Networkvial: Decada de la seguridad vial mundial (INGLES)
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Networkvial: Decada de la seguridad vial mundial (INGLES)

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El 11 de Mayo da inicio al primer esfuerzo mundial coordinado con el fin de evitar accidentes viales que diezman a la sociedad. ...

El 11 de Mayo da inicio al primer esfuerzo mundial coordinado con el fin de evitar accidentes viales que diezman a la sociedad.

Por mandato de las Naciones Unidas se lleva a cabo la Decada Mundial de Acciones por la Seguridad Vial 2011-2020 cuyo fin es reducir la siniestralidad en nun 50%

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  • 1. UN Decade of Action for Road Safety Launch Date Wednesday, 11 May 2011 Update Global Road Safety February 2011 Partnership supports the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2010-2020 Global Road Safety Partnership is hosted by:Feb 2011 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • 2. Partnership preparations in countries 1. Australia* 11. Indonesia 21. Romania 2. Brazil 12. Jordan 22. South Africa 3. Cambodia 13. Kenya 23. Slovenia 4. China 14. Malaysia 24. Slovakia 5. Egypt 15. Mexico 25. Thailand 6. Gambia 16. Namibia 26. Turkey 7. Germany 17. Nigeria 27. Vietnam 8. Ghana 18. Philippines 28. Ukraine 9. Hungary 19. Poland 29. Zambia 10. India 20. Russia *Links to country pages in this updateFeb 2011 Please send information from your country for this update to
  • 3. Background to the Decade of Action Increasing global interest in the road crash crisis being generated through 2004 – 2009 Moscow Declaration for a Unanimous UN vote and over United Nations Road Safety Collaboration Decade of Action in Road 100 states co-sponsor for the UN (UNRSC) develop strategy for the Decade Safety” adopted at the Resolution proclaiming 2011-2020 based on five key pillars of road safety Global Ministerial a Decade of Action for road management, safer roads, safer vehicles, Conference on Road safety. (March 2010). Resolution safer road users, and improved trauma Safety. (November 2009) stresses the need for multi-sector care and rehabilitation services) . partnership. Goal: to stabilize and reduce the level of road traffic fatalities around the world by increasing road safety interventions conducted at the sub-national, national, regional and global levels._ . Countries begin to align their action plans around the DecadeFeb 2011 November 2011 – UN Secretary General makes a Decade of Action plea
  • 4. The Decade of Action: Global Plan National activities will be based around the five “pillars for action” and the partnership and co-ordination that brings them togetherFeb 2011 The Global Plan for the Decade of Action (in English, French, Russian, Spanish)
  • 5. The Decade of Action: global launch Countries, organizations and the international community are planning the global launch of the Decade for Wednesday, 11 May 2011. The main objective of the launch events -- to release national and local plans for the Decade. The key partnership aspects of the launch are:  To draw attention to - the impact of the global road safety crisis - the special focus on action for the coming decade 2010-2020 - the possibilities for prevention;  To emphasize the need to work in partnerships of – - government, - business - civil society  To provide an opportunity to all stakeholdersFeb 2011 to announce their respective plans for the Decade.
  • 6. You have your plan and want to join the global launch: Step 1: Get registered at «If you are a non-profit organisation « If you are a private company or corporation you can access and use the Decade of and would like to become an official Action symbol freely Supporter of the Decade of Action for Road Safety, please visit our by accepting terms of use and Road Safety Fund website and providing a small amount of information contact us to find out how you can about your organisation and the ways partner with us to reduce global in which you hope to support the road casualties.” Decade of Action Please see our Resources section for more details.” Terms of Use Agreement at For more information: Step 2: Liaison with your regional UN office or WHO country office. Step 3: Join in or take a lead in further action towards the Decade of action in your country. Step 4: Once your plans for the launch of the Decade on 11 May 2011 are finalized,Feb 2011 you may complete this online form to register your event .
