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The 21 new rules of content marketing infographic.
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The 21 new rules of content marketing infographic.


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The 21 new Rules of Content Marketing Infographic. …

The 21 new Rules of Content Marketing Infographic.

Are you ready for a new world of search engine optimization, social media, and content marketing? You had better be, because Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular Internet marketing tools are changing fast... the companies that adapt to "attractive" marketing methods are going to find more opportunities, while their competitors are going to be left behind.

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  • 1. 21NewRules ofContent Marketing WEB PAGE Business Information Presentation (sell) OFFER PAGE Qualified Lead Capture via Form (trade) BLOG PAGE Trust Building via Information (give) Social Media Engagement Blogs & Content Marketing Email Marketing Offers Search Engine Query Referrals & Sharing CONTENT { { k Attract | Give PLEASE SHARE (Always Attribute) Your online marketing game changer! #1 Treat Keywords #1 Like Hotsauce #4 Make the Most of #1 a Great Idea with #1 Multiple Formats #10 Remember that #10 Great Content #10 Invites Links #11 Build Your Content #11 From an Ongoing Plan #15 Take Your Time #17 Know Your Biggest #17 Content Marketing Enemy #18 Use One Piece of Content #18 to Promote Another #16 Stop Buying Content from the Bargain Bin #21 Use Your Content to Turn Searchers, Readers & Fans, into Buyers! #19 Recycle Your #19 Greatest Hits #20 Always Ask the Key Question #20 About a Piece of Content #5 Headlines Are #1 Everything #6 Use the #1 News #2 Have a Voice (or Brand) #1 Customers Can Identify With #7 You Can’t Stock the Cupboards #1 Until You Take Out the Trash #8 Don’t Just Post…Engage! #9 Invite Yourself to Someone #1 Else’s Party Once in a While #12 The Best Inspiration #12 Comes from Several #12 Different Sources #13 Quality is as #13 Important #13 as Quantity #14 Quantity #14 Still Matters #3 Build Trust With #1 Transparency k Findability Why Search Engine Optimization is Dying by Randy Milanovic, Principal at Kayak Online Marketing + 21 New Rules of Content Marketing for 2013 and Beyond If you want to maintain a high search engine ranking and use content to keep targeted buyers coming to you, this is information you can't afford to skip. Get your copy instantly via Kindle right now, or order the paperback! Findability – An eBook by Randy Milanovic [amazon book code: B00CMDQ9RG] hashtag #findability[ ] #findability