Search Engine Marketing for Small Business


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Sydney based business coach Mike Reddy shares thoughts on ways small businesses can be more successful in search engine marketing.

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Search Engine Marketing for Small Business

  1. 1. Search Engine Marketing for Small Business Presented by Mike Reddy CA
  2. 2. What Is Search Engine Marketing? o Marketing is about creating an awareness o Any online marketing activity – Organic listings – Pay per click o This presentation will focus on the pay per click area © All rights reserved
  3. 3. The Importance Of Being Online o If you are not online you are out of sight o More demand means more opportunity o More people than ever before are searching online to solve their problems © All rights reserved
  4. 4. Google Focus Google will determine your level of success © All rights reserved
  5. 5. © All rights reserved
  6. 6. Know Your Market Know these three things about your A-type customers: o Their location o Their problems o Their pain points © All rights reserved
  7. 7. Location o Only pay for where you do business o Great news if you rely on local traffic o Focus initial marketing on your key geographic area – Suburbs or postcodes that are most likely to contain your A-type prospects © All rights reserved
  8. 8. Think Problems o Prospects are thinking about their problem o Consider words that describe their problem o "Dealing with back pain" is likely to be effective yet cheaper than "chiropractor” © All rights reserved
  9. 9. Customer Pain Points o Consequences of not acting on their pain o People move away from pain faster than they will move toward pleasure o “You may be paying $500 too much" gets more than twice the response of "save $500" © All rights reserved
  10. 10. Understanding An AdWords Campaign © All rights reserved
  11. 11. Understanding An AdWords Campaign o Number of clicks refers to the number of times someone clicks on an ad o Cost per click determined by a number of important factors – An auction – Relevance – Bounce rate o Don’t mislead visitors o Average position shows how far down the list your ad is © All rights reserved
  12. 12. The Landing Page o Common mistake is to direct all enquiries to home page o Relevance of your URL o "Roses for Valentine's Day" more costly if directed to than o Ensure keywords relate to the URL o Include the term in your main headline © All rights reserved
  13. 13. The Landing Page © All rights reserved
  14. 14. Why Use Paid Advertising o Immediate o Warmer prospects o Location o Scheduling o Flexible o Track your “Return on Investment” © All rights reserved
  15. 15. Learn From Your Competitors o Software can provide a lot of information about competitors o © All rights reserved
  16. 16. Eg. Florist © All rights reserved
  17. 17. © All rights reserved
  18. 18. Positioning Of Your Ad o Google's research used to show little difference in position of ad o “Site links" is changing that o Select additional keywords and link them to particular landing pages © All rights reserved
  19. 19. Eg. Florist © All rights reserved
  20. 20. Remarketing o Visit a website and receive a cookie o Appear for pre-determined time o Dealing with a prospect who knows a bit about you © All rights reserved
  21. 21. Remarketing © All rights reserved
  22. 22. Remarketing © All rights reserved
  23. 23. Google Places o Businesses are conveniently marked on a map o Option to pay o Great if you rely on foot traffic o Must deserve to be there o Google+ page o Google review o Same address and phone number everywhere © All rights reserved
  24. 24. The Importance Of Directories o Linking is good o “Link farming“ is bad o Have quality links o List with reputable directories o Consider paid-directories o Include contact details o Don't underestimate the value of paying for something © All rights reserved
  25. 25. Tracking Codes o Google analytics and Google Adwords provide you with information o Click-through isn’t always enough o Tracking codes are free o Insert tracking code on a webpage that confirms desired action o Best evidence that marketing worked © All rights reserved
  26. 26. Long Tailed And Negative Keywords o Include "buy" words – Use "cheap Fiji holidays" as well as just "Fiji holidays" o “Valentine days special” include misspelt words such as “Vallentine” o Include negative keywords – "DIY" or "how do I install" © All rights reserved
  27. 27. Responsive Websites o Inexpensive to o Recognise the type of device o Easily navigated o Visitors won't pinch and upgrade © All rights reserved and render website to fit squeeze to read
  28. 28. Readability o Use friendly fonts o Many use smaller screens o Baby boomers need larger fonts o Use various media o Bullet points and bolding © All rights reserved
  29. 29. Facebook o Can be cost-effective o Very focused o Use your own emailing list o Present your message to customers o Powerful way of marketing © All rights reserved
  30. 30. All Marketing Needs A Plan o Best results come from planning o Understand customers, competitors and your Unique Core Differentiator(s) o Marketing strategies need to be integrated o Invest the time in a planning session o Involve experts – It pays off © All rights reserved
  31. 31. Continuing Improvement o No holy grail o Create content o Analyse o Research keywords © All rights reserved
  32. 32. Summary o SEM is fast o Know your value proposition o Resourcing o Know your goal o Decide a budget o Keywords o Increase your reach © All rights reserved
  33. 33. Special Offer o We will analyse your top performing competitors: – their keywords – how much they are spending – how many clicks they are receiving – their most effective ads – our recommendations © All rights reserved
  34. 34. Next Steps © All rights reserved
  35. 35. Download our free app for business tips, upcoming webinars and business building videos. Search for “Shape Your Business” in iTunes or GooglePlay or scan the appropriate QR code: @shapeyourbiz /shapeyourbusiness