  • 7. How can we use the tag? Useful booklets: What is the Tag of the What can we do? Decade of Action?Feb 2011 Download from
  • 8. How partners can participate? Governments: Private sector  Develop and approve the national  Better understand road safety structure in road safety strategies and plans your country and identify your possible role;  Advocate for road safety at the  Review the road safety policy in your company. Focus on 1 or 2 highest political levels major issues for employees.  Ensure road safety law  If you are an international company in a country, identify if your enforcement company is a member of the Global Road Safety Partnership  Support and encourage  Initiate or join road safety partnership in your country (consult with GRSP) partnerships in road safety  Contribute to the Decade fund in order to be able to display the  Transfer experience and knowledge Tag and be a Supporter of the Decade of Action. Visit the between countries resources page on the  …  Use the tag which states "Company X supports the Decade”;  Get CEOs to publicly support the Decade Civil society  Engage the media  Participate in the preparation for the Decade of Action launch  Internal road safety mobilization events - enhance the commitments in road safety through inside an NGO ensuring publicity for road safety plans in your country. …  Provide platform for networking  Push existing pledges and Media commitments among partners  Become a partner in road safety partnership in your country  Activate and involve media, (consult GRSP for information) Governments and corporations  Join the global Decade of Action for road safety  Attract new partners  Identify NGOs already involved  Apply to road safety partners for experts and dataFeb 2011  Be source of information  Participate in public campaigns on road safety  Use the tag to support the Decade  Participate in developing promotion tools in road safety  …  Become an information sponsor of road safety in your country …
  • 9. Contacts and resources The official site for the Decade of Action The campaign resources and the UN Road Safety Collaboration, site for the Tag, providing with information artwork, ideas and Tag on policy, events and networks availability, hosted by the from WHO, the lead agency for the FIA Foundation Decade. United Nations Regional Commissions The Global Road Safety Facility, coordinating efforts by Multilateral Development leading road safety efforts in your region: Banks to improve road safety: UNECA UNECE UNECLAC The Global Road Safety Partnership, UNESCAP bringing public/private partners together UNESCWA to implement road injury prevention programmes: YOURS, the international network for youth for road safety: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, active in promoting road safety across the world: Make Roads Safe, the international 2011 advocacy campaign for global road safety: The international organization for victims of road crashes:
  • 10. Partnerships preparation in regions  ASIA 8th annual GRSP Asia Road Safety Seminar in November “Preparing for the Decade of Action”, focused on planning for the Decade of Action as an effective means of reducing road trauma in the region. Among other plans, it gave significant attention to the road safety education for children and youth as a key component to preparations for the Decade.  EUROPE In December GRSP/Europe annual meeting in Brussels called partnerships to build coalitions in countries on the Decade launch and act as a focal point for information. They noted the importance of coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO) country offices and GRSP’s role in attracting global media attention to national Decade launches. Coordination of action through GRSP parterns in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and through European Save Our Lives project for road safety in eight countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia).  MENA (Middle East and North Africa) MENARSP is preparing for the launch of the Decade together with WHO and UNESCWA. Decade of Action and its launch is included in the programmes of meetings and workshops. Contacting country governments, NGOs, and business partners. Encouraging country governments with road safety strategies/plans/new policies to promote them at the launch of the Decade. Creating a database of action towards the Decade. Decade of Action toolkit will be disseminated in Arabic in February. MENA GRSP initiated discussion of preparations for the Decade at the Middle East Road safety Summit 2011 on 23-26 January. Joining efforts with YOURS (Youth for road safety) and Sesame Workshop in the region.  LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN 12-13 May 2011 launch of the Decade of Action at the Second Ibero-American and Caribbean Forum on Road Safety "Road to Save Lives " in Mexico City. Objectives: to propose a) regional objective to reduce the number of road crash deaths and injuries by 50 %. B) a regional road safety action plan to reach the above objective and to share best practices in road safety among the different representatives that are part of the region. Participants: Ministers of Transport, Interior/Police, Health, Finance, Education, Urban Planning and Tourism. Legislators, policy makers, program planners and implementers, advocates, researchers, and others concerned with road safety inFeb 2011 Latin America and the Caribbean. More about the Forum at
