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RapidScale, a cloud services innovator, delivers world-class, secure, and reliable cloud computing solutions to companies of all sizes across the globe. Its state-of-the-art CloudOffice platform and ...

RapidScale, a cloud services innovator, delivers world-class, secure, and reliable cloud computing solutions to companies of all sizes across the globe. Its state-of-the-art CloudOffice platform and market leading cloud solutions are the reason why RapidScale is the provider of choice for leading telecommunications providers, VARs, MSPs, and agents throughout the United States. RapidScale is not only delivering a service, but is also innovating advanced solutions and applications for the cloud computing space. Today, many of the top carriers, VARs, MSPs, and Master Agents across the globe are selling RapidScale’s cloud solutions to their customers. RapidScale’s market leading solutions include: CloudServer, CloudDesktop, CloudOffice, CloudMail, CloudRecovery, CloudApps, and more. For more information on RapidScale visit www.rapidscale.net.



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RapidScale Product Training RapidScale Product Training Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to RapidScale Meet the Next Generation Computer 6/16/2014 1January Webinar
  • Company Description Description: RapidScale offers business freedom; your apps go where you are on any device, we are the “Next Generation Computer.” Specialties: Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Business Apps as a Service, MAC App Virtualization What do we do? Cloud Services – The Next Generation Computer Founded: 2008 Headquarters: Irvine, CA Employees : 38 Cloud Facilities: Irvine, CA , Sterling, VA and soon to be Dallas, TX Aqua Connect: Joint Venture Partner in Developing the Next Generation Computer 2012 Revenue Growth: 338% Individual Investors: • Marvin Wheeler, former COO of Terremark • Kevin Costello, President of Ariba Networks an SAP company • James Perry, Managing Director Madison Dearborn • Zaid F. Alsikafi, Managing Director Madison Dearborn • Paul Johan, Partner Ballast Point Ventures • Drew Graham, Partner Ballast Point Ventures • Jim Patterson, former President of Sprint Wholesale • Scott Luttrell, Luttrell Capital Management Company Facts Cloud Services 1) CloudDesktop (DaaS) 2) CloudOffice (SMB Bundle) 3) CloudRecovery (DRaaS) 4) CloudServer (IaaS) 5) CloudMail (Hosted Exchange) 6) CloudApps (Business Apps & CloudCompliance) 7) iApps (Virtualized Mac Apps) 8) iDesktop (Mac Remote Desktop Services) Company Overview 6/16/2014 January Webinar 2
  • Flexibility • 65% of respondents to an InformationWeek survey said “the ability to quickly meet business demands” was an important reason to move to cloud computing. Disaster Recovery • Aberdeen Group found that businesses which used the cloud were able to resolve issues in an average of 2.1 hours, nearly four times faster than businesses that didn’t use the cloud Automatic Software Updates • In 2010, UK companies spent 18 working days per month managing on-site security alone. But cloud computing suppliers do the server maintenance – including security updates –themselves, freeing up their customers’ time and resources for other tasks. Cap-Ex Free • Pay as you go, no need for capital expenditure. Faster to deploy, minimal project start-up costs, predictable ongoing operating expenses. 6/16/2014 January Webinar 3 Benefits of the Cloud
  • Increased collaboration • Allowing all employees – wherever they are – to sync up and work on documents and shared apps simultaneously Work from anywhere • As long as employees have internet access, they can work from anywhere Document Control • Cloud computing keeps all the files in one central location, and everyone works off of one central copy. Increases efficiency and improves a company’s bottom line. Security • 800,000 laptops are lost each year in airports alone. Competitiveness • Access to enterprise-class technology. It also allows smaller businesses to act faster than big 6/16/2014 January Webinar 4 Benefits of the Cloud
  • 6/16/2014 January Webinar 5 RapidScale TCO
  • State of the Art Data Center Infrastructure: FlexPod Cloud Stack • Cisco Nexus Switches • Cisco ASR Routers (10-Gigabit) • Cisco & SonicWALL Firewalls • Cisco UCS Blade Servers • NetApp Storage • Vmware • Citrix • Support the Majority of Operating • Systems and Software 6/16/2014 January Webinar 6 Our Infrastructure
  • CloudSecurity Data Centers: SAS70, SSAE 16 Tier 3, Class 1 • On premise security guards, exterior security system, biometric system, including palm scanners and multiple badge security scanners with digital recorders • All cages secured and locked • Colo-hybrid customer only allowed with RapidScale employee Transport/Access: • Cisco Routers & Firewalls. Citrix XenApp using 256-bit AES encryption. SSL Encryption at 2048-bit. Infrastructure: • Enterprise Virtual Firewall or customer owned device Storage: NetApp • Encryption- all data encrypted in flight and at rest. All SANS have SED’s (Self Encrypting Drives) Compliance: • HIPAA/PCI/Sarbanes-Oxley CloudOffice: • End-user password strength/resets 6/16/2014 January Webinar 7
