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How To Write Powerful Ads 2hour Wkshop
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How To Write Powerful Ads 2hour Wkshop


How to Write Powerful Ads

How to Write Powerful Ads

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  • 03/23/10 Copyright (c) 2010, Accelerated Marketing Group, A Y2Marketing Agency, Inc. MYM Writer's Workshop


  • 1. www.MYMResources.com www.AMGCRM.com www.MYMConsulting.com www.ComeBuyThisHouse.com
  • 2. What We’ll Cover Today
    • What is MYM?
    • The new sales paradigm
    • 5 proven characteristics of high performing ads
    • Actual client case studies and examples
    • FREE Resources
  • 3. What is MYM?
    • A step-by-step system for innovating and marketing any company.
    • First, we show you how to differentiate your business from the competition.
    • Next, we teach you how to implement a marketing plan that will increase sales 25% to 100% in one year!
  • 4. What Does MYM Mean To You?
    • Strategic Marketing: The Monopolize Your Marketplace (MYM) System
    • The Five Stages of the MYM System
      • Strategic Plan – Inside reality as good as you say it is? If not – fix it! Involves research and strategic development of marketing.
      • Lead Generation – finding the right target for leads (prospecting) – getting John Smith to raise his hand!
      • Monopolize Your Marketplace – dramatically increases sales closure rates – response pieces that WORK
      • Franchise Your Sales System – systematizes the delivery of your messages (hopper system vs. CRM)
      • Maximization & Optimization – joint ventures, pro-active referral systems, upselling, perpetual selling, social marketing
  • 5. What Marketing Is Supposed To Do
    • Marketing should capture the attention of your target market…
    • Then give them hope that reading/listening to the ad will give them enough information…
    • To facilitate their making the best decision possible when buying whatever you sell.
    • Then give them a specific, low-risk, easy-to-take action that will further facilitate their ability to make a good decision…
    • Bottom Line: The ad should make the prospect feel like they’d have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you… regardless of price.
  • 6. 5 Characteristics Of High Performing Ads
    • Powerhouse Headline
    • Solid, Well-Quantified Copy That Builds Confidence
    • Appropriate Risk-Lowering Offer
    • Well Organized, Professional Format
    • Appropriate Medium For Your Target Audience
  • 7. New Sales Paradigm
    • Pre 1950 – Great Ads – had to write well (Claude Hopkins & John Caples)
    • 1950 – Intro TV – Short ads High $
    • 1991 – Internet goes public
    • 2004 – Web 2.0 (Social Marketing)
    • John Smith Hot Buttons vs. False Interrupt
  • 8. Marketing Equation
    • Interrupt: Getting qualified prospects to pay attention (headlines)
    • Engage: Getting those who do pay attention to remain interested (sub-headlines)
    • Educate: Giving enough information to make the prospect feel as if he/she can make the best decision (body copy / text / evidence)
    • Offer: Getting the prospect to take an action, based on information given (call-to-action)
    Interrupt + Engage + Educate + Offer = $$$
  • 9. How To Write Powerful Advertising & Marketing
    • Write Headlines:
      • Headline Challenge: Emulate the entire headline bank
    • Write Body Copy:
      • Text taken from your HB points outlined in your HB template
    • An Offer They Can’t Refuse:
      • Based upon something of value
    Let’s talk about writing powerful headlines
  • 10. Headlines. The “Do” or “Die” of your Ad
    • Headlines: The “Ad for the Ad”
      • Ads, commercials, opening statements, etc..
      • Should be HB oriented
      • It’s the “hook” that lets the reader know if it is worth his time to continue
      • The single most important element of any ad
      • Can increase the response of your advertisement by as much as 2,100% or more without changing anything else
      • Less than 90% of advertising contains HB oriented headlines
  • 11. The Writer’s Workshop: Headlines
    • Three Ways To Write Powerful Headlines That Sell:
      • Say it in Plain English
      • Use Headline Starters
      • Use the Headline Bank
  • 12. How to cram eight hours of classroom computer training into one easy 75-minute session…at your home or office. Doctors: put an easy $341,450 in your pocket every 12 months…without doing anything more than you’re doing right now. If You’re Reading This Ad, There’s A Good Chance That You’re Cold Calling Companies From This Book Trying To Sell Them Something. Ever Consider A Sales Job Where They Provide The Leads For You? The Writer’s Workshop: Headlines Say It In Plain English
  • 13.
