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A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
A Psychedelic Trip
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A Psychedelic Trip


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Event Proposal

Event Proposal

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  • 1. A Psychedelic Trip
    The pre-drink before the party.
  • 2. March 23, 2010
    Humber College
    North Campus
    205 Humber College Blvd.
    Toronto, Ontario
    ATTN: Alice Salamon and Chris Shimoji
    RE: Alcohol Awareness Event
    The following proposal details the outline of the “Psychedelic Trip”, the means of transportation for students from Lakeshore
    campus to North Campus in regards to the alcohol awareness event scheduled for April 15, 2010.
    The event planning class within Humber College’s post-graduate certificate program in Public Relations is pleased to present a
    proposal in support of Humber’s annual alcohol awareness day.
    We will provide project management and event execution in order to educate students, faculty and staff on how to have a safe
    and healthy summer. The public relations students are highly enthusiastic about hosting a “cottage getaway” themed event and
    look forward to your feedback regarding our initial ideas.
    Thank you for providing us with this excellent learning opportunity. We are confident that we can create a positive, fun and
    educational event. The excitement is building and we anticipate a very successful event.
    Public Relations Certificate Students
    Event Planning and Management PRC 140
  • 3. Background
    The purpose behind The Psychedelic Trip is to
    initialize the foundation for alcohol awareness and
    foster an atmosphere that supports responsible and
    educated decisions involving alcohol intake.
    The Psychedelic Trip will be aimed to promote
    Responsible drinking and actions while engaging in
    such an activity for Humber College students.
  • 4. Objective
    To encourage an environment that induces the
    mentality of awareness and responsibility for
    those who wish to engage in alcohol-related
  • 5. Target Audience(s)
    Humber College Lakeshore students
    Humber College PR faculty
    Humber College PR Cert. 2 students
    All the cool, calm, collected
  • 6. Theme/Slogan
    Theme: The Psychedelic Trip
    Slogan: “Ride on the magic school bus”
    Playing on the name of the bus, The Psychedelic
    Trip also coincides with the “campfire tune”
    aspect of the North Cottage Getaway
  • 7. Venue/Location
    The students will board the Magic Bus near the William’s
    Pub at Lakeshore Campus (major intersection: Kipling &
    The bus will then transfer students from Humber
    Lakeshore to the Humber North Campus
    This location is the middle ground between the east
    and west lakeshore campus. It is a well-known
    location, therefore, students will be able to find the bus
    quickly and easily
  • 8. Event Plan/Marketing & Promotion
    In order to maximize the number of passengers on the Magic Bus, there will be:
    posters placed across various buildings around Lakeshore Campus
    a “residence blitz” conducted the day before the alcohol awareness event
    Word-of-mouth tactics to promote that there will be transportation provided to-and-from this event (free of charge) [ie. Promote at LinX event?]
  • 9. Groovy Baby (Logistics)
    Flower leis
    Themed playlist of psychedelic pop artists
  • 10. Food & Beverage
    Skittles (taste the psychedelic rainbow)
    Candy rockets
  • 11. Budget
    This is to be divided between
    the total bus costs (Period: 11:50 a.m – 2 p.m)
    Marketing/promotion materials (posters, leis)
    Food & beverage (skittles, ‘Smores)
  • 12. A Psychedelic Trip