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  • 1. UTOPIA that one thing I notice everybody wishes was around 24/7 What is it exactly LOVE HAPPINESS. and where do i find that with my FAMILY? FRIENDS? in MY DREAMS? ART? MUSIC? CHILDHOOD? NATURE? WHERE........... In ALL it should be heaven to you i suppose. That one moment in life where you feel alive. My utopia is a place that I haven’t reached yet nor can I find it yet so this photo book will be my journey to utopia or maybe this is just a chapter of the journey till is keeps going on. WAIT SCRATCH THAT....... Utopia that one place that i won’t be looked at by my gender or my sexuality. That place that i as a girl can be with anyone anywhere and not be judged either as a lesbian or straight. Or by the way i look.
  • 2. I wanna say that amazing line of Martin Luther KIng Jr. “I HAVE A DREAM” It will be true not oppressed by the paternalistic words and perspectives of the world. Where if a guy sleeps around he’s a player and us women do so and were called sleezy sluts or whores....... Where a girl isn’t allowed to wear certian things because of the way a man looks at her and says i want that. ME U AND EVERYONE DESERVE RESPECT may it be in one type of clothing or another. Where I can be looked at in full clothing or barely any and still be seen with pure eye not oh she’s gonna be hard or that’s gonna be easy. Where I can stand at a corner and not have to think about what people might see me as.
  • 3. I WANNA BE A HUMAN NOT JUDGED BY THOSE AROUND NOT JUST A PERSON thats left for everyone to look by their so called BODY and CLOTHING we see. I WANNA BE A WOMAN WHO HAS INTELLIGENCE A HEART A PERSONALITY A FUTURE A DREAM........ my dream the free and untamed woman of the future