    • News
    • Inflammatory
    • How To
    • Questions
    • Who, Which, What, Why
    • Testimonials
    The Writer’s Workshop: Headlines Headline Starters
    • Guarantee
    • Comparisons
    • The Bold Claim
    • Problem/Solution
    • Numbers
    • The Offer
  • 14. The Writer’s Workshop: Headlines Headline Starters - Questions
    • Do You Really Want The Lowest Bidding Temp Agency To Provide Employees For Your Million Dollar Project?
    • Is Your Current Cleaning Company Cutting Corners…But Still Charging You Full Price?
    • Would You Be Willing To Spend Eight Minutes A Day To Increase Your Income By $25,000 Next Year?
    • How Many More No-Show Employees Will You Tolerate From Your Temp Agency Before You Fire Them?
  • 15. The Writer’s Workshop: Headlines Headline Starters - Numbers
    • Six Closely Guarded Secrets Of The Diamond Industry…Revealed At Last.
    • The Three Biggest Problems You’ll Have With Most Plumbers…And How Mr. Burrows Overcomes Them All.
    • Never Sign A Contract That Contains These 5 Words…
    • Only 5 Out Of 573 Multi-Tennant Buildings In The Atlanta Area Have Immediate Large-Block Leasing Capacity…
  • 16.
    • If all else fails… CHEAT!
    • These are some of the most money-making headlines ever written.
    • Find headlines that are similar and emulate them.
    • Write 20 to 50 headlines for every project
    The Headline Bank The Writer’s Workshop: Headlines
  • 17. #114(b). CPA: Expertise, results, professionalism. Three Fairy Tales You’ll Hear From Small Business Accountants… Even Honest Ones. #136. Sporting Goods: Selection, advice, price, service. FREE Comprehensive Fitness Survey Allows You To Compare & Price Out 11 of The Most Popular Treadmills On The Market Today… Without Going To The Store and Without Talking To a Salesman. The Headline Bank The Writer’s Workshop: Headlines
  • 18. #29. Investing: Quality, on-time, price, communication A Challenge To Investors Who Would Never Dream Of Letting Someone Else Manage One Of Their Accounts. #105. Home Builder: Quality, floor plan, credibility, price, location, amenities. Looking to Buy a New or Existing Tract Home? Not After You Watch This Special Video Report You Won’t. “ Last Year Over 1.1 Million Complaints & Lawsuits We’re Filed Against…” The Headline Bank The Writer’s Workshop: Headlines
  • 19. Client Examples
  • 20. More Client Examples
  • 21. More Client Examples
  • 22. Now It’s Your Turn!
    • Main points from your HB Template
    • Use worksheet to write five headlines
    • Use Headline Starters & Headline Bank
    • Let’s read some out loud
    • Headline evaluations
    • Headline Evaluations:
      • “ Well I would hope so!”
      • “ Who else can say that?”
      • “ Well, Whoop-Dee-Do!”
      • “ Do you really believe that? Prove it.”
      • “ What conclusion do you want me to draw?”
      • Cross-Out / Write-In Exercise.
  • 23. How To Write Powerful Advertising & Marketing
    • Write Headlines:
      • Headline Challenge: Emulate the entire headline bank
    • Write Body Copy:
      • Text taken from your HB points outlined in your HB template
    • An Offer They Can’t Refuse:
      • Based upon something of value
    Let’s talk about writing body copy
  • 24. The Writer’s Workshop Action-Oriented Writing
    • PROBLEM:
      • People are lazy communicators
      • People are silently begging to be led
      • People buy results
      • Needs to be HB oriented
      • Paint Mental Pictures
        • Be inflammatory
        • Quantify and Specify
    “ Platitudes and generalities roll off the human understanding like water from a duck’s back. They leave no impression whatsoever.” -Claude Hopkins
  • 25. Is It HB Oriented? Does It Pass The Test?
    • The HB Hot-Seat Evaluations:
      • “ Well I would hope so!”
      • “ Who else can say that?”
      • “ Well, Whoop-Dee-Do!”
