Hillsong   a beautiful exchange (2010)
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Hillsong a beautiful exchange (2010)






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Hillsong   a beautiful exchange (2010) Hillsong a beautiful exchange (2010) Document Transcript

  • 1. Our God Is Love B F# All the earthF#-C#-Eb-B C# Everyone singing(Verse 1) EbF# C# In the wonder of His loveEvery soul every beating heartC# Eb B F#Every nation and every tongue Age to ageCome find hope in the love C# B We will be singingOf the Father Eb In the light of all He’s doneF# B F#All creation will All the earth C# C#Bow as one Everyone singingLift their eyes EbSee the risen SonJesus Saviour BForever and after(Chorus)F# C#This is love EbJesus came and died B F# - C#And gave His life for us EbLet our voices rise B EbAnd sing for all His done C# BOur fear is overcome Eb B C#Our God is love Eb B C#Our God is love(Verse 2)F# C#Every distant and broken heart EbEvery prayer every outstretched arm BFinding hope in the love of the FatherF# C#Age to age let His praises rise EbAll the glory for all of time BJesus Saviour forever and afterRepeat CHORUS(Bridge)B F#Age to age C#We will be singing EbIn the light of all He’s done Page 1
  • 2. Open My Eyes 3. Forever ReignIntro: (C G Am F F) 2x Intro: E5 (8x)Verse 1: Verse 1:C G A F EIn the stars I see Your majesty displayed You are good, You are good C G A FIn the heavens all Your wonders are proclaimed When theres nothing good in me C G B/D#I hear Your fame in all of the Earth You are love, You are love A F C GAnd I seek to know the ways of Your heart On display for all to see EVerse 2 You are light, You are lightC G A FThrough the seas and open skies I hear Your praise When the darkness closes in C G A F B/D#As the shout of all creation lifts Your name You are hope, You are hope C G EI hear Your praise in all of the Earth You have covered all my sin A F C GAnd I seek to know the ways of Your heart Verse 2: EChorus: You are peace, You are peace CSo open my eyes oh God When my fear is crippling A B/D#Open my eyes to see You are true, You are true FAll the wonders and Even in my wandering C EThe power of Your name You are joy, You are joyBy Your grace I’ll live Youre the reason that I sing A B/D#By Your grace I’ll see You are life, You are life, F C EFor my life and my salvation is in You In You death has lost its stingVerse 3 Chorus:C G A F E B/EFor You take the sinner’s heart and bring new life Oh, I’m running to Your arms, C G A F C#mThrough the cross we are restored within Your light I’m running to Your arms C G B/C#I know Your love is all that I need The riches of Your love A F C G B AAnd I seek to know the ways of Your heart Will always be e-nough C#m B A~ Repeat Chorus Nothing com-pares to Your em-brace C#m B A (E)Adlib: (F C G Am)3x F C G G Light of the world, for-ever reignPre-Cho(2x): Verse 3:F C G EI know Your love is all that I need You are more, You are more A F C GAnd I seek to know the ways of Your heart Than my words will ever say B/D#~ Repeat Chorus You are Lord, You are LordEnding: C C Am Am F F C All creation will proclaim E You are here, You are here Page 2
  • In your presence Im made whole F B/D# Lord over all, He is goodYou are God, You are God C G E And His mercy endures, alwaysOf all else Im letting goBridge: Instrumental: C G Am FC#m My heart will sing,A Bridge No other name CE B (A) His love enduresJesus Je-sus G Forever His love endures Am4. The One Who Saves Forever His love endures FKey: C Intro: F C Forever and everVerse 1FCome join the song, lift your voice CAs Heaven and Earth give praiseFFall to your knees at the feet COf the Son of the One true GodVerse 2FTurn from old ways, lift your eyes CFor the kingdom of God is hereFOpen your heart, offer all C GFor Jesus Christ is here, oh nowChorus: CWe have found our home GWe have found our peace AmWe have found our rest FIn the One who loves CHe will light the way GHe will lead us home AmAs we offer all FTo the One who saves usVerse 3FCall on the name that is hope CJesus, the Son of God Page 3
