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A good ppt presentation for seminar presentation with added videos and animation.Plz use office 2010 for better animations.

A good ppt presentation for seminar presentation with added videos and animation.Plz use office 2010 for better animations.

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  • 1. Ranjan Naik Roll no-81
  • 2. Rajasthan's first major Coal fired Power plant established in the year 1983. Located on the left bank of the Chambal River near Kota. Total installed capacity of KSTPS is 1240MW.
  • 3. Electricity by definition is electric current or voltage that is used as a power source. This electric power is generated in a power plant,and then sent out over a power grid to your homes, and ultimately to our power outlets.
  • 4. 11,6.6,3.3K.V. HT LEVEL 400 V LT LEVEL 3.3,6.6,11, or 33 K.V. 110,132,220,400 K.V P.T 33 or 66 K.V. ST This picture shows how electricity gets to your home.
  • 5. A generating station which converts heat energy of coal combustion into electrical energy is known as Thermal Power Station.
  • 7.  Coal handling plant  Pulverizing plant  Boiler  Air pre heater  Ash handling plant  Super heater  Turbine  Economiser  Condenser  Dearator  Alternator
  • 8. The pulverized coal is fed to the boiler by conveyor belts From the coal storage plant, coal is delivered to the coal handling plant where it is pulverized
  • 9. coal is pulverized i.e. ground to dust like size and carried to the furnace in a stream of hot air  Rate of combustion can be controlled.  Even low grade coal can be used.  The percentage of excess air required is low.  Investment cost of plant is increased.  Explosion hazards exist.  Auxiliary power consumption of the plant increased. A ball mill used for pulverisation of coal
  • 10.  The products of  Low initial cost combustion pass  economical tubes for through the only low are surrounded which pressure with water.  Simple, compact and rugged in construction.  In this boiler water flows  Lesser weight and hot inside the tubes  Uniform heating of all gases flow outside the parts tubes  Increased efficiency  Further classified as  Better ,horizontal and vertical control of temperature. inclined.
  • 11. Removes furnaces bottom and fly ash Small stations use conveyer arrangement to carry ash to dump sites Large stations A sluicing system is A pneumatic system generally used for is usually employed removal of furnace for disposal of fly bottom ash. ash.
  • 12. A super heater is a device which superheats the steam, it raises the temperature of steam above boiling point of water. Increases the overall efficiency of the steam. A super heater consists of a group of tubes made of special alloy such as chromium-molybdenum. These tubes are heated by the heat of the flue gases.
  • 13. A steam turbine converts heat energy of a steam into mechanical energy and drives the generator. manufactured in a variety of sizes up to 1,000,000 h.p.or even more.  Only partial expansion of  in turbine  steam is expanded Steam when issuing from steam the a small 3000 attains takes place infor nozzle nozzle and attains a high opening rpm and a standard speeds are 1500 rpm and further expansion takes velocity. coupling to high velocity. 500hz generators.place as the steam flows over  Complete expansion of heat the rotor blades. takes place in the nozzle.  This velocity during is difference in  There  Steam pressure during the flow pressure on expansion depends on the the two sides of of steam remains constant. the moving blade  Thus, pressure on initial and final heat the two sides of blade is the same. of the steam content
  • 14. Economiser The purpose of economizer is to heat feed water so as to recover apart of heat, which would otherwise be lost through flue gases. Flue gas out of the boilers carry a lot of heat. An economizer extracts a part of this heat from the flue gases and uses it for heating feed water. Flue gas Feed water outlet Feed water inlet Flue gas
  • 15. Condensate the exhaust steam from the low pressure turbine. The surface condenser is a shell and tube heat exchanger in which cooling water is circulated through the tubes. The steam enters the shell where it is cooled and converted to condensate (water) by flowing over the tubes .
  • 16. Generator is the main part of thermal power station. A generator is a machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Alternator is Mechanically Coupled with the Steam Turbine.
  • 17.  When temperature of about 600 C and pressure of 300 bars is used, water enters a supercritical phase.  Water has properties between those of liquid  Low grade fossil fuels can be and gas.  Dissolveused. a number of organic compounds and  gases. NO2 emissions are completely eliminated.  If H2O2 and liquid Oxygen is  combustion is started. added, Overall efficiency -40%  In ultra Supercritical condition  Systems based on this principle are called (above 700*C) Overall SUPERCRITICAL SYSTEMS. efficiency-50% Advantages:
  • 18. Conclusion  We have learn’t how electricity is produced in thermal power plant and its main and auxiliary equipments.  We have seen that the fuel sources that provide energy are not going to be last forever.  We need to realize that and make worldwide leaders aware of the energy crisis. If this continuous, we won’t have any energy left for coming generation.  So, start saving electricity and make the environment green and pollution free.