      • “ Do you really believe that? Prove it.”
      • “ What conclusion do you want me to draw?”
      • Cross-Out / Write-In Exercise.
  • 26. Writing Evaluations
    • “ Well I would hope so!”
      • (printing) “We help the non-professional print buyer understand the various options available.”
      • (insurance) “We’ll be there for you when you have a claim.”
      • (management training) “Our training leads to change.”
      • (auto repair) “We fix your car right the first time”
      • (auto repair) “Foreign & Domestic”
  • 27. Writing Evaluations
    • “ Who else can say that?”
      • (BBQ catering) “The flavor and taste of our quality meats gives you the best BBQ you’ve ever eaten.”
      • (you guess…) “Experienced staff; company in business for 35 years.”
      • (chiropractor) “Gentle techniques to relieve your back pain.”
      • (computers) “We’ve got the lowest prices in town.”
  • 28. Writing Evaluations
    • “ Well, Whoop-Dee-Do!”
      • (athlete’s foot medicine) “The most powerful advance for athlete's foot has it all.”
      • (locksmith) “Largest key & safe selections south of the river.”
      • (credit card) “Diners Club voted #1 three years in a row.”
      • (hotel) “Over 1.8 billion points awarded thru Q3 2000.”
  • 29. Writing Evaluations
    • “ Do you really believe that? Prove it.”
    • Puffery In Advertising
      • (pizza) “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.”
      • (car dealer) “Largest volume Ford dealer in the state of California.”
      • (you guess…) “Knowledge. Expertise. Determination.”
      • (conference center) “The global leader in learning through meetings and leisure.”
      • (realtor) “Remax is Napa’s Choice in Relocation.”
  • 30. Writing Evaluations
    • “ What conclusion do you want me to draw?”
      • (cosmetic surgery) “Update your website.”
      • (????) “What if you could use rocket science.”
      • Wait a minute and I’ll show you some pathetic examples….
  • 31. Writing Evaluations
    • Cross-Out / Write-In Exercise:
      • First, look at your ad…
      • Cross out your name, write in your competitor’s name…
      • Is the ad still valid?
      • If so, you fail!
      • Now, take your competitor’s ad, cross out their name, and write in yours…
      • How’d you do?!?
  • 32. Writing Evaluations
    • Six Things To Avoid At All Cost:
      • Being cute or funny
      • Plays on words
      • Ego ads
      • The profound approach
      • The “snoozer”
      • Company name for headline
  • 33.
    • What specifically?
    • Why specifically?
    • How much/many specifically/typically?
    • Where specifically
    • When specifically?
    • Compared to what?
    Writing Evaluations - The Specificity Challenge - The results of Action-Oriented Writing are immediate, controllable & measurable. You will lower costs, increase results, and find more qualified prospects and sales.
  • 34. How To Write Powerful Advertising & Marketing
    • Write Headlines:
      • Headline Challenge: Emulate the entire headline bank
    • Write Body Copy:
      • Text taken from your HB points outlined in your HB template
    • An Offer They Can’t Refuse:
      • Based upon something of value
    Let’s talk about offers
  • 35. The Offer - Asking For A Response -
    • Always ask your consumer to take immediate ACTION.
    • Make your offer Risk-Free:
      • Call for a FREE report, video, tape set, sample, preferred customer packet, etc.
      • Avoid the “talk to a salesperson” offer
    • Make the offer obvious and easy to understand and make it easy to see.
    • Your offer allows you to get immediate response from your advertising efforts, and makes tracking your results clear and precise.
  • 36. Writer’s Workshop Writing Level Evaluation (L-0 / L-5)
    • The ONLY writing evaluation tool.
    • Use this grading sheet to determine if your advertising is good or not.
    • Be harder on yourself than the marketplace.
    • We cover this in more detail in longer Workshops.
  • 37. I Would Have to Be an Absolute Fool to Do Business With Anyone Else but You… Regardless of Price.
  • 38. I f Your Marketing Is NOT Accomplishing This… Then It’s Under Performing and Can Be Improved Dramatically
  • 39. Example: Moving Company
    • Business Situation:
      • Start-up local cash-only moving company. In business 1 yr.
      • $120,000 in sales first year
      • Incredible business system
      • Over 260 competitors
      • Small marketing budget.
