Rank & Pillage - The Niche Marketing Method Review. Does Rank & Pillage Actually Work?


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Rank & Pillage is so automated system that sites earned money EVERY DAY. It's SO SIMPLE to follow his step-by-step blueprint that nearly ANYONE can copy his methods (AND results) --- EVEN without previous experience or success online.

Either Set up A Few "Small" Sites with the Rank and Pillage Method and get extra cash any time you need it... OR Decide to scale it up as big as you can and start making more than you EVER thought possible.

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Rank & Pillage - The Niche Marketing Method Review. Does Rank & Pillage Actually Work?

  1. 1. Rank & Pillage - The Niche Marketing MethodRank & Pillage is so automated system that sites earned moneyEVERY DAY. Its SO SIMPLE to follow his step-by-step blueprintthat nearly ANYONE can copy his methods (AND results) --- EVENwithout previous experience or success online.Either Set up A Few "Small" Sites with the Rank and PillageMethod and get extra cash any time you need it... OR Decide toscale it up as big as you can and start making more than youEVER thought possible. Click Here To Download Rank & Pillage - The Niche Marketing MethodThis isnt some new "loophole" or "magic bullet" that will getsaturated and ruined when the "powers that be" catch on andshut it down... This has been working for YEARS.Rank & Pillage is the EXACT and COMPLETE system that takesyou from a newbie without and idea or a clue what to do......To being a profit-pulling super-affiliate, building sites andearning income the exact same way Aidan and I do day after day.And in order to make this training as complete and thorough aspossible, weve broken things out into 8 Easy-to-Follow Modules.Each Module contains a TON of short, video tutorials.Each tutorial is meant to break down this Mysteriously Powerful,but Unbelievably Simple Methodology…
  2. 2. Heres a quick overview of the main things youll discover as youwork through Rank and Pillage: How much traffic your websites really need to make moneyonline (its a LOT less than most people think...) How to uncover keywords guaranteed to make you money (andavoid the crippling mistakes that most marketers make...) How to Make a KILLER, high converting, SEO Crushing Website(and the whole process takes less than ONE HOUR from start tofinish...) How to get to #1 in Google and stay there (using the exact SEOblueprint PERFECTED after 5 combined years of testing andtweaking...)Thats the CORE of the course - how to build websites that takeoff like a Viking Warship, rowing at ROCKET speed, surging upthe Search Engine Results until you secure top rankings. Thatswhen you drop anchor and start PILLAGING the profits from thetorrents of free traffic flowing your wayHeres just a TASTE of what were going to cover: All Traffic is NOT created equal - Discover the power ofTARGETED traffic, and how to use a reasearch like a laser-scopeto target your IDEAL prospects. No more "shotgun" approach. Nomore "hits" that never convert to sales... Were going after thehidden masses of people who are DYING to get what youve got(and theyll PAY you to get it!) Uncovering Commercial Intent - SEO posers throw this phrasearound a lot when they want to sound smart. But the truth is,nearly NO ONE understands the TRUE tricks to figuring out thesecret language of the serial shopper. But WE do. And soon, youwill too! Tap into traffic that ALREADY wants to shop (the secretto EVERY lazy affiliates success!)
  3. 3. Beware the Buyers Cycle - Did you know that EVERY persongoes through a predictable, psychological process when theydecide to make a purchase? Being able to play "psychic" andpredict where they are will help you position the RIGHT kind ofpage for the RIGHT kind of keyword and convert the MAXIMUMnumber of leads into paying customers (but do it wrong and drivethem away forever!) The Golden Traffic Ratio - How much traffic do you really need tomake a killing online? The answer is WAY less than you mightthink... IF *and ONLY if* you know the targeting tricks we teachyou as part of this module. Imagine making over $2000 from lessthan 400 visitors! Its possible (and imagine how HUGE that canbe when you really scale it up!) Monitoring and Tracking Traffic - You cant improve what youdont measure, and traffic is no different. Well show you thesimplest ways to track ONLY the stats you need to know. Wellshow you how to use that info to make meaningful decisionsabout how to MAXIMIZE your profits, and best of all, were goingkeep it SIMPLE (so you dont need a PhD. just to understand yourstats!) Competition Consideration - Forget the OLD way of measuringwhether a niche is saturated or ripe for profit. The NEW way willmake sure you dont leave ANY opportunity behind. The realTRICK to figuring this out is realizing that its not just about thecompetition, but how much total traffic there is (becausesometimes you can totally eat a competitors lunch without themeven KNOWING!)& MORE! But once were done with the Master Plan, its time toget down and dirty.Setting up Your Site for Siege - On page, off page, we explain itall. Only the highly paid SEO consultants will tell you this stuff iscomplicated - the truth is, after these video lessons, you willliterally know all you need to keep your sites ranking month aftermonth. The same strategies have worked for us for YEARS (andthey will keep right on working FOREVER!)
