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Sports Nutrition, Quick n Easy Diwalirecipes, Tri colr delights, Mediterranean Menu.

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Rashmee parent chef recipes

  1. 1. parentchef Rashmee Ramkumar Mexican style square parathas Makes 2 parathas INGREDIENTS Whole wheat flour ¼ cup Onions 2 tbsp finely chopped Tomatoes 2 tbsp finely chopped Garlic 2 pods finely chopped Jalapenos* 1 tbsp finely chopped Rajma 2 tbsp Cheese 1 tsp grated till done. Add the Rajma paste, chopped This interesting paratha variation is rich in jalapenos, grated cheese, spices and protein as it incorporates Rajma, and makes Oil 2 tbsp salt, and cook for 2 minutes. for a power-packed lunch. Athletes need Cumin powder 1 tsp 3.Make smooth dough with the whole protein to repair muscle. A cup of cooked Oregano 1/2 tsp wheat flour and divide into 2 balls. beans supplements 45 percent of the daily Salt to taste fibre requirement. 4.Roll out one ball into a chapathi, *a variety of fat green chillies place the stuffing in the centre and fold METHOD the chapathi on all four sides to form a 6.Repeat with the other ball. 1.Soak the Rajma overnight and pres- square. 7.Serve with mint chutney or sure cook. Grind it to form a coarse 5.Shallow fry the chapathi with the sour cream. paste, keep aside. folded side down, till crisp and done. 2.Pour 2 tsp oil in a pan, throw in the Turn it over and fry till the other side onions, garlic and tomatoes, and sauté is done. 2.Sauté mushrooms in ½ tsp Mushroom brushetta olive oil till done. Serves: 1 3.Make round shapes of the 4 INGREDIENTS slices of bread. Whole wheat bread 4 slices 4.Top them with the tomato Tomatoes 2 tbsp deseeded and mushroom. and finely chopped 5.Grill in an oven for 10 minutes 4 pods finely till crisp. Garlic chopped 6.Drizzle with 2 tsp olive oil 2 tbsp finely and serve hot. Mushrooms chopped 7.Alternatively, a tava can be 1 tsp + 2 tsp used to brown the bread before Olive oil topping it. Oregano 1/2 tsp A great appetizer, this mushroom-tomato combo is Salt to taste loaded with the antioxidant ‘lycopene’ from the tomatoes METHOD and protein from the mushrooms. Lycopene lowers blood 1.Sauté tomatoes and garlic in ½ tsp cholesterol levels. Compared to vegetable proteins, mush- olive oil till the tomatoes are done and room protein is rich in essential amino acids, that can be become thick in consistency. Season easily absorbed. Enjoy it as a snack or as an accompa- with salt and oregano. niment with the main course. 46 Parent Circle / July 2011
  2. 2. Spinach andvegetable au gratinServes: 2INGREDIENTSFor the white sauce:Milk 320 mlMaida 2 tbspButter 2 tspNutmeg powder a pinchOregano 1 tspSalt and pepper to tasteMETHOD1.Sauté the maida in the butter till METHODlight brown. 1.Sauté all the vegetables except spin-2.Gradually pour in the milk and keep ach in the butter till done.stirring till it thickens to a sauce consist- 2.Add the chopped spinach leaves andency. Make sure there are no lumps. This is a sure winner with kids and cook for 2 minutes. is healthy too, as it blends the good-3.Throw in the spices and salt, and mix. 3.Season with salt and pepper. ness of a wide variety of vegetablesFOR THE VEGETABLES ASSEMBLING and iron-rich spinach. A high calorieOnion 2 tbsp finely chopped dish, it is an ideal supplement after 1. Mix in the vegetables into theGarlic 2 tbsp finely chopped strenuous sports activities. Teen white sauce.Capsicum 2 tbsp finely chopped athletes need 2000-4000 calories per 2. Transfer them to a baking bowl, topZucchini* 2 tbsp finely chopped day to achieve their goals. with grated cheese and bread crumbs.Spinach 2 tbsp finely chopped Grill it in an oven for 14 minutes or tillBaby corn 2 tbsp finely chopped the top layer turns golden brown.Butter 2 tsp 3. Garnish with olives.Black olives 10 pieces 3. Serve