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all martial art. Learning the basics of     physical development to bonding            animal. Ask them to make up a story...
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Creative Movement


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Creative Movement

  1. 1. feature Creative Movement BY MRINALINI SEKARC reative movement more aware of themselves and their such as cognitive learning, uses body actions to bodies. Creative movement activities and motor skills, guided communicate an image help with a better body-language- by the mother’s active (eg: the wind), an idea (eg: expression which in turn, helps in the participation. Neural pattern formations a journey) or a feeling (eg: understanding of the body language are actively altered.strength). It uses dance, drama and of others. It leads to considerablemusic as a form of expression. motor skill development, and a good A theatrical movement class for 3 understanding of rhythm. to 5 year old children This enablesFor children, creative movement children to become excellent story-is a way to start the process of Apart from the highly evolved forms tellers expressing themselves throughunderstanding themselves better and of classical dancing which allow for movement and themes based onthe world that they live in, through creative movement, there are various age-appropriate concepts. This classactivities that enhance all areas of their less imposing creative movement supports their formative ideas.growth and development. classes, combining fitness with dance and fun for children of all ages. Some Ballroom Buddies This allowsIt helps them understand their programmes are outlined below. (Please for partnering across age groups,environment and develops physical skills see resource box for more information.) particularly within extended families, toand creative skills. Sensory skills are make it a great family bonding activity.enhanced through visualization, hearing Creative Movement Parent and child, grandparent andand touch. Social skills are broadened, Classes child, including babies take part in theeven as every child realizes his own Movement sessions for mothers and class as a pair.uniqueness. The child learns to respect babies of 6 to 18 months This helpshimself and others. Creative movement enhance the mother-child relationship, Other Movement andalso increases the child’s concentration. where they discover the world through Fitness classes each other’s eyes. Several facets of Kalari is an ancient Indian martial artAs children grow, they become growth for the baby are addressed, form that is regarded as the basis of26 Parent Circle / January 2012
  2. 2. all martial art. Learning the basics of physical development to bonding animal. Ask them to make up a storyKalari improves physical, emotional and and communication, and resolving based on this animal and act it outmental agility, strength and stamina. emotional issues. through gestures and movement. AskSome of the choreography, such as them to experiment with role reversals.sparring in kalari payat can be applied For infants: The traditional massages For instance the more aggressive childto classical dance forms. Kathakalli that our grandmas advocated helps can take on the role of a gentle deerdancers who knew martial arts were the mother move the child’s limbs and the quieter one can be the lion.believed to be markedly better than which is good for joint development. This will help them to look at the worldthe other performers. Some traditional Baby games that involve small from different perspectives.Indian dance schools still incorporate movements while the mother chantskalari payat as part of their a rhyme, is important for both - For hyper-active children: Creativeexercise regimen. physical development and mother- movement offers great opportunities to child bonding. The mother can croon channelize the energies of hyper-activeMiming is talking with your whole lullabies to the baby, which will help children and help them stay focused.body, a universal language that the child feel secure. Refrain from Offer a restricted area, say within foureveryone understands. Mime brings playing recorded music. The mother’s squares of floor tiles and ask them toto life, fantasy and illusion using one’s voice off-key is still better than move to their favourite music. Theywhole body to form a picture. professionally choreographed songs! will jump, kick air and move wildly. Ask them to pick any four moves andDance aerobics is one of the For young children: Play different repeat the same in a pattern. Say, twocommonest forms of aerobics that kinds of music and watch the child’s jumps, followed by three kicks in thecan be seen today around the world. response. Some may break into a free air and so on. This will make themIt is a good way to utilize time, an spirited dance, some may jump about focus on remembering a sequence,even better way to lose weight and an and others may clap or thump their while expending energy. Hyper-activeexcellent way to increase the oxygen feet. Allow each child to move freely children, despite hectic activities duringintake in the body. to her favourite music. Make it an the day, cannot settle down at night. everyday ritual of playing music and As a bed-time ritual, for the first fiveZumba the largest dance fitness moving. You can give her a theme by minutes, get them moving to really fastprogram in the world, based on a asking her to do only hand movements music; then gradually introduce slowerLatin-inspired dance fitness program or you can join her in a game of music, more conducive to sleep. In 2 tocreated by dancer and choreographer mirroring her movements. 3 weeks, they will be able to sleep.Alberto “Beto” Perez in Colombiaduring the 1990s. Zumba involves For siblings: Your children can be For older children: Parents often havedance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s encouraged to practise creative trouble reaching out to their adolescentchoreography incorporates hip-hop, movement together. In the absence and teenage children. Creativesamba, salsa, merengue, mambo, of competitive ‘win or lose’ situation, movement helps open a window ofmartial arts, and some Bollywood and there is less scope for quarrels in such communication between the parentbelly dance moves. Squats and lunges an activity. Give them a topic, say, an and child in a non-verbal manner.are also included. When you feel your teen is upset, hold SOME RESOURCES her gently and sway to melodiousWhat you can do for Chennai: music. The child gets a great sensechildren at home Creative Movement of security and a feeling that ‘momEveryone can enjoy a sense of well- www.bluemovementcircle.in is there, no matter what’, while thebeing and develop finer sensibilities mother gets to relieve all the repressed Kalari www.shajikalari.comthrough simple acts of creative tensions. Other www.o2healthstudio.com,movement at home. www.oxygen6.net MRINALINI SEKAR IS A BHARATHANATYAMParents can encourage creative Mumbai: www.wavesgym.com, DANCER WHO CONDUCTS CREATIVEmovement and participate with their www.dancewithemdc.com MOVEMENT CLASSES FOR CHILDREN ANDchildren towards different goals, from Bengaluru: Navarasa 97412 90592 ADULTS. www.parentcircle.in 27