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STaR Chart
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STaR Chart


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A synopsis of the STaR Chart & results for Klein Forest HS.

A synopsis of the STaR Chart & results for Klein Forest HS.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1.
    • S chool T echnology a nd R eadiness Chart
    • A Teacher Tool for Planning and Self-Assessing
    • Aligned with the Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006 - 2020
  • 2. Agenda
    • STaR Chart Introduction
    • Discuss STaR Chart Key Areas
    • Discuss Focus Areas in each Key Area
    • Explanation of Progress Levels
    • 3 Year Summary of Klein Forest HS STaR Charts
    • Action Areas
    • Resources
  • 3. What is the STaR Chart?
    • The STaR Chart is a tool for assessing effective technology integration across the curriculum.
    • The STaR Chart is aligned with the State of Texas’ Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020.
    • This chart must be completed by individual teachers, campuses and districts every year to be in accordance with state and federal laws.
  • 4. Why is the STaR Chart Important?
  • 5. STaR Chart Key Areas
    • Teaching & Learning (TL)
    • Educator Preparation & Development (EP)
    • Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support (L)
    • Infrastructure for Technology (INF)
    • Each Key Area is broken down into focus areas which are rated on a scale from 1 (lowest) – 4 (highest).
  • 6. Teaching & Learning Focus Areas
      • TL1: Patterns of Classroom Use
      • TL2: Frequency/Design of Instructional Setting Using Digital Content
      • TL3: Content Area Connections
      • TL4: Technology Application (TA) TEKS Implementation
      • TL5: Student Mastery of Technology Application (TA) TEKS
      • TL6: Online Learning
  • 7. Educator Preparation & Development Focus Areas
    • EP1: Content of Professional Development
    • EP2: Models of Professional Development
    • EP3: Capabilities of Educators
    • EP4: Access to Professional Development
    • EP5: Levels of Understanding and Patterns of Use
    • EP6: Professional Development for Online Learning
  • 8. Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support Focus Areas
    • L1: Leadership and Vision
    • L2: Planning
    • L3: Instructional Support
    • L4: Communication and Collaboration
    • L5: Budget
    • L6: Leadership and Support for Online Learning
  • 9. Infrastructure for Technology Focus Areas
    • INF1: Students per Computers
    • INF2: Internet Access Connectivity/Speed
    • INF3: Other Classroom Technology
    • INF4: Technical Support
    • INF5: Local Area Network / Wide Area Network
    • INF6: Distance Learning Capacity
  • 10. STaR Chart Levels of Progress Early Tech (6-8) Developing Tech (9-14) Advanced Tech (15-20) Target Tech (21-24)
  • 11.
    • How is Klein Forest doing since the inception of the Long Range Technology Plan, 2006-2020 ?
  • 12. KF STaR Chart 06-07
  • 13. KF STaR Chart 07-08
  • 14. KF STaR Chart 08-09
  • 15. 3 Year Summary
  • 16. 3 Year Summary Continued
    • We have maintained Advanced Tech status in INF for 3 years! Great job KF & KISD!
    • We have made significant improvement in the Leadership area over 3 years. Thank you CITS!
    • We are lagging behind in the area of Teaching and Learning.
    • TL1, TL2 & TL3 are our problem areas.
    • We have not seen significant change in these areas in 3 years.
  • 17. We Are KF!
    • We will formulate a plan to address the Teaching & Learning needs!
    • We will continue to improve our campus STaR Chart every year!
  • 18. Resources
    • School Technology and Readiness, A Teacher Tool for Planning and Self Assessing aligned with the Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020 . (2006). Retrieved November 27, 2009,