hot.Cheese 1 cube (3-4 tbsps) *(Available in upmarket stores likeBread crumbs 1 tbsp Amma Naana, Fresh@, PazhamudirSalt and pepper to taste Nilayam)Mango and bananayoghurt smoothieServes: 1INGREDIENTS A high-energy, easy-to-prepare drink, it is ideal 1/2 cup choppedRipe Mango for consumption a couple of hours before any ½ chopped sports activity. It has the goodness of probioticsBanana 1 tsp from yoghurt that aids digestion, and vitaminsVanilla custard powder 1 tbsp from fruits that keep us healthy. Packed withHung yoghurt* potassium, vitamins and fibre, bananas are an 1-2 tbspSugar excellent source of energy for athletes. Mangoes*(curd is poured in a cloth and hung, add a rich tropical flavour to the drink and areallowing the whey to drip out completely) also packed with nutrients.METHODBlend all the ingredients in a mixer and Rashmee Ramkumar is a Chennai based nutrition-serve chilled in a tall glass. n ist who loves trying out healthy and tasty recipes. www.parentcircle.in 47
  3. 3. parentchef Rashmee RamkumarChildren love colours and food presented attractively. Keeping in mindour Independence Day celebrations, we have introduced foods that haveshades of saffron, white and green on them. This favourite dish from Chennai is a judicious blend of cereals andMakes 12 mini adais (4 portions of 3 adais each) lentils making it very healthy. The nutritional value of the ‘adai’ can be increased by adding vegetables. This increases the visual appeal INGREDIENTS TO MAKE Vegetables as well as the taste. This protein and fibre rich dish can be served BATTER Carrot 3 tbsp (grated) Raw rice ¼ cup as a snack or a meal. Spinach 3 tbsp (finely chopped) Boiled rice ¼ cup Onion 3 tbsp (finely chopped) 2. To one portion, add the Shallow fry with oil on both Tur dhal ¼ cup Oil 3 tbsp carrot after leaving some for sides till golden brown Channa dhal 2 tbsp garnishing each adai. and crisp. METHOD Urad dhal 1 tbsp 3. To the second portion, add 6. Garnish the carrot adais with 1. Let the batter ingredients the spinach leaving some for carrot and so on. Curry leaves few leaves soak for 4-5 hours. garnishing each adai. Asafoetida 1 tsp 7. Serve hot with chutney Red chilly 3-4 2. Grind into a coarse paste 4. Repeat the same with or sambar. slightly thicker than dosa batter. onions for the third portion. Salt to taste 8. Each portion can have one ASSEMBLING THE ADAI 5. Pour out mini adais on carrot adai, one spinach adai 1. Split the batter into the tawa to form rounds of and an onion adai to offer 3 portions. approximately 7 cm diameter. variation. Makes 6 triangular club sandwiches INGREDIENTS For the green chutney chutney into a fine paste. Pudina ½ bunch 4. Using 3 slices of bread Bread 9 slices Coriander ½ bunch for each sandwich assemble Butter 6 tsp Roasted peanuts 1/2 cup the sandwich by applying Tomato 2 medium (thinly sliced) Garlic 4 pods green chutney onto two of the For the paneer stuffing Lime 1 tsp buttered slices. The paneer Paneer 1 cup (grated) Green chilly 1 large filling and sliced tomato can be Cumin powder 2 tsp Salt applied on the third buttered Garlic powder 1 tsp to taste slice. Sandwich them in such (available in super markets) METHOD a way that the slice with the Butter 1/2 tsp 1. Butter the slices of bread. filling comes between the twoThis club sandwich incorporates an interesting peanut, mint and chutney slices. 2. Sauté the paneer in ½ tspcoriander chutney along with paneer making it an iron and protein butter along with the cumin 5. Cut into 2 triangles andrich dish. Double-decker sandwiches are easy to pack in lunch boxes powder and garlic powder. secure each with a toothpick.and offer a wholesome meal. The colourful tri-layer is appealing to 3. Grind together all the 6. Repeat along with the otherthe eye and children would simply love to eat them. ingredients for the green six slices.
