Search Engine Ranking Fundamentals


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Uncover the top 18 search engine ranking must knows if website popularity matters to your business.

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Search Engine Ranking Fundamentals

  1. 1. Search Engine Ranking Fundamentals. An All-Inclusive Website Report Requirement List. Search Engine Ranking 101 The first and possibly most critical influence of a successful SEO (aka search engine optimization) campaign is to examine the SEO friendliness of the website associated with the campaign. A tool often used by industry leaders is a SEO website report to uncover vital search ranking factors by identifying existing problems and stumbling blocks. Search engine ranking is the placement or position your website appears on the result pages of Google, or similar, when someone does a search for a specific keyword term or phrase. To improve a websites search ranking you must optimize your site while also adhering to SEO best practice standards. Without considering these optimization techniques your ability to outrank, or rank above others can be difficult. Diagnosing and correcting problematic search ranking issues can be accomplished with a website report that addresses topics relevant to search optimization. This method is used by industry leaders to quickly identify which ranking factors need correction and potentially shorten the time frame associated with achieving online business objectives. Most Asked Questions As a SEO professional, there are search engine ranking questions I am asked over and over again. They are… Why does one site rank higher in the search engines then others? What can I do to improve my website’s search ranking? How can my website rank higher on a search engine results page? Where can I learn what SEO elements are harming my rankings and how to make improvements?
  2. 2. “A good SEO website report will clarify and uncover search ranking problems, provide actionable recommendations based on findings and monitor progress.” Randi Thornton Improving Your Search Ranking How does your website out rank your online competitors? Simple. It must be better than all sites that rank above yours. There are many search ranking elements and your goal is to make sure that you do not neglect any factors that may have a direct impact on your search ranking position. A top search engine ranking can be very advantageous for many reasons. “How can you fix it, if you do not know what’s broken?” Randi Thornton Some of the most popular motives to increase a website search ranking are:  increase revenues  brand recognition  encourage conversations with prospects and clients  accelerate website traffic  grow client database  decrease marketing and advertising spending  grow company net worth and value Website Report 18 must knows… if failure is not an option By adopting the search engine optimization issues that matter most and making necessary modifications you can increase the probability of reaching your online audience. The top 18 search engine ranking fundamentals are: On Site SEO Ranking Factors  Search Engine Placement  Search Engine Results  Keywords for Content  Images – Optimization  Spelling  W3 Compliance  Site Structure  Broken Links  Readability  Freshness
  3. 3.  Flash Usage  Hyperlinks  Site Speed  URL Format  Image Optimization Off Site SEO Ranking Factors  Keywords that generate a significant number of queries on the internet.  Inbound Links  Site Popularity Search Engine Ranking Summary There are many factors that influence which website will appear in the top position of a search engine results page such as Google. A customized website report can help you identify harmful search engine optimization issues and offer SEO friendly recommendations to help improve your ranking position. About Randi Thornton Founder a resource for affordable search engine optimization solutions, including the SEO optimized website report analyzer. /