Ages to Stages Books for kids!


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Ages to Stages Books for kids!

  1. 1. checkit out od Go ads Re r all fo e s Ag Pintoo and the Giant BY SULABhA R DevpUKAR `135, Tulika Books This book is about the adventures of an eight- year-old boy called Rebels in Rajasthan Pintoo. One day, Pintoo decides BY ShAMIM PAdAMsee to take a short cut home, instead `125, Puffin of his usual path. This leads to an adventure he could never have Siblings Vayu and Deeya receive imagined. The path is dark and a letter from their uncle Jadoo The Very Hungry eerie and Pintoo loses his way. inviting them to visit him. But Uncle Caterpillar While searching for the correct Jadoo is kidnapped by an evil Djinn BY ERIc CARLe route, Pintoo meets a giant who and the children have to locate the `105, Penguin Books wants to eat him. Pintoo tries to seven keys that will free him. The trick the giant by telling him that children enlist the help of a magic This beautifully illustrated book his friend’s dog Bobby is more talking window-frame as they set tells the story of a little caterpillar delicious than him. The giant out to find the first of the seven that hatched on a Sunday. He has a believes Pintoo and they try to find keys. Their adventure takes them to voracious appetite. On Monday he the right path together. the deserts of Rajasthan where they eats through one whole apple, on help save a prince and princess Tuesday he eats through two whole The story has been written in trouble. pears and so on, till he is not a little completely from a child’s point caterpillar anymore! of view and what a child would This book is the first in a series of do if he comes face to face with such books. The story is short and Toddlers love the repetitive poetic a giant. The book has wonderful simple, and told in an engaging flow of words used by the author illustrations in watercolours by manner. The characters come alive page after page. Soon, they will Ashwin Chikerur. through the narration. Children be counting along with you and will enjoy reading this book as the repeating the days of the week as theme is centred on something the little caterpillar eats his way which they love: adventure. The through the pages and transforms illustrations complement the flow into a beautiful butterfly. of the story.52 Parent Circle / March 2012
  2. 2. The Whistling It’s not the end ofMonster the worldBY JAMILA GAvIN Bollywood Knights BY JUdY BLUMe`199, Walker Books BY NIcO RApOsO `241, MacMillan `199, Penguin Books IndiaThis book is a compilation of ten A divorce can have a shatteringsimple stories from around the Every Indian is fascinated by the impact on children and this bookworld, from India to Finland, from world of Bollywood and is ever deals with how teens and pre-Canada to Botswana and Brazil. so curious about the ‘inside’ teens can come to terms with thisThe stories are largely from folklore happenings. In the form of a decision taken by their parents.or from mythology. For instance, fiction, this book takes you intothe story from India pertains to the this glamorous world of glitter The story is narrated in first personbirth of Lord Krishna. The story and paparazzi. Seventeen-year- by a 12- year- old Karen Newman,from Mongolia speaks of the fierce old Raj Kapoor is the only son of who has an older brother Jeff (awarring tribals, and how Gulnara, Bollywood superstar Amit Kapoor, teen) and a younger sister ordinary maid becomes a who is directing a film with the Together, they witness the breakupwarrior herself, only to bring about starlet Preeti Shabbir. After Preeti of the marriage of their parents.peace between them. is almost killed on the sets of Everyone is affected. Jeff runs the film, Raj and his two friends away (he comes back later), AmyNarrated simply, all the stories Madhuri and Nagi set out to solve suddenly wants to share her bedretain the flavour and colour of the the mystery. with her older sister. Karen wantsplace of origin. to bring about a reconciliation The book hints about the gossips between her parents, so thatThe illustrations are abstract and on the set, the catfights between everything will be alright again. Willcreatively done by Suzanne Barrett. actresses, the production process her plan work? Can she bring her of a film - just about everything. family back together again or does Though the book is written for she have to learn to live with her children, adults will also enjoy parents’ decision? reading it. 53