Waste to Art


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What better way to recylce trash than transform it into art?

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Waste to Art

  1. 1. circleof life 1 Plastic bottles flowerpots The next time when you are about to dump a plastic bottle, a plastic bag or a newspaper, just pause for a moment and think if you can recycle them by doing any of the things listed in this article. 2 Plastic Earrings 1 Turn the bottles into flowerpots, vases and flowers. BY SALMA BANU 2 Make fashionable earrings and bangles using the plastic bottles. (Plastic Bottles, cutW e have all heard about recycling but into the shape of leaves and painted with glass how many of us actually practise it paints. Fevicol is used to stick the beads). in our day to day lives? Only a fewwould answer in the affirmative. Polythene bags, 3 Egg shell artworks. (Mosaic done with 3 Eggshells Artworkplastic bottles, newspapers, empty cans, snack- eggshell and clay dough. On a handmadewrappers and packing cartons are the most paper base, the centre structure (claycommon items finding their way into a trash can. dough) is pasted with fevicol piece by piece.Trash can be put to better use, as I found out. Egg shells are stuck (with fevicol) all around).One morning several years ago, I just could not find 4 Discarded CDs can be turned into variousanything to put the roses in. Just then, a shining artworks. (An old CD painted with acrylic 4 CD 3D Artworkempty plastic bottle caught my attention. I slashed paints and polymer clay, Kabah placed in thethe top part neatly and used it as a vase. It occurred centre, decorated with glitter and beads.)to me that this was one way of reclaiming trashand saving nature from such a harmful invention. 5 Make toy gadgets using packing boxes. (This is a Laptop made by myIt disheartens me to see plastic bottles floating in the son Zayd. He calls it Gamebox 2).sea, lying in public places or even in the refrigeratorsof some homes. I have always had a passion for 6 Design colourful brooches, mats and keyArt. I became aware of the spectrum on the glittering chains using paper. (Newspaper rolled into 5 Cardboard Toyssurface of the white plastic bottles. The plastic bottles this shape and wooden beads in a threadresemble glass and glass paints work well on them. sewn through the newspaper coil).I took to this ‘art’ possibility with great fervour. 7 Hang a bottle in your lawn or balcony in the shapeToday, this is more than just a hobby of a Birdfeeder. (Acrylic paints used for this).for me; it has become a cause. 8 Pencil shavings pasted on Pepsi bottle 6 Newspaper BroochI use all the trash I can and convert it into a thing pieces. (No paints applied. Earring hoops,of beauty. I preserve plastic bags and bottles, a safety pin, and some thread used). 7 Bottlenewspapers, milk packets, egg cartons, all types Bird Feederof packing material, vegetable and fruit peels, dry 9 Pebble turned into a tortoise paper-weight. (Clayleaves and flowers, kids toys wrappers, cosmetic and beads used to cover and decorate it. Goodcans and sweet boxes - you name it and I have it! brands of clay dough last longer. Heat and humidity40 Parent Circle / December 2011
  2. 2. affect these artworks, but if preserved well, of the plastic bags which contain leftover food they could last more than two years.) that get mixed up with other garbage are eaten8 Pencil shavings Earrings by animals, resulting in harmful effects. 10 A picture made of clay. After applying fevicol on a handmade paper, clay shapes are pasted. (Literally Because of the non-biodegradable and impervious stretching the imagination to fill in the details)! nature of plastics, if disposed in the soil, they could arrest the recharging of ground water aquifers. 11 A collage, 25 by 23 inches original size, this picture has eggshell clouds, a plastic bottle sun, plastic Turtles consume plastic bags in the sea, thinking bag trees, fruit packing – hay roof house made up that they are jelly fish. They choke and die. of egg cartons, plastic bottle and clay bushes, milk9 Pebble Paperweight packet grass, pencil shaded hills and sky. Plastic bottles also contain chemicals that can be harmful to human health. 12 A flowervase (Twirl newspaper. Fevicol is used for sticking. The flower As plastic bottles are made of fossil fuels, their is also rolled-up newspaper). production results in greenhouse gas emissions, which is the main culprit in man-made global warming. 13 Plastic carry bag with a sunflower and carbon footprint design. (Yellow coloured poly- OTHER WAYS OF RECYCLING bag cut into petals, stuck into an old magazine Plastic bottles can be reused and recycled in the10 Clay shapes Picture page cut into a round shape. Thread for the following ways: stem and fruit-packing material for leaves Use them for gardening: The lower half can be used and painted with acrylic paint. Feet cut and to sow seeds and grow saplings till they are ready to stuck from black paper or black polybag. be transferred to the soil. A large bottle with holes in the lower half can be used for watering the plants. 14 A peacock shaped seedpod As toys: Collect similar bottles and paint them for a rattle (acrylic paints used). set of skittles. My sons make boats and whales out of them and believe me it’s a wonderful water game. You could make wall decorations, wreaths, As Artworks: Cut them down and paint them with11 Egg shells, plastic, clay Collage Christmas stars and more with an old magazine. glass colours to decorate your home with flowers, Brighten up your kitchen with colourful patterns vases, wall hangings and paintings. on the cabinets, pots, jars, shelves, and windows with plastic bottles. Make your own paper tote bags and say ‘No’ to plastic bags. Give a 3D look to a picture Parentspeak by using the pet bottle chips. Make showpieces using My daughter Shruti is nine years old any junk and boast about your creative excellence. and has a mind of her own. After she learnt how to make nice things out of waste, she has been The list is endless and you can add your creativity collecting waste materials. She preserves them12 Newspaper to it. Join hands in saving the globe by recycling! in her cupboard and later makes something out flowervase of them. She does not allow me to throw away THE HAZARDS OF PLASTIC even the vegetable peels. She tells me that Plastic bags if not disposed properly may find even these can be used to make something their way into the drainage system resulting in the nice. She has always been this way. Some choking of drains, thus bringing about an unhygienic time ago, she had made a stethoscope out of environment and causing water borne diseases. a tube. I am very happy that she is interested in recycling at such a young age. MEENA S Recycled/coloured plastic bags contain certain13 Plastic Design chemicals which can leach into SALMA BANU IS A FREELANCE ARTIST, A RECYCLER the ground and contaminate AND A ‘GO GREEN’‘ PERSON’. SHE CONDUCTS ART14 Seedpod Peacock shaped rattle soil and sub-soil water. Some WORKSHOPS ON RECYCLING WASTE CALLED ECO-ART. www.parentcircle.in 41