  • 11. MEXICO (GMT - 6 ) 11 May - the launch of the Decade of action for road safety will be a high profile, media oriented event in the Castle of Chapultepec in the heart of Mexico City. We are expecting Mr. Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, to be participating in this event. 12-13 May - the Second Iberoamerican and Caribbean Forum on Road Safety (EISEVI 2) will take place. The themes of the draft program are based on the five pillars of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action. The regional plan for the Decade of action will be high on the agenda of this event described as the “Declaration of the Mexico City on Road Safety”. The Organizing Committee includes DGT, SEGIB of Spain, IDB, PAHO, Ministry of Health of Mexico, Ministry of Transportation and meets on a regular basis. We have been meeting with Plaza Sesamo (educational childrens television series, Spanish-language adaptation for Latin America of Sesame Street), and we are currently working on the development of different projects that would be in line with the Launch of the Decade. Such as the development of commercial spots on 3 different risk factors and specific material for kids. Launching “Grover” as the Sesame Global road safety champion would be amazing!!Feb 2011 For more information please contact Ms Linda Scheepstra:
  • 12. POLAND (GMT +1) In December 2010 Global Road safety partnership/Poland called the first organizational meeting for the launch of the Decade of Action attended by Parliament speakers, representatives of the Ministry of Interior, national Police Headquarters, National Road Safety Council, representatives of Motor Transport Institute. Initial plans of events and ways of coordination were discussed. The participants agreed that road safety schedule could incorporate other important events during the Decade, including Polish EU Presidency. In February the outcomes of initial discussions were brought up at the follow-up meeting in at the Parliament WarsawFeb 2011 For more information please contact Mr Boris Poleganow:
  • 13. ROMANIA (GMT +1) The launch of the Decade of Action will be integrated in the IRF Road Safety Simposium held in Bucharest on 10-11 May 2011 (see slide 29 of this update) Preliminary concept for the launch: 11 May (10.30-12.30) - public event at the Constitutiei Square in front of the People’s House: • Speeches of national and city authorities involved in road safety • Press conference • Launch of 2,000 balloons with the symbol of the Decade in memory of the road traffic victims. • Youth march of some 2,000 people wearing Decade of Action T-shirts. The march will include Romanian participants of the STARS - a European project on speed. • Official participants and national celebrities involved in the event will be wearing the Decade tags. 10-11 May – night projections of the Decade tag and messages on public institutions in Bucharest. It is expected that the Romania Road Safety Strategy will be approved by the Prime Minister and will make a major presentation during the launch . Links are being developed with local and national authorities who will continue the road safety actions through the Decade. 9 May GRSP/Ro is planning the first parliamentary meetings on the implementation of the Decade. Among the organizers of the event: WHO, Inter-ministerial Council,for Road Safety, Traffic police, representatives of national authorities; ETSC, GRSP/Ro, Police Academy, Iasi Technical University, Ing Tehno Proiect (sponsor), university and schools.Feb 2011 For more information please contact Mr Mircea Iosif,, Ms Mihaela Draghici
  • 14. HUNGARY (GMT +1) In January-February GRSP Hungarian Association: • discussed preliminary plans for the Decade of Action and its launch at its board and membership meetings; • sent an official letter to the relevant ministries (Ministry for National Economy, Ministry of National Development, Ministry of National Development and National Police) with a proposition to hold a meeting with all the relevant people in the government to discuss the actions for the Decade and its launch; • Established links and is coordinating action towards the launch of the Decade with WHO regional office in Budapest; • set up a Facebook account for the Decade in the Hungarian language.Feb 2011 For more information contact Ms Maria Bognar :
  • 15. RUSSIA (GMT +3) Russian local authorities suggest to postpone events connected with the launch of the Decade of Action for road safety launch as the first half of May is connected with preparations for and celebrations of the Victory Day (9 May). WHO Office in Moscow is working on plans with the Russian Government on how to best employ media opportunities available in Moscow on 11 May. WHO and GRSP will use the opportunities for the launch of the Decade in Ivanovo and Lipetsk - two Russian regions where RS-10 (Road safety in 10 countries) project was launched in 2010.Feb 2011 For more information please contact Ms Barbara Krol Barbara
