( Old Guide) Tiantan Puhua Hospital


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This is the old hospital book but still has some useful info and pics.

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( Old Guide) Tiantan Puhua Hospital

  1. 1. Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital
  2. 2. History  The biggest and the first joint-venture hospital to specialize in neuroscience in Beijing.  Started as a joint venture in-patient ward 14 years ago inside Tiantan Hospital.  Opened up as an independent hospital in Jan. 2005 which licensed by China Ministry of Health  Operated in consortium with American Pacific Medical Group, Beijing Tiantan Hospital Group and the Austar Management & Consulting Group.
  3. 3. American Pacific Medical Group Limited  Founded by 35 United States physicians and surgeons in 1992.  Has been engaging in the development and operation of medical facilities, freestanding high technology hospitals and treatment centers throughout China.
  4. 4. Beijing Tiantan Hospital  The world’s top three neurosurgical hospitals  World Health Organization’s (WHO) neurosurgical training centre for China  Far Eastern Asia’s largest centre for neurosurgical therapy
  5. 5. Feature  Comprehensive Neurosciences Medical Service  Unique stem cell treatment procedure  Excellent cosmetic and hand surgery  A wide range of other health care services  Expertise from Beijing famous hospitals  International standard facilities and a peaceful recovery environment  Cooperation with all major insurance companies  Competitive pricing
  6. 6. Facility- Adjacent to the imperial Temple of Heaven, enjoy the taste of thousand years history of Beijing *It was built in 1420. Pictures were taken inside of our hospital.
  7. 7. Facility – Garden style architecture
  8. 8. Facility – Garden style architecture With 10,000m² of garden like architecture, we provide our patients with all modern comforts in a peaceful and healing environment.
  9. 9. Facility- Euro standard OR and ICU facilities  Germanic Draeger CARE-AREA operating rooms and ICU
  10. 10. Facility- Stem cell laboratory: GMP Standard
  11. 11. Facility- Rehabilitation Center •Our English speaking team are fully equipped to give occupational, physical and speech therapy for children and adults • A comprehensive program is offered for a variety of conditions, including severe neurological conditions, paralysis and cerebral palsy • Our therapists also work with muscle injuries, work injuries and sports related injuries
  12. 12. Facility- On site equipment together with Tiantan hospital MEG CT ECT MRI PACS DSA Gamma Knife
  13. 13. Facility-others Gamma Knife
  14. 14. Medical Team- Distinguished Advisors  35 United States physicians and surgeons. Neuro-Surgery General Surgery Otolaryngology Chan Kwan Hon, M.D. Louis Lee, M.D. William T. Chen, M.D. Jin Wang, M.D. Hematology/Oncology Pathology Leo W.K. Cheng, M.D., University of Hon Chan, M.D. Arthur Lee, M.D., Harvard California, San Francisco Family Practice Medical School Anesthesiology Jana Boyce, M.D. Podiatric Surgery Alan F. Kwon, M.D. Kenneth B. Chew, M.D. Michael H. Choy, DPM Annie Lau, M.D. David R. Gilliam, M.D. Robert Y. Choy, DPM Francis H. Tse, M.D. Gary Stein, M.D. Gary S. McCarter, DPM Lisa Cham, M.D. Sharon Wiles, DPM Cardiology Harry Dassah, M.D., University of Obstetrics/Gynecology Diagnostic Radiology California, Davis Ming Quan, M.D. Andrew Kwai, M.D. Peter Hui, M.D., University of Ophthalmology James F. McMahon, M.D., California, San Francisco Shiu Y. Kwok, M.D., University of University of California, Davis Chuk W. Kwan, M.D., University of California, Berkeley Radiation Oncology California, San Francisco Eric L. Leung, M.D., University of Peter K. Sien, M.D., University of Cyrus R. Mancherje, M.D. California, San Francisco California, San Francisco Raymond K. Wong, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Urology Nephrology Dominic Tse, M.D., University of Richard Lo, M.D., University of Laurence Chan, M.D., Ph.D., California, San Francisco California, San Francisco, and University of Colorado Julian Chang, M.D. Stanford Medical University
  15. 15. Medical Team- Distinguished Advisors  Zhu Zonghan, M.D. Member, National Committee of CPPCC, China Former President, Beijing Health Bureau,Former Director, Acute Respiratory Infection Control, WHO  Wang Zhongcheng, M.D. Director, Beijing Neurosurgical Institute President, Chinese Society of Neurosurgery  Wu Mengchao, M.D.Director, Orient Institute of Hepatobiliary Surgery Vice President, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China  Chen Mingzhe, M.D.Past President, Third Hospital, Beijing Medical University, Beijing, China  Chen Xingrong, M.D.Past President, Hua Shan Hospital, Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai, China  Dai Jianping, M.D.President, Tientan Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China
  16. 16. Medical Team- Services: Neurosurgeons • Brain tumor • Head Injury • Vascular Surgery • Spinal cord Surgery • Functional Neurosurgery • Pediatric Neurosurgery •Stem cell treatment
  17. 17. Medical Team- Neurosurgeons together with Tiantan  9 neurosurgical groups  313 top global medical professionals  Performs 4,200 operations in total two hospital each year.
