Your Name High                                                        RunINTRO:          F#m         A       D           A...
Desert Song                                       This Is Our GodKey: D (CAPO 2)                                   Intro E...
He Is Lord                                                         StrongerKey: C                                         ...
You Deserve                                      Across The EarthCapo 1 key Ab (G)                                      G ...
Where We Belong                          Sing To The Lord                                         (CAPO 2nd Fret)Intro: A ...
Youll Come                      With EverythingIntro: E Esus4 E X4              GE                                Open our...
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Hillsong this is our god (2008)


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Hillsong this is our god (2008)

  1. 1. Your Name High RunINTRO: F#m A D A E/G# Intro: Oh... Oh... Oh..... Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh... Oh... Oh..... Oh Oh Oh Oh B G C# Em7VERSE 1: Bm G D EmF#m AYour innocence forsaken Verse:F#m B G C# Em7 (No Bass)Upon that cross You were God from the outset,A D Bm G D EmYou gave Yourself for us powerful and creative F#m E GCarried into Your freedom You had sought us here beforeF#m A Bm A GOur broken past replaced in You called all the stars and the earth to existenceF#m B G C# Em7 (Add Bass)A second chance You are God, You are HolyA D Bm G D EmThe chains have come undone History’s Your story F#m E D G Bm A GDeath defied in the Fathers love You who was and is and forever will be, God we live for Your gloryCHORUS: Chorus: A E D A BmWe are living to make Your Name high, Jesus So we will run altogether with hearts aflameF#m E G DLiving to make Your Name high, Jesus Like a fire that can’t be tamedD F#m E Em7 Bm GYou gave what the world couldnt offer us Our God all glory to Your name, JesusDSay what they want Say what they want Verse: F#m A D A E/G# B G C# Em7We are free Bm G D EmVERSE 2: B G C# Em7F#m A You are God You are freedom,The atmosphere is changing Bm G D EmF#m You’re alive now within usOh can You hear GA D You who sought us here beforeThe people rising up Bm A G F#m E You conquered the grave You’re living on Your promiseIn the hope of Your freedomF#m A Chorus:Our former ways are breaking D A BmF#m So we will run altogether our hearts aflameWe seek Your face G DA D with a fire that can’t be tamedGod let Your kingdom come Em7 Bm G F#m E D Our God all glory to Your nameIn our praises be lifted up D A Bm We will run Our surrender to bring You fameBRIDGE: G DD E Our desire that You be praisedWith eyes on high we praise You A D/F# GF#m E Our God all glory to Your name, Jesus!And with one voice we come togetherD EOur one desire to praise YouF#m EAnd lift You up in our surrender Page 1
  2. 2. Desert Song This Is Our GodKey: D (CAPO 2) Intro E Abm7, C#m AAm G F C Am G F F VERSE 1:VERSE 1: E E/G#Am G F C Your grace is enoughThis is my prayer in the desert C#m Am G F C More than I needWhen all that’s within me feels dry A EAm G F C At Your word I will believeThis is my prayer in my hunger and need E/G# Am G F I wait for YouMy God is the God who provides C#m Draw near againVERSE 2: A BAm G F C Let Your Spirit make me newThis is my prayer in the fire Am G F C CHORUS:In weakness or trial or pain E/G# AAm G F C I will fall at Your feetThere is a faith proved of more worth than gold F#m7 B/D# Am C/E F I will fall at Your feetSo refine me Lord through the flame E/G# A (F#m7) second time around And I will worship You hereCHORUS: C GAnd I will bring praise, I will bring praise VERSE 2: F C E E/G#No weapon formed against me shall remain Your presence in meG/B G Am C#mI will rejoice, I will declare Jesus light the way F G Am A EGod is my victory and He is here (play intro) By the power of Your word E/G#VERSE 3: I am restoredAm G F C C#mThis is my prayer in the battle I am redeemed Am G F C A BWhen triumph is still on its way By Your Spirit I am freeAm G F CI am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ Interlude: EE,Bb, F#m7 C#m A E E Am G FSo firm on His promise Ill stand BRIDGE: EBRIDGE: Freely You gave it all for usCsus4 C Csus4 C BAll of my life, In every season Surrendered Your life upon that crossAm F#m7You are still God Great is the love G C#mI have a reason to sing Poured out for allF C A BI have a reason to worship This is our God EVERSE 4: Lifted on high from death to lifeAm G F (C) BThis is my prayer in the harvest Forever our God is glorified Am G F (C) F#m7When favor and providence flow Servant and KingAm G F (C) C#mI know Im filled to be emptied again Rescued the world Am G F AThe seed Ive received I will sow This is our God Page 2
  3. 3. He Is Lord StrongerKey: C INTRO: F G C/E C/E F G C/E C/EIntro: Am C F (x4) VERSE 1:Verse 1: F G C Am C F There is Love that came for usOh blessed Lamb once slain F G C C Am G Humbled to a sinners crossWill reign forevermore F G Am Am C F You broke my shame and sinfulnessHis hands once bound now save F G F C G F You rose again victorious (Back to Intro)Our God will never fail VERSE 2:Chorus: F G C/E C Faithfulness none can denyHe is Lord C F G C/E F Through the storm and through the fireHe is Lord C F G Am C Am There is truth that sets me freeSings my soul G F G C G Jesus Christ who lives in meHe is the Lord C CHORUS:And He lives G C G D You are stronger, You are strongerYes He lives Am F F G F (G) Sin is broken, You have saved meIm alive cause Jesus lives C G It is written, Christ is risenInterlude: F C G (x2) F G F Jesus You are Lord of allVerse 2: Am C F VERSE 3:Tis at the cross of Christ F G C C Am G No beginning and no endWhere earth and heaven meet F G C Am C F You’re my hope and my defenseWhere sin is overcome F G Am C G F You came to seek and save the lostTo God the victory G F G C You paid it all upon the crossBridge: F F Am G C C/E G G/B Am F GAnd now, let the earth resound with praise BRIDGE: C F F AmFor our Saviour God He reigns So let Your Name be lifted higher C G G C C/EHe is high and lifted up Be lifted higherAm F G G G/BArise, for the king of glory waits Be lifted higher C FHe is coming back again C GHe is coming back againInstrumental: Am F G C F C(x2)Ending: He is coming back again (x6) [with the chords of bridge] Page 3