  4. 4. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS a cone onto individual Hung curd 2 cups (made from 1200 ml yoghurt hung for 3 to 4 hours in a muslin cloth) bowls as Icing sugar 1 ½ cups desired Elaichi powder 3 - 4 tsp and garnish Saffron few strands with chopped pistachio and Pistachio 2 tbsp (finely chopped) saffron. Green and orange colouring few drops 8. Refrigerate till you serve.METHOD 4. To one portion add the1. Beat the hung curd along chopped pistachio and greenwith the icing sugar till it is colouring. This aromatic Gujarati dessert is a healthy alternative to icelump free. 5. To the second portion add cream. It is relatively low calorie and protein rich. Children usually2. Add in the elaichi powder saffron and orange colouring.and mix well. love the creamy texture of this dish and parents can experiment 6. Keep the third portion as3. Separate this mixture into 3 plain white. with a wide variety of flavours and colours. This extremely simpleportions. 7. Pipe the 3 portions using dish can be made by the children themselves.Exotic vegetablesServes 4 in honey mustard dressing INGREDIENTS METHOD 3. Alternatively the vegetables Mustard powder 3 tsp (available in super markets) 1. Whisk all ingredients for the can be microwaved or steamed For the salad dressing. for 3 to 4 minutes. Carrot 1 cup (cut into cubes) Vinegar 2 tbsp Zucchini 1 cup (cut into cubes) Olive oil 2 tbsp 2. Blanch the vegetables. To 4. Arrange the blanched Broccoli 2 cups (as small florets) do this, put them in boiling vegetables on a bed of lettuce Salad seasoning to taste Lettuce for garnishing (available in super markets) water for 4-5 minutes till and top them up with the For the dressing Salt to taste slightly done but still crisp. dressing. Use a mesh sieve to keep the Honey 2 tbsp 5. Add some more salt and vegetables immersed in boiling salad seasoning to taste. water. Immediately put them in ice cold water to maintain their 6. Serve cold or at room crisp texture and colour. temperature. Exotic vegetables are available easily these days and offer a variety to the daily menu. Broccoli with its cancer- fighting properties, zucchini with its high folate and potassium content and lettuce with its high iron content make this dish a very nutritious one. The honey mustard dressing offers an interesting tangy- sweet taste. Rashmee Ramkumar is a Chennai-based nutritionist who loves experimenting with healthy and tasty recipes. www.parentcircle.in 47
  5. 5. parentchef QUICK ’N EASY Diwali Delights by Rashmee RamkumarMixed Herb Mathri MAKES 20 – 25 MATHRISINGREDIENTSMaida 1 cupGhee 2 tspOregano 1/2 tspBasil 1/2 tspAjwain 1/2 tspCold water to kneadSalt to tasteOil for deep fryingMETHODRub ghee into the maida till it resembles crumbs.Add salt, ajwain and herbs and knead with coldwater to form a very stiff dough.Roll out on a lightly floured surface andstamp out rounds.Prick the rounds with a fork at severalplaces (to avoid puffing up) and fryin hot oil till golden brown. Cooland store in an air-tightcontainer.KiwiSandesh SERVES 4INGREDIENTSKiwi fruit 2Home-made paneer 1 cup (made by curdling 1 litre milk)*Icing sugar 8 tbspCardamom powder 1/2 tsp* Milk should be curdled by adding quarter cup whey water or 2 tsplime juice. It should then be hung in a muslin cloth for 20 minutestill the whey water is drained. Do not press out excess water. The Add the icing sugar and cardamom powder andwhey water can be collected and reused later for making more continue kneading for 2 more minutes.paneer or can be used to make chapathi dough. Bengali sweets Place the mixture on very low flame and stir till the raw smell of thecannot be made with paneer bought from the shop. paneer goes and the mixture forms a soft dough. Do not overheat.METHOD Knead the dough again and form desired shapes. Make a smallKnead the paneer for 3 minutes on a clean surface after the indent on top of the sandesh and place segments of kiwi fruit.excess water has drained out, while it is still moist. Refrigerate and serve chilled.58 Parent Circle / October 2011
