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  1. 1. Nano- Robotics and Bio- Robotics<br />IT in manufacturing<br />Machine vision<br />PDM/PLM<br />Future Automobiles<br />Flexible Manufacturing Systems<br />Robotics & Automation<br />Microprocessor Based IC Engines<br />Computer Aided Manufacturing<br />CAMless Engines<br />Smart Materials<br />Micro Electro Mechanical Systems<br />Electrochemistry in material science<br />Biological and synthetic materials<br />FADEC<br />CAD/CAM<br />Sustainable Energy<br />Automation in automobiles<br />Process Modeling And Simulation<br />Energy Conservation<br />Safety And Environment<br />Alternate fuels<br />Automobile Engineering<br />Energy Conservation<br />Automation in automobiles<br />Future Automobiles<br />Thermal Engineering<br />Recent trends in manufacturing<br />Manufacturing Processes<br />Advances in energy generation<br />Sustainable Energy<br />Nano- Robotics and Bio- Robotics<br />Nanotechnology<br />Robotics & Industrial Automation<br />Energy Management<br />Virtual Reality<br />Network Management Systems<br />Wireless communication and networking <br />Data Mining and Database Theory <br />Knowledge/Information Management<br /> Open source technology<br />Information Security<br /> Bio-informatics<br /> CAD/CAM/CAE and their applications<br />Biocomputing<br />Image Processing<br />Biometrics<br />Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science and Technology<br />Robotics <br />Recognition of VoIP Speech<br />Nonvolatile Flash Memory<br />Algorithms and Computation Theories<br />Probabilistic I/o Automata<br />Future Programming Techniques and Concepts<br />Advanced Processors<br />Peer 2 Peer Web Services<br />Information Extraction modes & techniques<br />Signal Integrity Fundamentals for Digital Design<br />Computer vision<br />Software model checking<br />WBM(Web based mobile)<br />Future of the internet<br />Technologies and successful applications for direct and multihop ad hoc networks<br />Digital photography & music<br />Embedded web server for remote access<br />VQ In Converging Telephony And Ip Networks<br />Proactive computing<br />Voice Portals<br />Auto-pilot for IT systems<br />Fuzzified Computer-Automated Crane Control System<br />GSM Security And Encryption<br />Wireless Application Protocol<br />New Age Graphics<br />Real Time Speech Translation<br />3D Internet<br />New Dimension of Data Security using Neural Networks and Numerical Functions<br />HomeRF- localized wireless technology optimized for the home environment<br />NVSRAM- Non Volatile Static RAM<br />Fusion Memory<br />Earth Simulator- Fastest Supercomputer<br />Graphic processing Unit<br />Open-Rar<br />High Altitude Aeronautical Platforms<br />Aspect-oriented programming (Aop)<br />Intel MMX Technology<br />Voice Over Internet Protocol<br />Internet Searching<br />Wireless Technologies (bluetooth, 802.11x, IRDA)<br />Tracking and Positioning of Mobiles in Telecommunication<br />DNA Based computer<br />ATM Virtual connections<br />Botnet Security Threats<br />VPN Server<br />Advanced Mobile Presence Technology<br />Power of Grid Computing<br />Embedded web server for remote access<br />Bio-metrics<br />Magnetic Random Access Memory<br />Intrution Detection System<br />Multiterabit Networks<br />Printed Memory Technology<br />High Capacity Flash Chips<br />Self Healing Computers<br />Mind Reading Phones<br />Blade Servers<br />Near Filed Communication (NFC)<br />UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access)<br />Assisted GPS<br />Diskless Network storage Controller<br />DIGITAL HUBBUB<br />Agile Software development<br />HCI (Human Computer Interaction ) in software applications<br />Embedded systems<br />Infini band<br />The SAT (SIM Application Toolkit)<br />Computer forensics<br />Multiterabit networks<br />Virtual Key boards<br />Micro trends in Server Technology<br />FLEX 2<br />AJAX<br />DAta Mining<br />Extreme programming<br />Software synthesis for embedded systems<br />Small Computer System Interface<br />Advanced Airlines baggage management systems<br />The TIGER SHARC Processor<br />Laptop security using biometric sensors<br />Multicasing<br />REINS (Real Estate Information Network Systems)<br />Integrated Digital Enhanced Network(i-DEN)<br />Symfony (web application framework)<br />WiFiber<br />Direct Memory Access<br />Infini bridge<br />Cyberware<br />3D Object Extraction Using GIS Database<br />Page Stealer Process<br />3D Printers<br />Web Services in