Sunnyvale's 94087 Real Estate Zip Code Area Sees Hot Housing Demand


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Learn how Sunnyvale's 94087 real estate area performed in 2012! For more visit

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  1. 1. realt 94087 Real Estate Zip Code AreaSees Hot Housing DemandSunnyvale Real Estate Market Analysis (94087 Zip Code)Sunnyvales 94087 Zip Code area is showing a tremendous boost in both Sale Price To ListPrice Rat io and Average Days On Market number as seen in the chart above for Single FamilyHomes. While May 2012 was a super hot month for this area, June is no less with average Days a
  2. 2. home sits in market to sell is at 21 days - a very good number indicating healthy balance ofdemand and supply. From an average of 50 Days On Market in January 2012, the number camedown to just 13 days in May 2012 and is up now at 21 in June 2012.The Average Sale Price was approximately 98% of the Average List Price in January 2012.That ratio moved up to 106.2% of List Price as of May, 2012 and while this brought about manymultiple offer sales in the area, the numbers for June 2012 at around 105% indicate only a slightcooling from the overheated situation of May. But it is by no means a slow down as buyers areaplenty while inventory is hard to come by.Homes Sold versus New Home For Sale ListingsSee the graphic below for a good idea of the rate of New List ings compared to the number ofSold List ings.
  3. 3. As you can see above, the month of June has the number of Homes Sold at 41, above t henumber of New Homes For Sale List ings which is at 38 in Sunnyvale. This is the first monthwhere we see the rate of closed sales higher than the new listings. In the past months, new listingskept up a stead pace but with buyer clamoring for homes in this hot neighborhood, the sales havebeen outpacing new listings.Sunnyvale Real Estate (94087) Recent Homes SoldQuick StatisticsHeres an interesting set of statistics on the recent (April - June 2012) home sales statistics inSunnyvales 94087 zip area.As the economy improves, and more companies hire around Silicon Valley, including reportedmoves to Sunnyvale by tech giants Apple and Google, the real estate market here, and overall inSilicon Valley, is expected to continue this momentum over the summer of 2012.Is this a good time to sell your house?A high demand market is typically a very good t ime t o sell. If you would like to discuss how tomake the most for your house, call me f or a no-obligat ion evaluat ion, and a list ingpresent at ion. Let me show you how you can take advantage of this market situation to get
  4. 4. multiple offers on your property for a smooth, successful sale.My goal is t o make t he sale of your home successf ul, and worry-f ree f or you, using my coreonline and offline marketing skills, leveraging my network of industry contacts and long list ofbuyers, and my core values of integrity and exceptional service!Is this a good time to buy your dream home?With the improving economy, Silicon Valley real estate market is on a t urnaround moving up fromits lows. Purchasing your dream home is a long-term financial decision, and doing so during aturnaround with historically low interest rates can be a great decision lasting many years.Real Est at e invest ors t ypically invest during t urnaround opport unit ies as they see it as once-in-a-lif et ime opport unit y especially given the housing collapse of the last few years.Please call me at 408-861-8026 to find out how I can help you find your dream home, and help youthroughout the purchase process. My goal is t o make you a happy and proud homeowner.Author Ranjana Shreedhar, Realtor:If you are planning to Sell your house, learn how to makethe most for your house in this market and toattract the best offers for your valuable property. Call me for a no-obligation evaluation, and a listingpresentation at 408-861-8026.My goal is to make the sale of your home smooth, successful, and worry-free, with my coremarketing skills, integrity, and exceptional service!If you are in the market to buy your dream home, learn how I can help you find your dream home,and be there for you throughout the purchase process. My goal is to make you a happy and proudhomeowner.If you or any of your friends are in the market to sell or buy a home in the Bay Area, Id be delighted tohelp you or your friends, as the case may be, achieve your real estate goals with exceptional service,high integrity, and market savvy.Contact me through Email or on phone (408)861-8026 or through the handy contact form on thispage.Posted in: Sunnyvale