Facebook Page Basics


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Short introduction/overview of Facebook Page Basics
(part of a seminar series presented by bowden2bowden)

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Facebook Page Basics

  1. 1. Build A Page randy bowdenprincipal partner | bowden2bowden llc
  2. 2. Why The Face?Develop and promote your brandMeet new customers and/or leads foryour businessRelationship building and maintenancetoolCreate buzz around service, product orevent
  3. 3. Profile 2 Page On left side of profile, Click“PAGES AND ADS” A page it is!
  4. 4. A Picture Is Worth…Cover Image Representative of your page/business Make sure you upload the correct size image or its gets stretched…not good! No contact info, operating hours, or calls to action Public to everyoneProfile Picture Use image that is instantly-recognizable
  5. 5. 4Page 5 It! 2 6 1 31. Choose category and page name easier search finds & increased2. Upload logo branding3. Add description of page & link 5. Cover is first visual reflection of such as website, blog, Twitter… your company, make it count4. Claim your unique URL for 6. Like your page
  6. 6. You Are In Control… Visit all menu items to make sure you have filled out your page completely!
  7. 7. Enhance ThumbnailsPrime space, take FULL advantage! Customizable ~ Be creative Brand | Specials | Calls to action Use to drive traffic into sales funnel
  8. 8. To Friend Or Not To Friend That Is The QuestionInvite friends fromyour personal profile… …and your existing network of contacts!
  9. 9. Start Posting! updates, photos, videos, polls & questions Share important, relevant and informational contentDon’t forget the joy in laughter, add humor
  10. 10. Face Features Pinned Posts Highlight important contentA post will stay at the top of your page for 7 days Pin customer compliments and experiences Pin photos or announcements
  11. 11. Face Features 2 Starred Stories Star a post to highlight it. When you star a post, that post takes up entire width of page. Drives Engagement!
  12. 12. Face Features 3 Larger StoriesTake advantageof larger photo,video, and linkstories to drive engagement.
  13. 13. Face Features 4 MilestonesSet milestones to define your key moments across time. Examples include reaching a certain number of fans, opening a new store, launching a new product, or winning an award.
  14. 14. a publication of bowden2bowden llcCopyright © 2012 bowden2bowden llc, All rights reserved.