiving App Compensation Plan – Tier 7…the moneyTier 7 in t he iLiving App compensat ion plan is where t he money is, but not all of it . Wit h everyperson you have on Tier 7, you get $1.10. Now, t here are 2,187 slot s available here. Fill t hat line andyou get $2,405.70. Now, t hat ’s what you want ed t o hear about t he iLiving App compensat ion plan,right ? A f illed mat rix will pay you about $2,500 a mont h…even if you have never ref erred anyone!(back t o t hat st rong t eam t hing again)You st ill haven’t heard t he best part .iLiving App Compensation Plan – BONUS Money
  4. 4. I keep ment ioning t he f act t hat you can make money wit h t he iLiving App compensat ion planwit hout doing anyt hing more t han joining t he right t eam. T here is, however, a signif icant benef it t obringing people int o your mat rix.If t hree of t he people you ref er f ill t heir mat rix, you will get a 10% bonus on your mat rixcommissions, which is about $250 f or EACH ONE OF T HEM. So if you’ve ref erred t hree and t heirmat rix f ills, t he iLiving App compensat ion plan will add about $750 t o your $2,500, giving you $3,250a mont h. Now we’re t alking.Let ’s say you’re doing well at ref erring people and you have six ref errals wit h a f illed mat rix. T hatwill give you 20% of your mat rix commissions. T hat means t hat t he iLiving App compensat ion planwill pay you $500 f or each person…an addit ional $3,000 t o go wit h your $2,500. Now you’re at$5,500 a mont h, t hanks t o t he iLiving App compensat ion plan.Okay, t he f ollowing part is going t o shock you, but t his inf o is direct ly f romt he iLiving App compensat ion plan. It is 100% t rue.If you ref er 10 people who end up f illing t heir mat rices, you will receive a40% commission mat ch of your mat rix money. T hat ’s a lit t le over$1,000…f or each person. T hat means t hat , wit h a f illed mat rix and 10people who have done t he same, you will be raking in $12,500 a mont h.Scout s honor. T hat ’s serious money.iLiving App Compensation Plan – Dif f icult?How dif f icult is it t o ref er 10 people? Well, t hat ’s going t o depend on you. Do you know anyone whohas an ext ra $10 a mont h t hat t hey would like t o invest ? Of course you do. What ’s even bet t er ist hat t hey will probably only pay t hat $10 once as t he mat rix f ills up below t hem. T he iLiving Appcompensat ion plan makes it easy t o ref er people. (At t he t ime of t his writ ing, I have ref erred at ot al of 31 people.)iLiving AppCompensation Plan –Join MeT he iLiving App compensat ionplan is exact ly why you want t ojoin my t eam. When t iers getf illed, t hey next t ier st art s t o f illf rom above. Wit hout a st rongt eam, you’ll never get yourmat rix f illed. You need t hepeople above you t o do a greatjob in order f or you t o reap t hef ull benef it s of t he iLiving Appcompensat ion plan.Of t he 31 (at t he t ime of t his writ ing) people I have ref erred, t he f irst t hree are direct ly under me,and t he rest of t he ref errals are under t he people below me. We have ot hers on t he t eam t hat arealso doing a f ant ast ic job as t hey look t o max out t he iLiving App compensat ion plan.To make it easier f or t hose wit h less experience, we have mult iple t ool in place, all geared t owardt he iLiving App compensat ion plan. We work as a t eam and keep people mot ivat ed t o doing well. Ifyou are looking at t he last t ier and t he bonus money f rom t he iLiving App compensat ion plan and
  5. 5. t hink t hat you want it , you have t o be on t he right t eam.T he people who are joining our t eam now are really reaping t he benef it s as t he spillover f romabove put s people in t heir slot s wit h ease. Click any of t he banners, but t ons, or pict ures on t hisart icle and join my t eam. Maybe t oget her we can max out t he iLiving App compensat ion plan.About The Author: Syed alihi everyone myself syed ali i am st udent who brought up in hyderabad, india. i wantt o earn money while enjoyin lif e.i am new at af f iliat e market ing i have t ried t o joindif f erent syst em bef ore but got scammed alot of t imes. i want edt o earn f rom homef rom lot of t ime back when i was in high last i joined empower hope t o havea earning and shre my success t o all.