  • Cloud Engineers, Cloud Concierge & Cloud Support • Level 1, 2 & 3 Call Center Team 24x7x365 • Client Specific Changes RapidScale Cloud Engineer • Call Center Escalations to RapidScale Cloud Engineer Account Manager • Customer Retention • Upsells • Moves, Adds and Changes Channel Managers • New Agent Acquisition • Agent Support • Agent Quotes • Agent Training and Cloud Business Plans • Order Submission Sr. Cloud Consultant, Engineering • Conference Calls • In Person Meetings • Cloud Roadmap • Cloud Design • Quote • Coordination and Implementation of New Services 6/16/2014 January Webinar 8 Our Team
  • CloudServer: Infrastructure as a Service “IaaS” What: • Provides virtualized compute, storage, and networking in a utility model to help simplify the management of your IT infrastructure When: • For new organizations without the capital to invest in hardware • The organization is growing rapidly and scaling hardware would be problematic • There is pressure on the organization to limit capital expenditure on IT and reinvest in other areas of the company such as R&D Why: • Enterprise infrastructure working for you at a fraction of the price • Flexible, Scalable, Secure • Pendulum swinging in favor of Cloud from a cost perspective 6/16/2014 January Webinar 9 CloudServer
  • Common Terms: • CPU: “Central Process Unit” The processor, the brains of the computer where most of the calculations take place • CORE: Refer to the actual processing units within the CPU • RAM: “Random Access Memory” High speed storage linked directly to CPU RapidScale Difference: • Cisco UCS Blades B200 M3 running Intel E-5 Cloud Server • Cisco Nexus switching Portal • Cisco ASR 10 Gb Routers • VMWare ESX • V-Center Controller • V Cloud Director 5.1 & V Sphere 5.1 6/16/2014 January Webinar 10 CloudServer
  • 6/16/2014 January Webinar 11 CloudServer – How Does it Work?
  • 1. What critical applications are you running? (Exchange, SQL, CRM ERP, etc.) ? 2. How many physical servers do you have? 3. How many virtual servers are you running? 4. What are the server specifications? (Core/ CPU, RAM) 5. Are you planning on upgrading any of your hardware in the next 12 months? 6. Is your business growing or contracting? 7. Does your business have seasonality, peaks and valleys? Qualifying Questions 6/16/2014 January Webinar 12 CloudServer
  • Introduction: A multi-location fragrance company headquartered in New Jersey faced a lot of similar IT challenges that other companies are facing these days. The company has decreased their employee count in the last 5 years due to the economy and has limited resources. All their servers needed to be upgraded and their small IT staff already had a lot of other day to day tasks that took up the majority of their time. Challenges: The IT staff has shrunk dramatically and they did not have enough resources to support the workload refreshing their hardware was going to bring on. They were faced with having to either add IT resources or leveraging the cloud to spin up their servers. Solutions: RapidScale’s team of experts came in and analyzed the customer’s needs. After learning about their challenges and educating the customer on the benefits of virtualizing their servers within RapidScale’s infrastructure, the customer realized that this was the best solution. The cost of Professional Services and increasing their current bandwidth to support accessing their servers over the internet was substantially lower than it would have been to purchase the new hardware and maintain it on-site. Impact: CloudServer not only helped them with this project but also was favorable for the CFO because he was able to take on an operating expense versus a capital expense, this freed up working capital for other divisions in the company. In addition to the immediate benefits, Hurricane Sandy left their main location without power for 7 days. Through an internet connection, all employees were able to work remotely and access all their critical applications (ERP, CRM, & Exchange). 6/16/2014 January Webinar 13 CloudServer: Case Study
  • CloudRecovery: Disaster Recovery as a Service “DRaaS” What? • Allows business to keep their production servers, storage and applications in- house but add offsite servers for back up and disaster recovery with business continuity in our secure infrastructure When: • If losing critical data will affect your business • Compliance requirements..HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley Why: • Ability to fail applications over to the cloud to ensure seamless end-user availability in the event of a failure • Improved security • Lower Operation Expenditures 6/16/2014 January Webinar 14 CloudRecovery