  6. 6. Fruit and Nut INGREDIENTSChocolate Milk powder Cocoa Sugar 2 cups } To be sieved together 2 tbsp 1 ½ cupsFudge Water Butter Raisins 3/4th cup 1/3rd cup 2 tbspMAKES 15 FUDGE BALLS Walnuts 2 tbsp (chopped) METHOD Mix the sugar and water and heat till it reaches 1 string consistency (a little thicker than a gulab jamun sugar syrup). Add the butter and switch off flame after it melts. Stir in the milk powder and cocoa mixture along with the raisins and nuts and mix. Pour onto a greased plate. Shape into balls after it has cooled. Alternatively it can also be cut into squares and served. Seetaphal Rabdi SERVES 4 – 5 INGREDIENTS Custard apple (seetaphal) 4 Milk 500 ml Khova 200gm Sugar 8-10 tbsp (heaped) Cornflour 1 1/2 tsp Pistachios, saffron and rose petals To garnish METHOD Keep aside a few spoons of milk and boil the rest. Add the khova to the hot milk and allow it to dissolve completely. Add sugar and cook for another 2 minutes. Dissolve the corn flour in the little milk kept aside and add to the above mixture. Stir continuously to avoid lumps, till it thickens. Allow the mixture to cool. Deseed the custard apple and add the pulp to the cooled mixture. Refrigerate. Garnish with chopped pistachios, saffron and rose petals. Serve chilled. n RASHMEE RAMKUMAR IS A CHENNAI-BASED NUTRITIONIST WHO RUNS HER OWN BAKING ENTERPRISE SNOW FROSTING. www.parentcircle.in 59
  7. 7. parentchef Mediterranean Menu BY RASHMEE RAMKUMAR Flavoured Turkish Hummus Makes 3 cups saffron rice Serves 2A dip or spread made from mashed chickpeas An aromatic rice flavoured with rich saffron and a generous sprinkling of raisinsINGREDIENTS INGREDIENTSChick peas 3 cups (Boiled) Long grain rice 1 cup (uncooked)Jalapenos 7 Saffron generous pinchBeetroot 1 small Milk half cupCoriander ¼ bunch Onion 1 largeGarlic 6 pods Yellow capsicum 1 mediumLime juice 3 tsp Raisins ¼ cupRoasted sesame seeds 3 tsp Ghee 4 tspOlive oil 3 tsp Garlic 5 podsCumin powder 1 and ½ tsp Chili flakes 1 tspChopped parsley 3 tsp Parsley 1 tspMETHOD METHODJalapeno hummus: Blend 1 cup boiled chick peas with Cook the rice along with half cup milk, 1 cup water,jalapenos, 2 pods garlic,1 tsp lime juice,1 tsp sesame seeds , saffron, chilly flakes, 1 tsp ghee and required salt. Cool rice1 tsp olive oil and half tsp cumin powder into a smooth paste and set aside.using required quantity of water. Serve chilled garnished with Finely slice the onions and garlic and caramelize in 1 tspchopped parsley and olive oil. sugar and 1 tsp ghee till golden brown.Beetroot hummus: repeat above procedure using boiled Finely slice the yellow capsicum and sauté in 1 tsp ghee.beetroot while blending. Sauté raisins in 1 tsp ghee till golden brown.Coriander hummus: repeat above procedure using Place rice on a bed of lettuce. Top with caramelized onionscoriander while blending. and garlic, yellow capsicum and raisins. Garnish with finely chopped parsley and serve hot.48 Parent Circle / January 2012
  8. 8. The Mediterranean diet is known to be one of the healthiest diets in the world offering a judicious blend of allnutrients. The diet involves high consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits and vegetables alongwith moderate consumption of dairy (cheese and yogurt), fish and wine and a low consumption of meat. Thetraditional Mediterranean diet has shown tremendous benefit in fighting heart disease, cancer and diabetes.Whole wheat Falafel Makes 15-20pita bread Makes 10 Deep-fried ball or patty made fromA round leavened pocket bread, made here with ground chickpeas. Falafel is usually served inwhole wheat flour to add to the nutritional value a pita bread, which acts as a pocketINGREDIENTS INGREDIENTSWhole wheat flour 1 cup Chick peas 3 cups boiledFresh yeast 1 tbsp (available in super markets)* Onion 1 large (finely chopped)Honey 1 tsp Garlic 5 podsSalt 1 tsp Coriander ¼ bunchOlive oil 2 tsp Parsley ¼ bunch Cumin powder 1 tspMETHOD Chilly flakes 1 tsp Dissolve yeast, salt and honey in ¼ cup water (luke warm) Crushed whole pepper 1 tspand allow to rest for 10 minutes till it foams. Corn flour 2 tblsp Place the whole wheat flour in a large mixing bowl and Salt to tastemake a well in the centre. Add the oil and yeast mixture and Olive oil to fryknead well to form a smooth dough. Oil the vessel and place dough. Cover with wet muslin METHODcloth and set aside in a warm place for half hour till the Blend all ingredients in a food processor without water todough doubles