Gridcomputing<br />Qubit PC<br />CD Based Firewall<br />Decision diagrams in VLSI CAD<br />Bandwidth Aggregator<br />Atomic CPU<br />Fluorescent Multilayer Optical Data Storage<br />Email-Service & Webhosting<br />Virtual Integration<br />SMART Programming<br />Object Relational Mapping<br />ASpect Oriented Programmin<br />Steganography and digital watermarking<br />Verifying Infinite State Systems<br />New Generation Of Chips<br />Precision Image Search<br />Evolotion of bluetooth<br />Nanocrystal Memory Devices<br />Ultra Wideband Networking<br />Studying in a " Virtual University<br />AppleTalk<br />Combinatorial Optimization <br />Quantum Software And Quantum Computer Development <br />Metadata application profile<br />XML Query Languages<br />AMD Processors<br />Digital Video Encoding Formats<br />3-D Assembly Of Magnetic And Semiconducting Nanoparticles<br />Service oriented Architectures <br />Enterprise Service Bus <br />Phase Change Memory Technology<br />Object Oriented Design using Verilog HDL<br />WiBro<br />Zero Knowledge proofs<br />3-D Chip Stacking Technique<br />Integrating Structural Design and Formal Methods in RealTime System Design<br />Glass Glue<br />The Interactive Classroom<br />Embedded Computing<br />Wireless Internet<br />Quadrics Interconnection Networks<br />Home Automation using Handspring PDA<br /> <br />Extreme Programming<br />The TIGER SHARC Processor<br />CoCoon<br />Quantum dot lasers<br />Firewalls<br />Steganography - The art of hiding information<br />Infini Bridge<br />Symfony- web application framework for PHP5 projects<br />Hybrid ARQ<br />Genetic programming<br />Intrusion Detection System<br />Multiterabit networks<br />WiFiber<br />Planning And Synthesis Based On Workflows<br />Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA)<br />Small Computer System Interface<br />MiWi Wireless Protocol<br />Fixed Mobile Convergence<br />Waterproof Wireless Mouse<br />Phase Change memory<br />Kerberos<br />Wireless Payment System<br />Spam Assassin<br />MST in telecommunication networks<br />Embedded Viavoice(R) Technology<br />Object Oriented Type Systems<br />EEE<br />Special electrical machines<br />Recent trends in power generation and transmission<br />Power system protection and control<br />Power electronics & devices<br />Hybrid electric vehicles<br /> HVDC/FACTS<br />Recent Trends in Power Electronics & Drivers<br />Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic<br />Power Quality & Control<br />Power Systems<br />Non Conventional Energy Sources<br />SCADA<br />Micro-controller based speed controls        <br />Solid state drives<br />Micro controllers & applications<br />eramic Servomotors<br />Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Energy chains<br />Fuel Cells on Aerospace (11)<br />DDR motors<br />Low smoke cables<br />Written-Pole Technology (12)<br />Bacteria powered fuel cells<br />High voltage circuit breakers<br />HVDC Technology and Short Circuit Contribution of HVDC Light (13)<br />Floating Power stations<br />Wavelet based Multi function relay for E.H.V   Transmission lines<br />Infrared thermography (14)<br />fire retardent tapes<br />Solid Oxide Fuel Cell<br />Power Quality (15)<br />Induction Generators for wind generation<br />Gasifier power Storage<br />E- bomb (16)<br />Micro Turbine Generator System<br />Flyash Utilization<br />High-availability power systems: Redundancy options (17)<br />Electro heological Fluids<br />Jet Stream Windmill<br />Nanotechnology (18)<br />Swing Power generators<br />Bio reactors<br />Composite Insulators<br />HVAC system<br />Process Automation Techniques<br />Adaptive Piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit <br />Lightning Protection Zones<br />Modern Surge Arresters<br />BiCMOS Technology <br />Electric Utility Industry .<br />End-Use Energy Efficiency Potential<br />Lightning Protection Using LFA-M <br />Aluminium Alloy Conductors<br />HalBach array<br />Surge current protection using superconductors <br />Magnetic Levitation<br />Fast quasi-static capacitance extraction using CSurf<br />Electrical and chemical diagnostics of   Micro Batteries<br />Magnet less Motors<br />Seasonal Influence on Safety of EL Lightning<br />Piezoelectric Actuators<br />Microprocessor Based Alternator Synchronisation(26)<br />IT Integration in Electrical Engg.<br />Piezo Electric Motors<br />Protection Of Transmission Systems By Using The Global Positioning System <br />Electrostatic precipitator<br />Green power storage<br />