Simple Tips To Make Your Home Sell With Great Offers


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You Can Sell Your Home With Great Offers. Learn how! For more visit

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  1. 1. realt Tips To Make Your Home Sell With GreatOffers P i ctu r e Cr e d i t: fo to l i a .co mHome Sellers: Dont Leave Money On T he T ableSelling your home is not a trivial decision. Youve probably spent a lot of years of livingthere, have lots of sentiment, emotions, experiences and monetary commitments.You worry about ending up leaving money on the table when you sell. You have lots ofquestions and apprehensions in your mind. While many of these can be answered byyour Realtor, there are some subtleties that are entirely dependent on what kind ofperson your Realtor is.Your Realt or should be one who is sensit ive about finer det ails, and must guide yousufficient ly enough t o make t hat ext ra lit t le expense t o give your home a proper fitand finish, and a polished look t o be really at t ract ive t o a prospect ive buyer. Notdoing so is essent ially leaving money on t he t able - t he money you spend would be
  2. 2. for most part far lower t han t he ret urn t his small expense would yield. I see manyhomes where t he Sellers may have benefit ed immensely had t hey been guidedproperly, and had agreed t o spend some ext ra t ime preparing t heir homes t hroughcreat ive, inexpensive ideas. These are mainly around t he finer aspect s of what youpresent t o a buyer t o mot ivat e t hem t o make an offer quickly.Of course, if t he sit uat ion for t he seller is unfort unat ely desperat e, and selling t hehouse as-is (such as in a short sale or foreclosure) is t he only opt ion, t henspending t he ext ra lit t le on t he finer aspect s is out of t he quest ion. I t ot allyunderst and t hat sit uat ion.In addit ion t o my own opinion, speaking wit h many fellow real est at e agent s, whohave had more successful sales t han usual, a pat t ern emerges int o what fact orscont ribut ed t o t he difference. Some of t he common set of t hings t hat t heir client sfollowed yielded t hem great result s and I share t hese below.Follow t hese surprisingly simple t ips t o yield you great result s in your quest t oprepare your home for a very successful sale.Provide More Planning T imeA good many number of sellers assume t hat from t he t ime of signing t he list ingagreement , t he house should be on t he market wit hin a week or so. The amount oft ime set aside for planning t o get t he fit and finish done on t he house is oft enoverlooked leading t o last minut e hassles, cost s, and agony for t he seller. As yourList ing Agent , my goal is t o help you lay out t he product -readiness st rat egy alongwit h a list of t hings you could do t o prepare your home for it s best possiblepresent at ion wit h a reasonable cost and t ime est imat e.St art wit h asking yourself t his quest ion : If I were a buyer of my propert y,would I buy it in t he current condit ion wit hout hesit at ion?If t he answer is a firm, unflinching Yes, t hen t here ya go, you are half way int oget t ing t he sale done. Regardless, t he following are essent ial t reat ment s t hat willhelp you sell your home wit h good offers.Boost Curb AppealBoost your curb appeal for a great first impression. As buyers ent er t he propert y,t he very first impressions are t he ones t hat carry t hem t hrough int o t he house. Theposit ive vibes generat ed from t he ent ry point t o t he ent ry door is essent ial forcreat ing t he want in t he buyers minds. M ake it a point t o beaut ify your front yardand your back yard - t he place where a buyer would imagine a place of solace and
  3. 3. comfort . Curb appeal can be achieved by clearing out dry veget at ion, t hick foliage,dry and balding lawn pat ches, excessively laid out shrubbery and plant s t hat cancreat e a messy, unkempt look. In addit ion, a fresh coat of paint t o t he ext erior oft he home, and a well paved crack-free driveway adds t o t he appeal of a home.These do not cost much t o fix. Of course, a great look can be achieved by usingpaving st ones and designer landscaping as well but t hose can cost quit e a bit . Formost people, just working wit h a combinat ion of laying new lawn, mulching, andflowering plant s, along wit h a clean pressure-washed driveway will do t he job in arelat ively inexpensive manner. Adding a whit e fence around t he perimet er of t hefront yard is anot her good way t o boost you curb appeal.Spruce Up With Relevant and Sale-Worthy UpgradesAs a seller, you are probably wondering if you should do t hat cost ly upgrade t hatyou put off for years. Unless your house has a very dat ed look and will have t heeffect of t urning off pot ent ial buyers, save your money. Spend some of it wit h minorupgrades by adding t rims where none exist , replacing count er t ops alone, andpaint ing t he cabinet s inst ead of replacing t hem, replacing worn out or dull lookingkit chen flooring wit h bright linoleum or t iles, and replacing carpet s wit h eit her newercarpet s or new hardwood or laminat e flooring. M ake sure your bat hrooms have anupdat ed look t hough t hrough a combinat ion of paint ing and t iling work which areusually not very expensive. The scale of expense