  • RapidScale CloudRecovery Options CloudRecovery Backup Only RapidScale Highlights: • NetApp FAS, Fabric Attached Storage (big bad boy) • Server image back up default to 4 times daily at 6 hour increments • We hold snapshots for 2 days at default • Replication Options – Full Backup – Incremental backup. Backs up only the data that changed since last backup – Differential backup. Saves only the difference in the data since last full back up CloudRecovery w/ Failover • All the highlights on the left and more • Spin up virtual servers (VMs) and keep them in shadow mode (low consumption of resources 2CPU/ 2GB RAM) • In the event of a disaster Etc. then servers are put into production and users are repointed 6/16/2014 January Webinar 15 CloudRecovery
  • 6/16/2014 January Webinar 16 CloudRecovery – How Does it Work?
  • Key Terms for Recovery RTO: “Recovery Time Objective”: Duration of time and a service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster (or disruption) in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in business continuity. RPO: “Recovery Point Objective”: Maximum tolerable period in which data might be lost from an IT service due to a major incident 6/16/2014 January Webinar 17 CloudRecovery
  • 1. What is your current disaster recovery and business continuity plan? 2. Do you currently replicate your data? If so, how? 3. How much data do you have? 4. How long can you be down before it affects your business? 5. What is your RTO and RPO? 6. Do you face challenges with storage capacity at your organization? Qualifying Questions 6/16/2014 January Webinar 18 CloudRecovery
  • Introduction: A large 500+ employee medical manufacturing company headquartered in Los Angeles had the majority of their business relying on their ERP applications running on Dell servers that cost the company $250,000 each. They have 4 of these servers and refresh one each a year. The IT manager has had a signed purchase order for $250,000 ready for Dell to refresh one of the servers this year and has been waiting for delivery of the server for over four weeks. This delay has made him weary of the company’s DR plan if a server was to have a catastrophic failure. Challenges: The IT department realized that in an event of a true disaster, the company could be heavily impacted due to how long it would take to get a new server up and running. They knew that whether a server crashed or it was time for a new server, Dell could be just as unresponsive and this would heavily impact their production. This medical company is heavily regulated by the FDA and needs a secure, compliant disaster recovery plan. Solution: RapidScale was able to come in and talk about their Disaster Recovery product (CloudRecovery with Failover). RapidScale’s unique pricing of this solution allows for low Monthly Recurring Charge of $2,500 to install “shadow servers” to each production server and backup of the customer’s data in RapidScale’s SANs. The benefits of the solution far out-weigh the costs. In addition to value, RapidScale’s secure infrastructure and data storage was in compliance with the FDA’s strict guidelines. Impact: The customer is now able to take advantage of his server being backed up in a safe and secure data center. This customer now is going to be increasing their bandwidth to support the data that will need to be replicated. Additionally, due to the benefits he sees in virtualizing servers, the customer plans to move production servers into the Cloud with RapidScale as his servers reach end of life. 6/16/2014 January Webinar 19 CloudRecovery: Case Study
  • CloudDesktop: Desktop as a Service “DaaS” What: • Allows companies of all sizes to move their desktops into the cloud via one of the RapidScale options When: • Time to upgrade PC’s • Employees want to bring their own devices • IT Staff is always putting out fires Why: • Minimize PC maintenance, support, and life cycle management and enhancing data security, mobility and productivity. • Show an ROI on your PC’s • Eliminate upgrading hardware, memory and disk space 6/16/2014 January Webinar 20 CloudDesktop
  • CloudDesktop: Private / Dedicated Environment • Businesses with 100+ employees in a single location with substantial IT assets in place today most likely including staff – Can have less employees if customer is looking for control and flexibility in the environment • Customers may want to tie back into their current Application servers and storage, or they may chose to have RapidScale sell them CloudServer as well . • Customers will typically have Enterprise/ SPLA licenses with Microsoft and other app providers 6/16/2014 January Webinar 21 CloudDesktop
  • 6/16/2014 January Webinar 22 CloudDesktop – How Does it Work?
