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Sam palmisano
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Sam palmisano


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Presentation on Sam Palmisano -IBM

Presentation on Sam Palmisano -IBM

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Change Maestro Samuel J Palmisano (C.E.O.) International Business Machine(IBM) • Ranjeet Kumar Singh
  • 2. Communicating Strategies Restructuring IBM from a simple hardware and software company to an integrated enterprise solutions company focussed on emerging high value technologies using its strengths in R & D.  Shifted from pure technology to outsourcing and other service model. Creating a compelling change story and communicating objectives to the organisation. Lead, communicate, and engage— includes stakeholder alignment, communications, and leadership alignment Integrated communications services: Combine IT and business solutions expertise
  • 3. Communicating Strategies…(contd) IBM invests in creating its own social media tools: i. Lotus connection: software for business that empowers innovativeness and networking of co-workers, partners and customers ii. SocialBlue: 53,000 employees stay connected with former colleagues and get to know new ones including sharing photos and status updates. Result: Crowd-sourcing identified 10 best incubator businesses with increase in revenue and profit. IBM Digital Media emerging business opportunity (EBO): The incorporation of images, video and audio in traditional IT applications.
  • 4. Communicating change Sam Palmisano an efficient listener, took over the ailing personal in the computing division of IBM, North Carolina  Efficient in pushing the ideas of change down the hierarchy in a phased manner. Invited participation and effectively confirmed the interpretations of the decision makers.  Created a standardized process for disseminating the common business language throughout the enterprise.  Envisioned setting up a cross functional group as an effective step towards crisis management.
  • 5. Consolidating the Change Redesigning Roles : Invested $6 Billion in creating R & D roles across divisions. Remodeling the Reward System : Created the “Growth Driven Profit Sharing Program”. Remodeling the Reward System : Created “Top Contributor Awards”. Acting consistently with the Guiding Philosophy : Dispensed with the entire commodity business.
  • 6. Consolidating the Change …(contd) Encouraging “Voluntary acts of Initiative” : Creating region specific initiatives viz. Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Measuring Progress and Fine Tuning Strategies: Used learning to build upon existing capabilities- programs like “A Smarter Planet” leveraging strengths in Analytics with enterprise wide integration. Celebrate “En Route” : IBM has reiterated the positive impact of the organizational change by highlighting the growth in profitability thereafter.
  • 7. THANK YOU !!!