grows wit h each upgrade t hat isbeyond minor embellishment s. A good coat of paint wit h neut ral colors will dowonders.Remove All ClutterIt s close t o t he open house t ime and you st ill have some random it emsand flot illa occupying crucial space. Should you care t o t ake t hese small, seeminglyunobt rusive it ems out of t he way? Absolut ely. Remember, you are t rying t o maket he house be very at t ract ive so t hat pot ent ial buyers can imagine as t heir own.Anyt hing t hat is personal t o you should be out of t he way and not incloset s. Besides you do not want some of t he small it ems t o be easy pickings forsome st ranger walking t hrough your house. Pack t hese away in neat marked boxesso you can locat e t hem as soon as you are done selling. Similarly, your front andback yard should not have any sign of clut t er or unsight ly it ems lying around.Do Not Stuff Closets and GarageBuyers do look int o t he Garage and every Closet space. If you must leave someit ems, make it very sparse. Do not st uff t hese areas as it can t urn off any one. I
  4. 4. have seen houses where closet s are so full of st uff t hat opening t he door couldcause a major crash of t hings popping out . Bad idea. A neat closet and Garage maynot yield you t op dollars but a st uffed up closet and Garage will force you t o leavemoney on t he t able.Decorate Interiors Or Use Staging Services Decorat ing int eriors is a great way t o get t he polished and upgraded look and feel. M any decorat ion mat erials can be bought from local craft st ores and home maint enance st ores. A very good way t o address all of t he above issues wit h int eriors is t hrough t he use of St aging Services. As your Realt or, I can bring in any number of approved and accredit ed service providers including St aging Services who will put up furnit ure, decorat ive it ems and show pieces including paint ings et al t o make it look absolut ely st unning. St aging readies your house for maximum P i ctu r e Cr e d i t: Fo to l i a .co m visual appeal.Price Your Home RightPricing your home is your priorit y and no one else will have t he best way t o expresst he sale price as much as you do as you have lived at t he place. Your Realt or shouldprovide you wit h t he right t ype of informat ion t o help you decide on t he right price.A higher price suggest ion may indicat e a higher commission ret urn so wat ch out fort hose signs. While looking very at t ract ive for a seller in t erms of Ret urn onInvest ment , t his st rat egy of pricing high wit hout doing a t horough CM A(Comparat ive M arket Analysis) and st udy of market t rends, put s you, t he Seller, atrisk of having your home sit on t he market for a long t ime. The longer a propert ysit s on t he market t he less at t ract ive it is for buyers and t empt you t o lower t heprice, a source of major embarrassment . Avoid t his by get t ing t he price right .Pricing a propert y correct ly is key t o selling it quickly. Ensure t hat your realt orprovides you wit h a good set of comparables, and ask enough quest ions around t hepricing so you can arrive at a value t hat you t hink is reasonable for your home. Askyour agent for high price wat ermarks, and low price wat ermarks, as well as t heprevailing per square foot price in your area so you can arrive at a compet it ive pricefor your propert y. This will cont ribut e t o yielding you rich dividends. Couple t his wit ha good st aging service or your own effort t o present a beaut iful home, and youcould get higher offers and sell your home quickly.
  5. 5. Avoid Staying Home During Open House HoursThere, I said it . M any sellers t hink t hey would lend a hand t o t he buyer by providingsome hist orical perspect ive t o buyers on t heir quest ions around t he house andlocalit y. If anyt hing, t his makes buyers unsure. In addit ion, buyers do not want t obe dist urbed while viewing a home. They would like t o independent ly evaluat e t hehouse wit hout t he current owners influence. This makes for a bet t er, easier, fast ersale.So Are you Ready to Sell ?As your listing agent, I will provide you with a team of service professionals to help you prepare yourhome for sale. Do not hesitate to ask me as many questions as you have. My goal is to enable you to sellyour home with a worry-free, smooth, enjoyable experience.Author Ranjana Shreedhar, Realtor:If you are planning to Sell your house, learn how to makethe most for your house in this market and toattract the best offers for your valuable property. Call me for a no-obligation evaluation, and a listingpresentation at 408-861-8026.My goal is to make the sale of your home smooth, successful, and worry-free, with my coremarketing skills, integrity, and exceptional service!If you are in the market to buy your dream home, learn how I can help you find your dream home,and be there for you throughout the purchase process. My goal is to make you a happy and proudhomeowner.If you or any of your friends are in the market to sell or buy a home in the Bay Area, Id be delighted tohelp you or your friends, as the case may be, achieve your real estate goals with exceptional service,high integrity, and market savvy.Contact me through Email or on phone (408)861-8026 or through the handy contact form on thispage.Posted in: SellingProcess