Customer Experience Management ROI: A Sitecore DMS Case Study
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Customer Experience Management ROI: A Sitecore DMS Case Study



There is no shortage of buzz around Customer Experience Management (CXM) but very few examples of real-world success. This slidecast puts CXM in context, then walks through the lessons learned in CXM ...

There is no shortage of buzz around Customer Experience Management (CXM) but very few examples of real-world success. This slidecast puts CXM in context, then walks through the lessons learned in CXM campaigns designed and deployed on the Sitecore Digital Marketing System.

Using real data from the website of one of the world's leading business schools, we look at the results delivered personalization, a|b testing and other CXM tactics - and provide tangible advice for driving business results.



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  • Part of the answer to the question “why now”

Customer Experience Management ROI: A Sitecore DMS Case Study Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A Case Study Prepared by: Randy Woods
  • 2. • Introductions • The Changing World of Customer Experience Management • Barriers to Customer Experience Management Success • Case Study: Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto • Concluding Thoughts, Questions and Answers
  • 3. • President, Nonlinear Creations • Helping organizations figure out what to do about this thing called the internet since 1995 • 16 years experience with data-driven online marketing tactics • Past 4 years, has lead Nonlinear’s engagement with Sitecore Digital Marketing System • @randywoods
  • 4. Something fundamental is shifting in the relationship between marketer and marketee The power has shifted to the victims recipients of marketing activities
  • 5. • Forrester Research – “WCM for Digital Customer Experiences” • Gartner Group – “CRM Multichannel Campaign Management” + “Web Content Management” • Digital Clarity Group – “Web Content and Customer Experience Management”
  • 6. • Assess Visitor Engagement • Explicit Personalization • Visitor Profiles • Engagement Plans • A|B and Multivariate Testing • Lead Scoring • Sales Enablement • Mobile, Social Integration……. • • Not all visitors are equal – score them differently Put visitors in their place Find out what works Rules-based Implicit Personalization Target content based on geography, organization… Persona- or Profile-based Implicit Personalization Target specific content to specific personas Target content based based on data in your CRM Automate marketing post initial contact Rate a lead based on behaviour Provide sales with insight
  • 7. • Rules-based implicit personalization • Profile-based implicit personalization • A|B testing • Explicit personalization • Engagement plans • Sales enablement • Lead scoring • Engagement value
  • 8. e • A|B testing • Engagement value • Multivariate testing • Engagement plan • Rules-based implicit personalization • Persona-based implicit personalization • Lead scoring • Sales enablement • Explicit, CRM-driven personalization • Engagement plans • Sales enablement
  • 9. • The sheer array of tactics available can lead to confusion on where to start • The ease of implementation means campaigns launch without an understanding of what success might mean • Availability of analytic skills or access to resources with analytic capabilities • Lack of senior management understanding of the potential – and the cost – of CEM • Technical barriers
  • 10. • The Outcome: - A 6-18 month DMS roadmap of DMS tactics ordered to deliver value - • quickly while building for long term success 1-3 tactics implemented and running The Process: - Deep review of existing analytics Stakeholder interviews to identify marketing needs and gaps Analysis and identification of quick wins Implementation of quick wins
  • 11. Rotman Programs – Engagement Level Bounce Rate Pages per visit Mfin Mfin EMBA EMBA EP EP MBA MBA PT MBA PT MBA PhD PhD 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • 12. Home page visitors going to fees and expenses - MBA - by visit number Fourth+ visit Third time visitors Application deadlines from MBA Fulltime page Fourth+ visit 4.03% Third time visitors 6.94% Second time visitors 8.65% New Visitors 10.11% Admissions criteria from MBA Fulltime page Third time visitors Second time visitors New Visitors 5.67% Second time visitors New Visitors Fourth+ visit 6.54% 7.16% 10.53% 11.09% 13.49% Interests and information needs vary with number of visits 5.47% 4.42%
  • 13. May Initial Campaigns A|B test for EP 1 A|B test for EP 2 Ambassador Personalization Mid-Term Campaigns Geo-IP personalization Target work permit info on home page Target international campus info on home page Highlight International applicants link Show Toronto-prospects part time info on home page Visit number personalization Home page personalization Company-based personalization EMBA prospect matching to company alumni EMBA prospect matching to alumni from vertical EP prospect matching to companies where custom training is provided A|B Tests EP test set A EP test set A.1 EP test set B EP test set B.1 Ambassador page test set A Ambassador page test set A.1 Home page test set A Home page test set A.1 Full Time MBA test set A Full Time MBA test set A.1 PT MBA test set A PT MBA test set A.1 Application Process A Application Process A.1 EMBA test set A EMBA test set A.1 Engagment Plans EP engagement plan one EP engagement plan two EP engagement plan three Engagement Value Engagement Value implementation June July August September ctober NovemberDecemberJanuary O February March April May June July August September
  • 14. Test A Test B
  • 15. Test a Test b
  • 16. Exit rate – from student services page Avg. time on page - seconds 13% All Visitors All visitors From China From China -43% 0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% No before and after tracking – best available stand in metric 20.0% 25.0% 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
  • 17. Bounce Rate 45% 40% -23% 35% 30% Visit Duration (seconds) Pages per visit 350 25% 20% 4.5 23% 300 4 15% 250 10% 3.5 200 5% 3 150 0% Pre-personalization Post-personalization 14% 2.5 100 2 50 1.5 1 0 Pre-personalization Post-personalization 0.5 0 Pre-personalization Post-personalization
  • 18. Can I get in and how much does it cost?
  • 19. Why should I choose Rotman?
  • 20. What will I learn and from who?
  • 21. Call to Action
  • 22. New Users PrePersonalization PostPersonalization Second Visit Third Visit Fourth+ visit 49% 44% 42% 53% 51% 45% 45% 47%
  • 23. New Users PrePersonalization PostPersonalization Second Visit Third Visit Fourth+ visit 49% 44% 42% 53% 51% 45% 45% 47% Only 4+ Visit Figure is statistically valid
  • 24. • Engage every person who has responsibility for business outcomes of the website • Use analytics to guide your roadmap: - Segment current traffic by each of the dimensions against which you can target content – geography, visit frequency, company - Look for significant behavioural differences • Focus initial efforts on highest reward areas: - One lead gen form used by entire organization? - The homepage! Traffic dwarfs your landing pages.
  • 25. @nonlinear_tweet @randywoods