  • 40. Example: Moving Company - The Case
    • Based on these 5 sub-points:
      • Real Insurance
      • Bonded
      • Business standing
      • Price: 2 price quotes
      • Guaranteed move price
    • Evidence:
      • List of 15 questions for consumers to ask moving companies to test their honesty and ability
      • Evidence packet that included copies of proof of insurance, business info, etc.
    The purpose of their case was to tactfully expose the lack of integrity & ethics of their competitors.
  • 41.
    • The Results:
      • Increase sales volume by 1,000% after 90 days
      • 85% conversion ratio over the phone
      • Eliminated sales process no more job bids
      • Increases direct mail response by 300%
      • Eliminated competitors
      • Sold Out In Less Than 12 Months
    Example: Moving Company
  • 42. Example: Pool Tables
    • Business Situation:
      • In business 27 years
      • Second largest coin operated pool table, air hockey and foosball manufacturer in the world
      • Business declining:
        • $40 million to $22 million in three years
      • Competitors knocking off their products, selling direct
  • 43. Example: Pool Tables The Case
    • Based on these 5 sub-points:
      • More money per play
      • More plays per week
      • More new locations
      • Less breakdown and downtime
      • Tables last longer
    • Evidence:
      • Article from Dallas Morning News
      • Testimonial letters
        • Operators, players
      • Interviews
      • Chart for calculating increased profits
    The purpose of their case was to prove that their tables make operators MORE MONEY.
  • 44. Example: Pool Tables
  • 45.
    • The Results:
      • Integrated marketing strategy for pool, air hockey, foosball, and video cabinets
      • Started getting “surprise” orders from companies that had used their competitors for 25 years
      • Cut the number of trade shows attended from 12 to 5 (saved big money)
      • Went from losing money every month to a $7 Million profit in 10 months
      • Bought out their major competitor 18 months later
    Example: Pool Table Manufacturer
  • 46. The Results of MYM
    • The company will distinguish their business from the competition
    • They will become the obvious choice to do business with
    • Prospects will arrive at this one simple conclusion. “ I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you… regardless of price.”
    • Sales will increase dramatically… automatically
  • 47. Four Ways To Do Business With Us
    • One on One Consulting
    • Marketing & Advertising Fulfillment
    • Hopper Systems (CRM/CMS)
    • MYM Seminars & Workshops
      • ½ Day, Full Day, 3 Day, Mastermind
  • 48. One-On-One Consulting
    • One-On-One Client Relationship:
      • We implement the entire MYM system for your company:
        • Develop strategy; write all ads, letters, scripts, marketing tools, etc.; systematize the entire process
      • Investment determined by size and scope of project.
      • Retainers average $2,500 to $10,000 per month.
      • Average implementation time is 6-12 months.
  • 49. Marketing & Advertising Fulfillment
    • Advertising Placement
      • Radio, Television, Newspaper, Internet, Social Marketing, Magazine, E-Mail, Direct Mail, Etc.
    • Fax & Email Broadcasting via AMG CMS Hopper
      • Local & Nationwide
    • Layout & Design - Logo Creation
    • Printing
    • Audio, Video & Multi-Media Production
    • Audio, Video & Multi-Media Duplication
    • Advertising Specialties – Corporate Apparel
    • Website Development
  • 50. The AMG Hopper
    • Full Enterprise Marketing System
      • Investment: $89.95/mo.
    • Includes
      • Complete Contact/Customer Management
      • Workflow (automated execution of plans)
      • E-mail, print & fax fulfillment
      • Discounts on all other MYM services
      • SLA available on web site
      • www.AMGCRM.com
  • 51. The MYM Seminars
    • Small group marketing instruction and consulting.
      • Investment: $295 to $1,595
    • Five reasons why you should attend
      • Learn the MYM system
      • Real world examples & case studies
      • Create powerful new materials at the seminars/workshops
      • Post seminar support
      • Pre-seminar consultation
  • 52. FREE Resources
    • What You Need To Do Next:
      • Go to http://www.MYMConsulting.com
      • Click FREE Resources button
      • Check appropriate boxes for resources desired
  • 53. www.MYMResources.com www.AMGCRM.com www.MYMConsulting.com www.ComeBuyThisHouse.com