  • 5. Like Incense/Sometimes By Step 6. The Greatness Of Our GodF Key of E Intro: Amaj9 B (4x)May my prayer like incense rise before YouDm Verse 1:The lifting of my hands a sacrifice ABb Give me eyes to seeOh Lord Jesus, turn Your eyes upon me E BGm C More of who You areFor I know there is mercy in Your sight AF May what I beholdYour statutes are my heritage forever E BDm Still my anxious heartMy heart is set on keeping Your decrees ABb Take what I have knownPlease still my anxious urge toward rebellion E BGm C And break it all apartLet love keep my will upon its knees A B Cause You my God are greater stillChorus: F C Chorus:Oh God, You are my God A E Bb Gm No sky containsAnd I will ever praise You B C#m F C No doubt re-strainsOh God, You are my God A Bb Gm All You areAnd I will ever praise You E B The greatness of our GodVerse 2: A EF I spend my life to knowTo all perfection, I can see a limit B/D# C#mDm And Im far from closeBut Your commands are boundless and have none ABb To all You areSo Your Word is my joy and meditation E BGm C The greatness of our GodFrom the rising to the setting of the sunF Verse 2:All Your ways are loving and are faithful ADm Give me grace to seeYour road is narrow but Your burden light E BBb Beyond this moment hereBecause You gladly lean to lead the humble AGm C To believe that thereI shall gladly kneel to leave my pride E B Is nothing left to fearChorus (x2) A E B That You alone are high above it allInstrumental and voices: A BC Dm Bb F (Bb the last time) You my God are greater stillOhh...OhhOhh...Ohh...Ohhohh Bridge:Chorus (x6) A And there is nothingBridge: E BDm C That can ever separ-ate usI will seek You in the morning, and A E Bb Gm There is nothing that can everI will look to walk in Your ways B C#m F C Separ-ate if from Your loveAnd step by step Youll lead me A E B/D# C#m Bb Gm No life, no death, of this I am convincedAnd I will follow You all of my days A B You my God are greater still Page 4
  • Chorus 2: Pre-chorus 2: A C#mAnd no words can say And foreverE B ANor song convey all You are I’ll keep running A EThe greatness of our God Back to youE BI spend my life to know Bridge: A E B C#mAnd Im far from close to all You are You reign A B A EThe greatness of our God You reign in all the earth E AInstrumental/Tag: Amaj9 B Amaj9 B (2x) Wo-oh-oh-oh-oa7. The Fathers HeartE AWhen the walls close in around me C#m B ELet your glory light the darkness in my nightE AWhen the suffering’s all the I see C#m B EMay I walk with you by faith and not by sightVerse 2:E AOn the road of sweet surrender C#m B EI have nothing but to offer you my lifeE AGreater love I have not found it C#m B EAll be mercy You have eased this troubled mindPre-chorus 1: C#mOpen hearted BYou said search EAnd I will findChorus: E AWo-oh-oh-oh-oa C#mSin is broken AThe lost now chosen EThe Fathers HeartVerse 3:E AHumble King you go before me C#m B EBy your grace I live for everything that’s trueE AThrough your son I am made wealthy C#m B EThere’s no other who will love me like you do Page 5
  • 8. You B Go back to You B Pre-chorusInvading all my weakness F# ChorusYou wrapped me up in grace E Others: Abm, B, E, B, F#, Abm, F#, EThe worst of me succeeded B Pre-chorus 2:By the best of You Abm B E F# So I lay me downInstrumental: B, F#, E, B Abm F# E Yes I lay me downVerse 2: Abm B B So I lay me downMy heart is overtaken E F# F# For Kingdom comeMy soul is overwhelmed Abm F# E Still all that is within meThe worst of me succeeded E B Cause all I want in this worldby the best of You B B is more of YouMy dreams have found their purpose F# ChorusMy future in Your hands E Ending (x2): Abm, B, E, B, F#, Abm, F#, EThis life would have no meaning Bif it werent for You 9. Love Like FirePreChorus: Intro: E C#m Asus2 Abm BSo I lay me down E F# EFor Kingdom come I am desperate for Your touch, Abm F# BStill all that is within me A glimpse of heaven for the glory of your Son. E C#mCause all I want in this world In a moment you can turn a life around, B Asus2is more of You Forever to be found in You.Chorus: Verse 2: F# EAnd the less of me it is You I am reaching out to find, E BIncreasing as I fade away Theres nothing greater than Your LOVE that holds my life. B C#mYour life for all the world to see Your and grave and mercy that have saved my by your blood, B Asus2God It is You, who breaks the chains And swept away my shame, oh Lord F#It is You, who lights the way E B Pre-Chorus:And everything I am cries out for You C#m Asus2 E B Your Love is like a fire, that burns for all to see. C#m Asus2 EVerse 4: My only desire, to worship at your feet. B B ESo make my life transparent So let this fire, consume my life! F#Your life in mine displayed Chorus 1: E E BAnd let every earthly glory Let your Love take me deeper! Page 6
  • C#m C/E F GDraw my closer to where you are! I lift my soul With all I am Asus2 E Am F GAll I want is more of you! In Christ forever I stand Chorus:Verse 3 C Csus4 E I will believeAnd I am surrendered to Your love, Csus4 C B You are strong e-noughForever humbled by the message of the cross. G/B Am C/E F G C#m In my weak-ness God be lifted upI stand in abandoned in Your presence and embrace C Csus4 E And I will singIll never be the same O God! Csus4 C Lift your praises high G/B Am C/E FPre-Chorus: Lord be magni-fied, You make all C#m Asus2 E B G C/E (Am)Your Love is like a fire, that burns for all to see. things new, I will believe C#m Asus2 EMy only desire, to worship at your feet. Verse 2: B E C Csus4So let this fire, consume my life! So hear this song C Csus2Chorus 1: Receive our praiseE B C/E F GLet your Love take me deeper! You are our strength for all our days C#m C Csus4Draw my closer to where you are! We lift You up Asus2 E C Csus2All I want is more of you! Our voices high C/E F GChorus 2: In every storm let God ariseE B Am F GWhen you call I will follow, In Christ forever I stand C#mAt the cross I surrender all, Bridge: Asus2 E F GJesus I belong to you! Oh Your love, Your love will never fail C/E F Your love knows no endBreak: E B C#m Asus2 G Your love will never fail F GPre-Chorus, Chorus 1, Chorus 2 (x2) O Your love, stronger than my shame F Greater than my pain10. Believe G Your love will ne-ver failKey of CIntro: C/E F C/E GVerse 1: C Csus4You are my light C Csus2You are my strength C/E F GYou are my rock on You I stand C Csus4I lift my voice C Csus2I raise my hands Page 7
  • 11. Beautiful Exchange Bridge: A G Holy are you GodIntro: Bm A G D Bm D Holy is your nameVerse 1: A G Bm With everything I’ve gotYou were near Bm D D/F# My heart will sing how I love youThough I was distant G 12. Thank YouDisillusioned I wasDLost and insecure C Bm Thank You for Your kindnessStill mercy fought Am D/F# Thank You for Your mercyFor my attention F G Thank You for the crossYou were waiting at the door CD Thank You for the price You paid Then I let you in CVerse 2 Thank You for salvation Bm AmTrading your life Thank You for unending grace D/F# FFor my offenses Thank You for Your hope G C G/BFor my redemption Thank You for this life You giveDYou carried all the blame Chorus Bm Am F C, G/BBreaking the curse There is no one like You D/F# Am F GOf our condition There is no one like You God G Am F C, G/BPerfection took our place All my hope is in You F GChorus: Jesus, Jesus Bm D/F# G DWhen only love could make a way C Bm D/F# G Thank You for Your promiseYou gave your life in a beautiful exchange C/B Thank You for Your favourVerse 3: F Bm Thank You for Your loveMy burden erased C D/F# Everything You’ve done for meMy life forgiven G D Bridge:There is nothing that could take this love away C Bm D/F# To Your NameAnd my only desire and sole ambition F G We give all the gloryIs to love you just the same Am To Your NameChorus: F Bm D/F# G D We give all the praiseWhen only love could make a way G C Bm D/F# G You’re aliveYou gave your life in a beautiful exchange F Bm D/F# G D Our God everlastingWhen only love could break these chains Am F Bm D/F# G Let Your face shine on usYou gave your life in a beautiful exchange Page 8