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Forms and conventions of real media

Forms and conventions of real media






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    Forms and conventions of real media Forms and conventions of real media Presentation Transcript

    • In what ways does your trailer use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
    • My Film is called The Exchange Student this title isgeneric of film titles where basis of film product isestablished in the title. This film is about an Exchangestudent starting in a new sixth form who is anextrovert and an enigma. The typography uses thegeneric form of the genre horror, using creepy bloodstained lettering to connote mystery and violence keythemes in the horror genre. This is anchored by boldplain typography used for the release dates, mainactors; this places the audience’s emphasis on thetitle.
    • Audiences are gratified by conventional forms of a trailerthat explains the narrative, in my Film we used text onscreen and diagetic conversations. This conforms toTodorov’s theory of narrative where the structure of thetrailer, which starts with a sense of equilibrium at the outset.In my trailer this is the introduction of the main protagonistand supporting cast, a disruption of this equilibrium is doneusing real forms and conventions of the horror genre amysterious disappearance anchored by a synchronous musicscore. The recognition of this disruption is seen through aseries of montages emphasising the disappearance, in thefinale is a fast paced conclusion which builds suspenseleaving the audience wanting more.
    • By using Todorov’s theory of narrative my trailer conforms tothe generic form and conventions of a real media product.However my trailer challenges and develops the conventions ofa trailer by using an all female cast and in contrast to horrortrailers that I studied likes ashes to ashes flesh to dust, theFemale characters are not portrayed stereotypically as victimswho are weak and in need of a strong male.This develops and updates the genre to modern day audiencegiving my product a unique selling point in a competitivemarket. By using a strong dominant all Female cast wechallenge Propp’s theory of characters and refusing tostereotype our characters as the “hero or heroine” and the“villain”. Although conventionally the horror genre does not usePropps character theory because it does not entice the targetaudience wanted.