  4. 4. You Deserve Across The EarthCapo 1 key Ab (G) G D Across the earth Your praises riseVerse 1 G Bm A G We lift our voice call upon Your NameWhat is this love given to us G D C You gave us hope that never endsThat saved my life through selfless sacrifice G Bm A G In Christ alone the victory remainsAlthough we fail the cross prevails C Em7Forgiveness stands For You are great and mighty GYou take me back again Let the nations singPre Chorus Chorus:Em D/F# G DYou’ve shown me life Your praise fills the heavensG C GYou’ve opened my eyes For You have redeemed us G Bm ASo I give You my praise Our hope is in You alone D/F#Yeah I give You my all The cross has released usEm D/F# G GYou’ve shown me life To sing of Your freedomG C Bm AYou’ve opened my eyes By grace You make all things newC Am Em7 GTo the truth that there’s no greater love D A We Lift You High, We Lift You High!Chorus C G D GNow in the darkness God’s light shines You came to us C G D DChrist forever glorified To save our lives C G GSo come on come on sing out to God The love of God Em Bm ANow with all we’ve got Was seen upon the crossD C D GWe live for You our God You rose again DVerse 2 The glory Yours G GSalvation’s strong in Christ alone The highest praise C Bm AThe Saviour King alone in victory Belongs to You alone GI step aside give You my life Em7 C For You are great and mightyFor You to know do what You want to do G Let the nations singBridgeG Repeat Chorus:I can’t imagine a life without You without You C Em7‘Cause it’s all for You Your kingdom reigns Am GYeah it’s all for You, God Your kingdom reigns D Above all A Above all Page 4
  5. 5. Where We Belong Sing To The Lord (CAPO 2nd Fret)Intro: A – D – A – D Key: A INTRO: Em Bm CA There is no height or depth VERSE 1F#m G D Neither Life nor death Righteous ruler of the heavens D Am7 CThat can’t take me from all Holy, Holy our God A G DThat I find here now in you glory Lord Sovereign Lord of all cre - ation Am7 CA Holy, Holy our God No other powers or loveF#m PRE-CHORUS: The things of now or to come C G D Every tribe and tongueThere’s nothing on earth in this life Em D A Lift your voice as oneThat could ever separate us Lord C Em D He is greatly to be praisedPre-ChorusF#m A CHORUS Your love is never ending G C Em D D Sing to the Lord, oh my soulTo Your hands we surrender Em C/E Em D F#m Let the heavens shout for joyWhere all our sins are washed away Am7 C Em D A Great is our GodYour grace beyond reason Am7 C Em D D Great is our GodHas paid for our freedom E Verse 2We’re made alive in You G D Nations come and bow be - fore HimChorus: Am7 CA E Holy, Holy our God We run to your throne, G D F#m Angels sing now and for - everwhere we belong Am7 C D Holy, Holy our GodEvery heart will sing A [Return to PRE-CHORUS]that Jesus is Lord E BRIDGE:Casting all else aside Gsus4 G G/B Cadd9 Em D G/B C F#m The hea - vens shall de - clare, the glo - ry of our great God (3X)For the joy of our Christ D VERSE 3:Let your glory fall G D A-D Jesus, come let us adore HimOur hearts are filled with your fire Am7 C Holy, Holy our God.(Repeat Verse 2)(Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus) [Return to CHORUS]Instrumental: A – D – A – D (2x)(Repeat Pre-Chorus)(Repeat Chorus 2x) Page 5
  6. 6. Youll Come With EverythingIntro: E Esus4 E X4 GE Open our eyesI have decided D EmEsus4 E To see the things that make Your heart cryI have resolved C GAsus4 A E To be the church that You would desireTo wait upon you Lord D Em CE Your light to be seenMy rock and redeemer GEsus4 E Break down our prideshield and reward D EmAsus4 A E And all the walls we’ve built up insideIll wait upon you Lord C GF#m E/G# B Our earthly crowns and all our desiresAs surely as the sun will rise D Em CC#m We lay at Your feetYoull come to us Em CF#m E B Let hope riseCertain as the dawn appears G D And darkness tremble E Em CYoull come In Your holy lightB F#m G Dlet your glory fall That every eye will seeAEB C Em DAs you respond to us Jesus our GodAE Am C DSpirit reign Great and mighty to be praisedC#m Gflood into our God of all daysB F#m D Emthirsty hearts again Glorious in all of Your waysAsus4 C GYoull come Oh the majesty the wonder and graceE D Em CYoull come In the light of Your NameE CWe are not shaken With everythingEsus4 E Emwe are not moved With everythingAsus4 A E G DWe wait upon you Lord We will shout for Your gloryE COur Mighty deliverer With everythingEsus4 E EmOur triumph and truth With everythingAsus4 A E G DWe wait upon you Lord We will shout forth Your praiseF#m E/G# B CAs surely as the sun will rise Our hearts they cryC#m EmYoull come to us Be glorifiedF#m E B G DCertain as Your Word endures Be lifted high above all names: CF#m E B For You our KingChains be broken EmF#m C#m B With everythingLives be healed G DAE We will shout forth Your praiseEyes be openedBAChrist is revealed (E) Page 6