  18. 18. Medical Team -Neurologists  Our neurological team is comprised of chief doctors, medical doctors, resident doctors. Dr. Zhou, Jingli, MD Chief Neurologist, Tiantan Puhua Hospital Conducted a number of neurological medicine research at Duke University , Harvard university and Michigan State University of USA. Through her many years of experience at the pinnacle of China’s neurological research regime, Dr. Zhou has mainly engaged in effective clinical practices related to all types of neurological diseases. She has also taught and trained medical students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Dr. Song, Chuanghua MD Chief researcher of stem cell lab, Tiantan Puhua Hospital Dr. Song got his doctor degree at famous Kansai Medical University, Japan. He focus on stem cell biology research and applications. Gained a firm grasp of independent operations for treatments especially with stem cells, with strong skills and experience of Intra-bone marrow stem cell transplantation.
  19. 19. Medical Team -Oncologist Our Specialists: Dr. Qiong Zhang MD Dr. Yujin Yu MD Services: • Consultation for all forms of Malignancies • External Beam Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy • Stem cell treatment for Cancers • Multi-disciplinary tumor boards for breast, lung, gastro- intestinal, and ENT • Patient education and counseling • Palliative care
  20. 20. Orthopedic surgery Our specialist: Dr. Qiang Yu MD Dr. Baoyan Hu MD Services: • General orthopedics • Adult reconstruction and joint replacement service • Orthopedic trauma surgery • Orthopedic tumor surgery • Spine surgery
  21. 21. Hand and Plastic Surgeon Our specialist: Yanni Li, MD Graduate of Peking University. She worked in the United States for 17 years as a Mayo Clinic and a Mount Sinai Medical Center fellow. With over 30 years of medical experience, Dr. Li’s expertise includes hand surgery; surgical reconstruction for traumatic and congenital hand disfigurement; plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, using micro vascular technique. Dr. Li has received several awards for her successful clinical works. The “Yanni Knot”, a widely used surgical method in United States, was named after Dr. Li. Services: • Hand surgery • Plastic surgery • Micro vascular surgery
  22. 22. Traditional Chinese Medicine Our specialists: Dr. Sophia Liu MD 10 years Clinical experience abroad in USA. Over 20 years of clinical experience. Treatment for all manner of conditions Dr. Enji Lv, MD Dr. Zhengbin Wang, MD The following TCM treatments are available: • Acupuncture • Cupping • Tuina (Chinese massage) • Foot massage • Herbal formulas • Qi gong exercises • Moxibustion
  23. 23. International Nursing Team • English speaking nursing team • Experience with a variety of conditions • Experience with both children and adults • 24 hour care • International standard
  24. 24. Medical Team- Rehabilitation therapists
  25. 25. A to Z service to International Patients  A to Z service for the international patients: from internet communication to see you off at the airport;  We have staff who knew Arabic culture: Arabic consulting doctor; Arabic guide book; Arabic food provider; etc.
  26. 26. Arabic patients from UAE Saudi Arabia Kuwait Iraq Yemen Libya Morocco Egypt ……….
  27. 27. Neural stem cell treatment and research center  Provide unique clinical stem cell procedures and treatments mostly for neurological diseases  Treated around 500 patients come from more than 40 countries.  Collaborate with The academy of military medical sciences Stem Cell Center
  28. 28. Stem cells procedure  4-5 weeks inpatient treatment  Combined treatment programs including stem cell transplantations, western medications, daily rehabilitation therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  29. 29. Stem cell activation and proliferation treatment A unique therapy of medicines, given through 5-7 weeks of daily IV. This formula, individually tailored for each patient's condition, aims at several targets: To prepare and enhance the microenvironment in the patient to active own stem cell, meanwhile to support and protect the implanted stem cells. To activate patient’s own inactive neural stem cell, allowing them activation, proliferation and then differentiation into mature functional brain cells. To help the migration of the stem cells to the relevant areas in the Central neural system by creating chemical signalization.
  30. 30. Stem cell implantation Through different surgical procedures:  Through CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) by a lumbar puncture  Through a stereo tactic procedure deliver cells into the target area  Interventional transplantation by the most advanced DSA to the target organs.
  31. 31. What diseases we can treat with the stem cell procedure  Parkinson’s disease  Post stroke  Cerebral Palsy  ALS (Motor Neuron Disease)  MS (Multiple Sclerosis)  Ataxia  Brain Injury  SCI  Batten  Dementia  Cancers  Diabetes
  32. 32. Mr. Maurice F. Strong visited the hospital (Former undersecretary of the United Nations ) “I am most impressed by the quality of the professional care and congenial service my friend Wayne Kinse is receiving at Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital and the many fine facilities and accommodation it provides!” Maurice F. Strong Oct.11, 2007
  33. 33. NIGH’s Member (Nightingale Initiative for Global Health) Creating a healthy world together!
  34. 34. UAE Ajman University Cooperation on stem cell research in Jan, 2010
  35. 35. Emergency Service and Insurance Support Direct billing
  36. 36. For more information, please go to our English and Arabic website pages www.puhuachina.com Current Arabic pages, the new informative Arabic website will come soon in the next month!
  37. 37. ‫شكرا لك‬ Thank you!
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