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Rand Fishkin's presentation for the head-to-head vs. Will Critchlow at Boston PROSEO May 2011.

Rand Fishkin's presentation for the head-to-head vs. Will Critchlow at Boston PROSEO May 2011.

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  • 1. Will vs. Rand Round IV: Boston Rule the Men’s Fashion SERPs Rand Fishkin, CEO + Co-founder, SEOmoz May 2011; Boston
  • 2. Men’s Fashion is Hard…
  • 3. http:/ Proper Tailoring Matching WaistCoat/Vest Necktie w/ Windsor Knot Appropriate Sleeve Length Pasty white neck skin Sewn by Fashion Philistines Squishy Pinkness Coatsleeves that ends mid-forearm
  • 4. Sartorial Style Must Not Be Lost!
  • 5. Rise Up + Defeat the Scourge that is… The “Silicon Valley Tuxedo”
  • 6. Step one of any SEO strategy: Research
  • 7. Brands Generics
  • 8. We are going to need a mind-blowingly great product.
  • 9. “Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.” - Pablo Picasso
  • 10. 15 Amazing Examples: And the crazy-cool tactics I’m going to steal from each of them to make a killer, SEO-enhanced product.
  • 11. Via #1: Oyster’s “Reporter-Style” Reviews
  • 12. Via #2: HotorNot’s Simple, Addictive Ratings
  • 13. Via #3: Angry Birds’ Inconsistent Rewards
  • 14. Via #4: WebTrends Drop-Dead Gorgeous Interface
  • 15. Via #5: SparkBuy’s Faceted Shopping Engine
  • 16. Via #6: TravelPod’s Quiz
  • 17. Via #7: The AdAge Power 150
  • 18. Via #8: Addictive Writing of GoFugYourself
  • 19. Via #9: Cubeduel’s Rate-Your-Coworkers App
  • 20. Via #10: Disqus Comments w/ @mention Replies
  • 21. Via #11: Rock HTML5 Animations Like Leaf
  • 22. Via #12: Moleskine’s Artist Marketplace
  • 23. Via #13: OKCupid’s Drop-down CTAs
  • 24. Via #14: YOUmoz’s Blog Submission System
  • 25. Via,2010 #15: Threadless’ Bestee Awards
  • 26. Meet
  • 27. Bookmarking Store Content Fashion 101 Content “Best of” Content Awards + Badges Value Proposition Key Product Powered by Facebook Likes/Shares via oAuth Created by Editors + UGC Reviews/Ratings Editors Answer Tough Fashion Qs w/ Graphics Awards Best Fashion via FB Photos/Tagging Widgets for Users + Badges for Stores/Brands that Earn High Ratings Help Men Look Their Best Store that Learns Based on What You + Your Friends Like/Rate/Buy
  • 28. 10 Marketing Tactics: Inspired by the marketing of others, these will help insure that Haberdashing is at the top of every search result.
  • 29. Journalists who participate on the web are often far easier to connect with than those who don’t. If you’re bootstrapping, use social sites to make your media contacts. #1: Media Outreach for Launch(es) Searching Quora (via Google) Searching Twitter (via FollowerWonk) Searching LinkedIn
  • 30. By tagging people and clothing in photos, you alert both individuals and brands to your presence on Facebook. To see the photo… They have to first “like” your page/brand! #2: Event Photography + Facebook Tagging
  • 31. Using some basic queries at sites like, etc. can reveal huge direct marketing opportunities. #3: Answer Burning Questions Socially
  • 32. Via #4: Contests + Giveaways w/ Social Tie-Ins
  • 33. Via #5: Flickr’s Creative-Commons Licensed Photos
  • 34. Finding guest blog opportunities is fairly easy – Try queries like"guest+author“ and variations thereof #6: Oli Gardner-Style Guest Blogging
  • 35. Via #7: OKCupid’s Drop-down Social CTAs
  • 36. Hundreds of links and tens of thousands of visits are available if you use the right, “hot” technology to build your site. Query e.g. #8: CSS + HTML5 Gallery Submission
  • 37. Via #9: Embeddable Badges + Widgets
  • 38. The process is simple, but the execution is hard. You need a data-driven but empathetic, high quality writer to do outreach individually + personally. #10: Store/Brand Outreach Campaign Use a non-personalized, geo- agnostic query like this, then find smaller brands appearing on page 3-100 of results. Then find individual shops/stores in major markets by using the location setter in Google Search
  • 39. The primary goal of outreach should be to get your brand in that person’s head. Then, if you execute well enough on the product side, you’ll earn links, tweets, shares, likes, etc. naturally. #10: Ask Not What They Can Do For You… Make this link a landing page explaining value proposition for contributors + retail stores.
  • 40. 8 Tools for Measuring + Improving: My recommended metrics + data tools for building a repeatable, scalable process for Haberdashing.
  • 41. Via #1: Google Analytics (w/ Some Customizations)
  • 42. Via - PostRank will measure the social sharing activity on any URL in a feed, so you can see what content works (and doesn’t) on the social web #2: PostRank
  • 43. Via – though it hasn’t been updated in a long time, it’s still the best free software for monitoring feed activity and growth. #3: Feedburner
  • 44. Via #4: Unbounce’s Landing Page Platform
  • 45. Via #5: Facebook Insights
  • 46. Problem w/ video is it’s hard to measure engagement w/ traditional analytics that show only pageviews. fixes that in an elegant way. #6: Wistia Video Analytics
  • 47. If you use shortened URLs on Facebook + Twitter, can help track and segment out the portion of the traffic that’s direct vs. referral (but hidden due to desktop/mobile apps) #7: PRO for Short URL Tracking
  • 48. Via #8: GeckoBoard
  • 49. When someone uses Haberdashing, this is how they should feel…
  • 50. Q+A Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz • Twitter: @randfish • Blog: • Email: You can now try SEOmoz PRO Free!