  4. 4. The Search Engine Spider Brains - They say the wisest plan ofattack is to know your enemy. Here we are going to reveal thesecret inner workings of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. If you knowwhat they want to see in a high-quality website and GIVE it tothem, they will reward you with killer rankings (and best of all,they will LOCK YOU IN when you give them the right queues!) The Secrets of "Stickiness" - Did you know Google and the othersearch engines actually MEASURE how long people stay on yoursite when they click your search listing? The longer they stay, themore Google TRUSTS your site is awesome and valuable for theirusers. With this in mind, we show you how to make sites peopleLOVE to linger on (and that makes the search engines LOVE you,too!) Content Conspiracy - Dont believe the lies youve been told.Almost EVERYONE is wrong when it comes to content anddetermining how you rank online. And you DONT need to be acopywriting persuasion MASTER to make money, either. When wereveal the formulas weve been using for years, youll never haveto wonder about uniqueness or worry about keyword densityagain... Mastering the Must-haves - Site Maps? XML? These may seemlike weird, arcane terms... But sadly, some technical stuff issimply REQUIRED for long-term success. But not to worry! Withthese lessons we take out the mystery and leave onlyCERTAINTY. Certainty that every site you build will have the rightstuff under the hood to PROVE to the search engines youre aserious player. Building Even Bigger with Backlinks - Of course, Aidan and I goBEYOND just the necessities. Backlinking is a BIG deal, but somesite owners treat it like the LAST thing they need to worry about."Rank and Pillage" has a KILLER backlink-building strategyintegrated into the very BONES of your website. Plug it in, watchthe links pile up (and see your rankings climb to the top!) And Even MORE - There are over 30 video tutorials in thissection and even though were not out to make you into an SEOexpert, the fact is when youre done watching, youll know more
  5. 5. about REAL "Rubber Meets Road" SEO tactics than 99% of theconsultants out there.Lets talk about the Monetization Methods included in "Rank andPillage": How to cash in with Clickbank (the number one info-productaffiliate site can be one of your BIGGEST earners...) How to promote JVs and Product Launches for fast income (andget the attention of the movers and shakers in your niche...) How to compound your profits selling physical products withAmazon (and win with the biggest online retailer in theWORLD...) Boost your physical product sales using Commission Junction(selling stuff most affiliates have never HEARD of....) You can even profit using Google AdSense (and we reveal the 2time-tested models that actually WORK...) And heres the BIG one... Using your sites to collect emailaddresses so you can have a LIST to make offers to OVER andOVER! (The money is in the list - DUH!)When you get good at this, every site you build can take LESSTHAN ONE HOUR. If each site can quickly start makingHUNDREDS of dollars... well, you do the math. Dominating With Domain Names - Well show you how toresearch and pick a URL that will Boost your SEO before you evenopen up shop... Wordpress Wizardry - Even if youve NEVER used Wordpressbefore, you will quickly master this POWERFUL website makingsoftware. (Aidan had never used Wordpress before taking mycourse, either...)
  6. 6. After Market Modifications - Heres something even most "pros"dont know. Wordpress doesnt come automatically configured forsuccess. Well show you the "punch list" of tweaks you need toput in place before you begin building... Powerful Plugins - Taking it to the next level, were going toexpand the functionality of the Wordpress engine by adding inplugins that will AUTOMATE and SYSTEMATIZE activities that takeother marketers DAYS (or cost them hundreds to hireprogrammers to do for them...) Advanced Site Setup - Homepages, Images, Videos, Posts, andMore. A website is NO GOOD if theres nothing there for viewersto see! I wish it was as easy as just dropping in affiliate links, butthe fact is for "Rank and Pillage" to work, youve got to be able toget people on your pages and keep them there. Heres how to doit. Monetization Integration - Well show you how to place AdSenseads, set up Opt-In boxes to build your list, and even cloak youraffiliate links so you can embed them in your content on the sly.Basically we take every mony-making method from Module 4 andbake it right into every website youll make.Here is EXACTLY what you get as part of the "Rank and Pillage"training, and EXACTLY how will be delivered all 8 Modules of thesystem. FIRST, as we mentioned, the tutorials are primarily delivered asVIDEO LESSONS. There are OVER 100 videos here, spread acrossall 8 modules! Its over 8 whole hours of video! Now I know thatMAY sound like A LOT... but they are NOT hours-long lectures.We cover one main point per video, because we intend for you toIMPLEMENT as you GO.So that by the time you FINISH the course, you could ALREADYbe earning with your first "Rank and Pillage" site! (A $197 Value) SECOND, we know that not everyone learns the best from videoAND we wanted to give you an easy, follow-along guide. So thats
  7. 7. why we have a COMPREHENSIVE core manual. Its a PDFnumbering over 250 pages, providing a "textbook" for the entirecourse.Just this PDF alone is packed with more content than mostcourses that cost HUNDREDS, and you get it INSTANTLY (A $97Value) THIRD, weve included a 20 Page "Rank and Pillage" DesktopReference. See, after you go through the whole course once ortwice to get your bearings, we didnt think you would want tohave to dig around if you needed just one quick reminder orrefresher. So this guide is essentially the "Cliffs Notes" version ofthe course.Once you KNOW the system, this is just a handy guide formaking sure you follow it perfectly every time. (A $47 Value) FOURTH, as part of the "Fortress" module where we teach youhow to use Wordpress to build your sites, we talked aboutmaking those sites sexy with "Themes"... well, there are TONS offree ones, and even TONS of paid themes out there. So wewanted to SLASH your time and investment and had TWO multi-use Wordpress themes CREATED just for the "Rank and Pillage"system.They are tested and tweaked for conversion and maximum SEOBUILT-IN - so thats one less thing you need to worry about whenyou get started. (A $274 Value) Click Here To Download Rank & Pillage - The Niche Marketing Method