  • 1. How many devices (desktops, laptops, zero clients, thin clients, tablets) need to be refreshed in the next 12-24 months? 2. How much of your time goes to maintaining devices (desktops, laptops, zero clients, thin clients, tablets)? 3. What applications are you running on your desktop today? 4. How would you handle the loss of company data, hard drive crash, lost laptop, or employee theft Qualifying Questions 6/16/2014 January Webinar 23 CloudDesktop
  • CloudMail: Hosted Outlook Exchange What? • Sophisticated messaging tools that provide rich and efficient access to email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. When? • Option for those individuals that want to harness the power of an Exchange server but don’t want to pay for a full server license Why? • Help you free up valuable capital, IT staff, and other costly resources for more effective, strategic use within your organization. 6/16/2014 January Webinar 24 CloudMail
  • 6/16/2014 January Webinar 25 CloudMail
  • 1. What email platform are you running on today? a) If running Exchange (Outlook) what version is running today: 2003, 2007, or 2010 2. Are you able to share calendars with your employees? 3. Do you have disaster recovery built into your Exchange solution? 4. Is it time to upgrade your email server? Qualifying Questions 6/16/2014 January Webinar 26 CloudMail
  • RapidScale’s bundled solution for SMB customer marketplace • Hybrid of our core solutions o CloudServer, CloudDesktop, CloudRecovery, CloudMail • Multi-tenant Platform: Multiple customers sharing clusters of servers. • Locked down environment. Not customizable • Includes licensing costs and management • Very competitively priced 6/16/2014 January Webinar 27 CloudOffice
  • Designed for SMB Customers Package Includes: • 2 CPU/4 GB RAM • Windows 7 • Microsoft Office 2010 Pro- • Exchange 2010 • Microsoft Lync • *Microsoft Sharepoint (additional $10 per month) • *Wyse Zero -Thin Client (additional $20- $50 per month) • Unlimited Bandwidth • Unlimited Document Storage * $65.00 Per Month (3 Year Agreement) $75.00 Per Month (2 Year Agreement) $85.00 Per Month (1 Year Agreement) *50GBs per user cumulative across the organization 6/16/2014 January Webinar 28 CloudOffice
  • 6/16/2014 January Webinar 29 CloudOffice
  • Introduction: A shipping company located in Anaheim, CA with 25 employees of which, 20 are in the office on a daily basis, with a single IT manager supporting all users with occasional outside support from a VAR. He was looking at refreshing his servers, increase productivity, and lower his costs. Challenge: Ongoing desktop support has tied up the IT Manager’s time most weeks. Outside IT support cost runs $1,500 per month on average with little impact to daily business operations. During the discovery meeting, it was uncovered that the customer is backing up his data and keeping the backups in a filing cabinet in the server room. Solution: CloudOffice allowed this client to outsource 80% of his IT, mainly desktop support for break fix. By virtualizing the desktops the IT Manager was able to set IT rules for the environment and easily manage them through the control panel. The client was also able to offset some of the additional CapEx slated for additional desktop replacement. Impact: They were able to lower the outside IT support costs and create a simple access point to make adds, moves, and changes to the platform. The sales partner was pivotal in making these recommendations and providing the bandwidth solutions as well. 6/16/2014 January Webinar 30 CloudOffice: Case Study
  • January Webinar 31 How Do We Stack Up? 6/16/2014
  • rapidscale.net Contact Information RapidScale 100 Pacifica Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 (949) 236-7007 6/16/2014 January Webinar 32