Local culture, popular culture & cultural landscape


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Local culture, popular culture & cultural landscape

  1. 1. Local Culture, Popular Culture & Cultural Landscape (Chapter 4) AP Human Geography
  2. 2. Folk (Local) v. Pop Culture• Culture: a group of people with common – Belief systems – Norms – Values Folk culture Popular culture• Small • Large• homogeneous • Heterogeneous• usually rural • usually urban• static • changing culture Folk Popular
  3. 3. Teen Culture – Where does it come from?
  4. 4. Youth Culture• Consumption• An authentic product or the creation of multinational corporations?
  5. 5. The Corporate Web "In much the same way that the British Empire tried to take over Africa and profit from its wealth, corporations look at [teens] like this massive empire they are colonizing, and their weapons are films, music, books, CDs, Internet access, clothing, amusement parks, sports teams." -Robert McChesney Are "cool hunters" similar to colonial powers? Do they exploit teens or are they providing desired benefits and services?
  6. 6. Maasai womanLocal Culture:a community tries topreserve uniqueexperiences, customs& traits to distinguishthem from others
  7. 7. Material Culture
  8. 8. Nonmaterial Culture Beliefs Practices Values Aesthetics
  9. 9. Popular Culture
  10. 10. Net gross approx $15M Average movie ticket $0.19
  11. 11. Popular culture can spread via hierarchical diffusion Queen Rania of Jordan
  12. 12. How are local cultures maintained? Sometimes they’re not………. i.e. assimilation
  13. 13. How are local cultures maintained? Customs Right hand only!
  14. 14. How are local cultures maintained? Avoid Cultural Appropriation
  15. 15. Local cultures often are easier to maintain in rural areas
  16. 16. When local traditional culture clashes dominant culture FLDS & polygamyNative American Whale Hunting Native American use of peyote
  17. 17. Lindsborg KANSAS!Neolocalism: reinvigorating a unique local culture
  18. 18. Can a folk culture survive in an urban setting? Hasidic Community, Williamsburg NY
  19. 19. The Local Culture in an urban setting Chinatown, London, UK
  20. 20. The Local Culture in an urban setting
  21. 21. Commodification
  22. 22. An authentic experience? Bunratty, Ireland
  23. 23. An authenticexperience?
  24. 24. The Venetian, Las Vegas
  25. 25. Dubai, UAE
  26. 26. How is popular culture diffused? Time space compression limits distance decay for parts of the planet
  27. 27. Sporting CultureThe old….The new….
  28. 28. The Reach of American Global Culture The Backlash!
  29. 29. Opposition to the Golden Arches “Malbouffe” or Bad Food Jose Bove
  30. 30. Slow Food Movement
  31. 31. Farmer’s Markets
  32. 32. Placelessness Loss of uniqueness of cultural landscape
  33. 33. BeijingHutongs High-rise
  34. 34. Placelessness Global businesses have distinctively mark India distant landscapes Architectural forms Convergence ofhave diffused around the world the cultural landscape Mexico China Borrowing of idealized landscapes
  35. 35. Poundbury, UKExperimental new integrated town using traditional architectural forms
  36. 36. GlocalizationHow people in a local place alter regional or global processes• Craigslist• MS word & en-US or en-GB or en-AU• Wikipedia languages• Fair trade
  37. 37. Hyperlocalism