RankPay Changed My Life - Some Tips from RankPay


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RankPay changed my life with their SEO tips, check out how you can convert your websites on site conversion with these simple 5 steps.

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RankPay Changed My Life - Some Tips from RankPay

  1. 1. RANKPAY<br />Direct Traffic to the Right Landing Page - RankPay<br />As I stated above, research shows that if an individual doesn’t find something captivating or relevant to their search they will leave within 3 seconds of landing on your page. That’s why it is crucial to establish targeted landing pages specific to different specific products that your customers are looking for. Let’s assume that your website was a general electronics sale site and you move everyone through your homepage. Now throughout your marketing efforts you have directed everyone to the homepage, regardless of whether they are looking for digital cameras or gaming consoles. How well do you think your conversion rate would be if your homepage didn’t offer these products and they needed to navigate to find them?  Obviously your conversion rates will be lower. So focus on advertising specific portions of your website to the specific target that is looking for them. Instead of advertising your homepage address, link them to the digital camera section instead. <br />Spy On Your Competition<br />Ok, maybe not spy but make sure that you are well aware of what your competitors are doing. If you know that Frank’s Electronics Websuperstore is doing great then focus on HOW they are doing it. The beauty of the internet is that everything is wide open for nearly everyone to view. Use that to your advantage, research and modify your own website accordingly. How does their landing page target a specific product? Do they have a bold call to action? Is it easy to navigate? How do they place their pictures and how evident is their headline? Ask yourself these questions and really break down the fundamentals of a successful competitor. <br />RANKPAY<br />Important Call to Action with a Bonus<br />So you’ve followed my tips above and have developed an attention grabbing, targeted, and user friendly navigation system. Perfect, now it’s time to establish a bold call to action. Make references to your call to action throughout your website, remind users of the benefits of “joining now” or “purchasing this limited time product”. Use things like arrows, or pictures to help focus someone’s attention on the call to action.  While you are at it, give the customer an incentive to responding to your call to action. Can you offer free shipping? Or throw in an added ‘bonus’? RankPay’s call to action is pretty evident? Can you spot it? Create some sort of cost friendly approach to a call to action incentive. Don’t go overboard with your incentives and let people take advantage of you, but create something that motivates someone to not leave your website without buying your product. That’s your overall goal isn’t it?<br />Build Credibility and Trust - RankPay<br />Everyone is concerned with websites credibility and whether or not the website is legitimate or not. Unfortunately that is the persona that exists when dealing with unknown websites. This is why it is extremely important to join online ‘safety’ websites like the Better Business Bureau or offer trusted merchant programs through Paypal or other avenues.  Also be sure to supply contact information on your website, either a phone number or a brick and mortar address (not a P.O. box). If your website is SSL secured then apply for the VeriSign secured logo.  <br />Make sure that the design and content of your website is up to par, rankpay. People will not purchase from websites that they perceive to be poorly designed or that have a lot of grammatical mistakes. Take the time to build a well designed website, or delegate the responsibility to a professional. Also spend some time reviewing your site for spelling and grammatical errors.<br />Have a Clear Return Policy<br />Everyone’s next big question after websites credibility is their return policy. Since you are not dealing with a brick and mortar location you need to have a solid return policy that is evident to all your users.  This is especially true for clothing websites, where a consumer cannot try on the clothing before purchasing the item.<br />If a user is impressed with a websites return policy they will be more likely to purchase from them.  Can you viably offer free return shipping? Rankpay states: Do you have a number someone can call and talk to someone when they want to perform a return? Little things like that help build to your websites credibility and allow for the consumer to feel ‘safer’ when purchasing a product from you.  Finally decide on a lengthy but reasonable return policy. The most common is a 30 day return policy, although make it clear as to when the 30 days begin. Do they begin after the delivery date? Or after the purchase date? Make sure that it is clear to the consumer.<br />RANKPAY<br />Make Sure to be Bold! RankPay<br />What exactly do I mean by that? Simple, make sure that your consumer is well aware of your brand/website/service by the time they leave. A good website will offer information, besides just an online catalogue. Include a review section for your products, or articles regarding your product. These type of things helps the buyers early in the decision making process. A typical consumer starts with researching for a certain product, whether it be reviews or articles on the subject. If you can make contact with the consumer at this stage you will have given that consumer a favorable impression of your website. There will be a good chance that they will make the purchase on your website, either now or in the future. <br />By having a professional and user friendly website that has a focused brand is critically important. You want to make sure that the consumer leaves your website by either making a purchase, or remembering your captivating brand and headline so that it is easy to return in the near future. <br />