  • 16. GAMBIA (GMT) The partnership of the National Youth Parliament and the National Youth Commission of Gambia Red Cross Society seeks to inspire and empower young people to take responsibility and advocate safer roads in the country. The partnership plan includes: • 11 May - National Road Safety Minute of Silence and Traffic Stop to remember those who lost their lives to road crashes, to recognize the efforts of advocates and to call for action across the country. • Media Campaign to raise awareness on the 11 May event and on the Decade of Action on road safety, Including a TV Statement by the Minister of Construction and Infrastructure and WHO representative on the launch of the Decade of Action in Gambia. • Painting of Traffic and Road Signs, such as Zebra crossings and Speed Limit signs. • Night of Safety - road safety advocates will go to night clubs and talk to young people about drunk driving and speeding. • Awareness Campaign – outreach to communities and schools, debates, quizzes. • Lobbying for the formation of National Transport Commission and for additional policies on Road Safety e.g. acquiring first aid certificate before having driving license, no drunk driving, the use of helmets. • Training on Road Safety and First Aid – for drivers, community response teams at key location, lawmakers, traffic police officers, young people and journalist. Funding Needed • To develop a National Road Safety Strategy. Funding Needed • To conduct a situational analysis on road safety in Gambia. Funding NeededFeb 2011 For more information please contact Mr. Siaka K. Dibba :
  • 17. SOUTH AFRICA (GMT + 2) The Department of Transport (DoT) and Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) brought up a joint communication plan for the Decade of Action launch event and defined roles in the long term national plan. The information was shared with all provincial road safety offices in the country. 11 February - the 2nd formal Decade of Action meeting will be hosted by the Road Accident Fund. The events on 11 May in South Africa will include: • Formal media briefing by the President of SA and the Minister of Transport. • At the FIFA Soccer Stadium 15,000 school children branded in Tag designed T-shirts marking the 15000 lives lost on South African roads. • The plan is to have the Arch Bishop Tutu and Mr Mandela sending messages of hope to the victims and appeal to the motorists to make roads safe in SA. • Professional safety demonstrations at the stadium • High-profile artists will sing a SA dedicated song to road safety (which will be a road safety jingle played in SA Radios post the launch) • Law enforcement parade fully represented by the countrys traffic authorities who will be wearing yellow caps with a Tag badge in the front of the cap. • Traffic Officers will disperse to the high accident roads/hazardous locations and distribute the Decade info with Tags across the country. Road Safety Practitioners will end the day distributing the Tag at all the Toll Gates on national roads across the country. • In the evening we plan to have the Table Mountain lit in yellow and all other State buildings across the country to be laser lit in yellow Tag-shape lights. GRSP partners in SA (Childsafe, SADD (SA Against Drunk Driving), Drive Alive; Red Cross Society) develop own plans and programmes for the Decade of Action.Feb 2011 For more information please contact Ms Sianne Abrahams
  • 18. NIGERIA (GMT +1) The national stakeholders forum to kick off awareness and activities preceding the launch was held in Nigeria in April 2010. The country is committed to the launch of the Decade of Action. More detailed plans are expected in February. Nigerian Road Safety Partnership is pulling forces together and exploring some possible activities “so we can list within the global plan and we certainly would have great activities to mark the launch! “Feb 2011 For more information please contact Mr Wabotem Ene:
  • 19. ZAMBIA (GMT+2 ) “THE GOVERNMENT has called on all stakeholders to help the country realize its goal of reducing road traffic accidents by 25 percent by 2013. Deputy Minister of Communications and Transport Mubika Mubika said that road crashes are the third major cause of death in the country after malaria and HIV and AIDS. Winston Mwandila, RTSA board chairman, appealed to Zambian road users to endorse the Road Safety Commitment card, which has been launched by the Global Road Safety Partnership.” (Zambia Daily Mail. December 2010) Things are beginning to shape up for the Decade of Action Planning in Zambia. For now we can say that the Lusaka City Council, Road Transport Safety Agency, Lafarge Cement, The Church community and GRSP Zambia are working together to make the Decade launch.Feb 2011 For more information please contact Ms Rikke Rysgaard;
  • 20. AUSTRALIA (GMT +11) Road Safety Decade of Action: Workshop Summary Prepared by Blair Turner, ARRB Group November 2010 Australia The Report is avalable at:Feb 2011 ade%20Workshop%20summary.pdf
  • 21. CAMBODIA (GMT+7) Cambodia was one of the first countries to commit to the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 by developing the national 10-year plan on road safety for 2011-2020. The draft plan was developed in the 1st half of 2010 and then presented at a national workshop organized by the National Road safety Council (NRSC) in August 2010. More than 70 various stakeholders from government, civil society and the private sector participated in discussions and group round tables lead by local practitioners Some figures from the plan: • to reduce traffic accident deaths in Cambodia by 30 % saving total of 4700 lives. • to drop speeding and drunk driving by 30 % • to increase motorcycle helmet usage to 85% nationally Multi-sectoral collaboration and partnerships incorporated in all pillars (The summary attached to this update) This plan marks the first time that the National Road Safety Committee has incorporated specific goal and targets into their national road safety plans. It is expected that the plan will be approved by the Prime Minister and launched on 11 May 2011.Feb 2011 For more information contact Mr Ryan Duly:
  • 22. PHILIPPINES (GMT +8) Road Safety Partnership in Philippines (PGRSP) is promoting a draft law ROAD SAFETY ACT OF 2011 that will replace the existing law of 1964. It is expected that the President of the Philippines will certify the bill as "urgent" so that it passes through both houses of the Congress and the President will ceremonially sign it on May 11. On 11 May  a special ceremony in Manila where PGRSP members and stakeholders will announce their pledges for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.  The Decade of Action for Road Safety tag will be launched.  On that day, AAP will not charge towing fees in the expressways and will seek a permission to distribute leaflets on road safety. In May the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) that is currently chairing the PGRSP, will mark its 80 Anniversary. The three-day celebration will include a parade, a display of vintage cars and a conference on major road safety issues. The celebrations will culminate on 11 May in Manila. May events will also include:  Distribution of free helmets under the Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative  Distribution of free DVD version of the training program for public vehicle drivers,  Launch of the H2O project (Helmets and Headlights On Always),  Telethon for road safety project commitments from corporations and general public. PGRSP will work towards maximum publicity of all the above events and activities. In March AAP as current PGRSP chair, is calling a pre-launch meeting of stakeholders to discuss and elaborate the plan of the launch day.Feb 2011 For more information please contact Ms Cynthia G. Reyes :
  • 23. VIETNAM (GMT +7) A national action plan on road safety has been under development. It’s time frame coincides with the Decade. At the end of February the Ministry of Transport and its partners are planning to hold a national conference on the 10-year action plan which will also ensure some advanced advocacy for the Decade, particularly in provinces. Two options are considered for the launch of the Decade in May: A press conference in Hanoi with regional launch events in Danang and Ho Chi Minh City or Press conferences/launches in each of the 63 provinces - similar to what was done for the road safety week in 2007 and what is done annually for the Month of Traffic Safety).Feb 2011 For more information please contact Mr Ryan Duly:
  • 24. THAILAND (GMT +6) 2011 - Year of Transport Safety in Thailand National Launch being co-ordinated by OTP (Office of Transport and Planning) OTP has a dedicated bureau for traffic safety. OTP plans:  To align Thai national plan with UNRSC decade guidance (completed)  To Join Decade of Action and set the target of less than 10 fatalities per 100,000 population by year 2020Feb 2011 For more information please contact Mr Ryan Duly:
  • 25. CHINA (GMT + 8) In China there is no national multi-sector road safety council working on a daily basis. As the first step towards the launch of the Decade of Action, GRSP/China Country Manager will contact WHO China Office to find out their plans in this regards and to discuss possibilities of involvement of other relevant partners in the country.Feb 2011 For more information please contact Ms Ann Yuan:
  • 26. More on preparations for the Decade in countries at WHO web-site Calendar of activities around the world at the WHO web-site: Activities by country: (as of 9 February) Canada Democratic Republic of the Congo India Mexico New Zealand Romania South Africa Sri Lanka United Kingdom VenezuelaFeb 2011
  • 27. News from our global partners  World Health Organisation  International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)  FIA Foundation  International Road Federation (IRF)  International Road Assesment Programme iRAP  YOURS  Sesame WorkshopFeb 2011 Please send information for your page in this update to
  • 28. World Health Organisation Global Plan will guide you in identifying the types of activities you will support during the Decade Register your event: complete this online form to register your event at Calendar of activities by country: . On-line tool kit : It is planned to translate it into six UN languages in February. Contacts: a listing of contacts for the Decade including national focal points at These nominations should be sent to or . Facebook: We invite you to join us there! Road-Safety-2011-2020/178222832190853?v=wall Symbol: The symbol for the Decade in six UN languages as well as Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Javanese, Khmer, Portuguese, Swedish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. To register your not for profit organization and accept the terms of use for the symbol, visit . Private companies wishing to use the symbol should contact Saul Billingsley at . For other languages please provide a translation for "Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020" which is approved by your government by emailing or . For more informaiton please contact Ms Laura Sminkey: sminkeyl@who.intFeb 2011 All Information about at :