in volume. form a thick paste (like tikki/cutlet dough). Knead the dough again on a lightly floured surface to Shape into small balls; flatten out like cutlets and deep fryremove air. Roll out into small chapathis and place on a hot in medium hot olive oil till crisp and golden brown.tava. When bubbles start to appear, turn over and press If cutlet disintegrates while frying, dip in a thin corn flourlightly with a tissue or cloth till it puffs up. Do not use oil or batter before frying.place on direct fire like phulkas. Serve warm. RASHMEE RAMKUMAR IS A CHENNAI-BASED NUTRITIONIST WHO RUNS*Fresh yeast can be substituted with 1 tsp active dried yeast pellets. HER OWN BAKING ENTERPRISE ‘SNOW FROSTING’.Allow rising time of at least 2 hours. www.parentcircle.in 49
  9. 9. parent chef INGREDiENTS: FRUIT Milk : 400 ml Sugar : 6-8 tsp AND NUT Banana : 1 large MILKSHAKE Strawberry : 200gm MAKES 3 GLASSES Sapota : 1 medium Badam : 10 (soaked and BY RASHMEE RAMKUMAR peeled) Walnuts : 1 tbsp METHOD: CHINESE STYLE Blend the nuts along with 2 STIR-FRIED POHA tbsp milk to a SERVES 3 fine paste and strain if desired. INGREDiENTS: Blend remaining Beaten rice/aval/poha : 200 gm milk with fruits Cabbage : 3 tbsp (finely chopped) and sugar. Carrot : 3 tbsp (finely chopped) Add in the nuts Spring onions : 5 tbsp (finely chopped along paste to the with the green stem) as the Banana h above mixture Spinach : 3 tbsp (finely chopped) ount highest am and stir. Capsicum (all colours) : 3 tbsp (finely chopped) of digest ible making Serve chilled. Garlic : 1 tbsp (finely chopped)carb ohydrates st t breakfa Chilly flakes : 1 tsp it a grea shows search Soy sauce : 1 tspoption! Re ‘brain that nuts are Pepper : ½ tsp foo ds’. Salt : to taste Beaten Sugar : 1 tsp rice is fat, c or poha Oil : 2 tsp h and sod olesterol ium fre addition e. In , it is a METHOD: Soak poha in ½ tsp soy sauce source great of 11 es vitamins sential and required amount of water for half an and particula minerals hour. Strain and keep aside. rly iron . Heat 2 tsp oil. Saute garlic for a minute. Add capsicum, cabbage, carrots, spinach and spring onions one at a time and stir-fry with ½ tsp soy sauce, salt and sugar on a high flame for 2 minutes each. Stir in the poha. Add chilly flakes and pepper. Garnish with spring onions and serve hot. 50 Parent Circle / March 2012
  10. 10. red conside a s are s. ExtrSprout od der foas won f protein at o intake s show n ast ha breakf l and r initia ss “greate ne ed full sustain the da y.”  out through PROTEIN PATTY AND bROWN bREAD SANDWIcH MAKES 5 PATTIES INGREDiENTS: Flour : 90 gm Baking soda : ½ tsp OATS, FIG FOR THE PROTEiN PATTY: INGREDiENTS: Salt : ½ tsp Cinnamon powder : 1/4 tsp & DATE Sprouts : 200 gm Sweet corn kernels : 2 tbsp Butter : 110 gm bARS Oregano : 3 tsp Brown sugar : 100g Cornflour : 1 tsp MAKES 30 bARS Castor sugar : 40 g Chilly flakes : 1 tsp Egg : 1 Bread crumbs : 5 tbsp Dates and figs : 50 g (finely chopped) Salt : to taste Instant oats : 130 g Oil : to shallow fry Vanilla essence : 1/2 tsp METHOD: Pressure cook the corn and METHOD: Sift flour, salt, baking sprouts till well done. Add salt, cornflour soda and cinnamon powder and and spices and knead into a thick dough. keep aside. Shape into large patties and coat with Cream the butter and sugars till bread crumbs. light and fluffy. Add in the egg and Place in refrigerator for half an hour. essence and beat the mixture. Remove and shallow fry with little oil on a Add sifted flour, oats and dry fruits tawa till golden brown on both sides. and mix till a dough consistency is reached. TO ASSEmBLE: Toast 2 slices of Wrap dough in cling film and place brown bread. in refrigerator for half an hour. Place slices of cucumber, tomato and Preheat oven to 180°C. lettuce along with the protein patty Shape dough into rectangular bars between the bread and serve warm. Oats is (approx 3’x1’), place on baking an exce breakfa lle paper and bake for 15-17 minutes at st optio nt the high n as 180°C or till brown. dietary RASHmEE RAmKUmAR iS A CHENNAi-BASED in oats f helps to ibre Cool bars on wire rack and keep in one fee make NUTRiTiONiST WHO RUNS HER OWN BAKiNG l full f an air-tight container. and lon aster ENTERPRiSE ‘SNOW fROSTiNG’. ger. www.parentcircle.in 51