realWITS Real Estate Websites: Why "Smarter" is Better.

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Learn what makes a "smart" real estate website and how to improve yours for more online viability and to close more transactions.

Learn what makes a "smart" real estate website and how to improve yours for more online viability and to close more transactions.

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  • 1. COME & SEESMARTER Real EstateWebsitesrealWITS
  • 2. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.comA l o n g t i m e a g o … (1986) obtained real estate license which lead to foundingmy own mortgage company.A B I G p a y d a y happened in 2005 from my SEO tactics.R e a l e s t a t e f r a n c h i s e d i r e c t o r from 2005 – 2008.Back to SEO! Mostly established well-known real estate companies.W h a t ? Couldn’t believe what real estate companies pay & get.r e a l W I T S was developed to bring packages and web page editorsabout usrealWITS “short version” story
  • 3. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.comwhat we believe “smart” is…true on-site SEOleadgeneratorimagefocusedyoucontrollatesttechnologymoderndesignpowerfulIDX
  • 4. “true” built-in SEO
  • 5. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.comSEO benefitsfree googletrafficquality leadsrecruit & retaintop agentsreducemarketing $become “go to”resourceout rankcompetitors! More Closings!
  • 6. CONTROLDon’t beControlled.
  • 7. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.comit’s your website. gain control.hours versesweekswant to add avideo?customization control = power
  • 8. GenerateMORELEADS
  • 9. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.comGive them what they want: offer apersonal real estate portal.Save: let them save favs.Share: let them share listings.Auto Follow Up: email property alerts.Easy Contact: make it super me the leads!11000members12000messages5800friends
  • 10. Sell Homes…Period.IMAGES
  • 11. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.compicturesque designpictures sell homes
  • 12. The Latest &Greatest.TECHNOLOGY
  • 13. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.comreal estate web technologiesweb designcommunity explorationblog marketingviral videosmobile applicationsinteractive functionalityproperty showcasescommunication
  • 14. DESIGNSatisfyingEvery Need.
  • 15. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail:“I want to find what I want to find quickly.”“I want the phone to ring off the hook!”your company &agentsthe visitorreal estate web designsmust cater to…
  • 17. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.comnot all IDX’s are created equalCustomizable SEO Functionality• Custom landingpages• agent pages• slideshows &showcases• several layouts• google love• seo friendly URLS• specific property typesearches• engagement• custom mapsearches• narrow search• 24 hour updates• social media sharingFinally Property Display with Engaging Clout!
  • 18. MOREBecausemore isBETTER.
  • 19. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.com2013 2014 2015 2016Web Visitors 24,000 28,800 34,560 41,472Sales Leads 480 576 691 829Real Estate Closings 40 57 69 8205,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00035,00040,00045,000WEBSITEVISITORS29 moreclosingsa glimpse into your futurewhere do you want to be 4 years from today?17 moreclosings42 moreclosings
  • 20. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@real-WITS.coma realWITS “smart” website = $$$reduce 3rd party & marketing expenses | get found online & close more transactions
  • 21. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WIT | e-mail: info@realWITS.comRandi ThorntonrealWITS FOUNDER“What real estate brokers and companiesdo not know about website functionality,can hurt them.” Randi Thorntonmeet randi thornton“smarter” websites for real estate
  • 22. realWITS.comPhone: (855) real-WITS | e-mail: info@realWITS.comcontact us(855)