  • 29. IFRC International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies  The road safety issue is integrated in the IFRC Strategy 2020 and in its core fields of action: Health, Community Risk reduction, OD, Youth, Humanitarian diplomacy, Knowledge sharing & Partnership building.  The target audience of the IFRC programme 2010-2011 is the whole International Federation with National Societies in 186 countries.  The IFRC programme for 2010-2011 aims to reduce the number of deaths, illnesses and impact from road crashes. Its activities include regional workshops; support to National Societies in road safety project implementations, capacity building and training in every zone.  IFRC publications: "Road safety - Call for action" (November 2009); “Practical Guide to Road Safety” – a tool kit for RCRC NSs. IFRC personal road safety commitment card.  The IFRC hosts the Global Road Safety Partnership.  Throughout 2011 - the International Year of the Volunteer - the IFRC will measure and recognize the economic and social value of volunteering in tackling humanitarian issues, including road safety. National Societies worldwide will mobilize volunteers in a united campaign “Find the volunteer inside you”. The campaign provides vast opportunities for action for the road safety .  8 May – the International Red Cross Red Crescent Day.Feb 2011 More about IFRC action in road safety at:
  • 30. FIA Foundation Global roll-out and use of the Tag is being developed and coordinated by the World Health Organization and the FIA Foundation in preparation for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. FIA Foundation promotes the tag and the Decade launch as a communications adjunct to the effort WHO is leading. Visit the tag site and get registered. 12th April - Global Road Safety report launch (coinciding with the UNRSC meeting in London)Feb 2011 More about FIA Foundation at:
  • 31. International Road Federation (IRF) IRF will launch the Decade of Action in Bucharest, Romania 10-11 May 2011 The IRF symposium “Providing Infrastructure that Improves Road Safety” will identify and commit to actions that ensure that the road safety targets of the Decade of Action can be met. The main topics include: Construction of forgiving roads; Managing road infrastructure performance; High quality innovative safety products; Regional initiatives that work; How to meet the road safety targets by 2020. The award ceremony for the Innovation Award for Road Transport in Developing Countries will take place on 10 May 2010. The Symposium will close with the signature of the ‘Action Plan for Providing Infrastructure that Improves Road Safety’.Feb 2011 More information about the event at: Events
  • 32. International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) For our part in the lead up to the DoA launch, key points are: • We are encouraging all countries to adopt our vision of a world free of high risk roads, which can be tailored. Eg. Thailand free of high risk roads. Our fact sheet provides more info: • We will soon be calling on organisations to become a member of iRAP, which is now a registered charity. • Our staff will be supporting key launch activities around the world, such as in the Philippines and South Africa • Lauching a report Vaccines for Roads 2nd editionFeb 2011 For more information please contact Mr Greg Smith:
  • 33. YOURS - Youth for Road Safety • Supporting the members of the Global Youth Network for Road Safety in their efforts to launch the Decade of Action and coordinate shared activities • Raising awareness about the importance of the Decade of Action at (inter)national conferences • Promotes the Decade of Action online through the website, newsletters, social media, etc.Feb 2011 For more information please contact Mr Floor Lieshout More about YOURS at
  • 34. Sesame Workshop Sesame Workshop will take active part in the Decade of Action for Road Safety and will play a role in its global launch in May 2011* The beloved Muppet Grover will be the global Road Safety Ambassador and star with his international friends in 4 Public Service Announcements (PSAs) which will air globally with the launch. The PSAs are currently under development and Sesame Workshop is seeking support from GRSP partners to broadcast these PSAs relaying road safety messages for children and families. Were reaching out to our local partners to assure broadcast on May 11 and potentially other launch and campaign activities. List of countries where we currently have project staff and program on air: Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil , Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt , Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Nigeria, Palestine, Mexico, South Africa *A letter to partners from Sesame Workshop in a separate attachement coming with this update.Feb 2011 For more information please contact Mr Robert Knezevic: More about Sesame Workshop at :
  • 35. GRSP’s Decade - Summary • Driving through the UN resolution • Align to the Decade of Action • Build and maintain a great global team • Focus on partnership building, good practice delivery, global co-ordination • Working on strategic themes and with strategic partners “In the last six weeks I have been in Nigeria, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Australia. Every single one of these countries is directly and purposefully aligning its road safety plans with the Decade of Action. And of course my own travels reveal just the tip of the iceberg. It is a visible, tangible, exciting piece of alignment of which GRSP is an integral part. The launch of the Decade in May 2011 is going to open the door to many concrete, measurable results on the ground. My prediction? We are going to change the game and exceed even our own expectations. Partnership will play a crucial role in overcoming this 100 per cent man-made crisis. Let’s go for it!” From end-of-year message of Andrew Pearce, Chief Executive, Global Road Safety PartnershipFeb 2011 This update is based on the information received from road safety partners in regions and in countries and is distributed among global road safety partnership members and supporters. Please send your feedback and updates to: