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Creative Thinking + Linking in SEO

Creative Thinking + Linking in SEO



Rand Fishkin's presentation at OMS Seattle, June 2011 on creative ways (beyond merely links) to move your SEO forward.

Rand Fishkin's presentation at OMS Seattle, June 2011 on creative ways (beyond merely links) to move your SEO forward.



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  • Wow, inspiring and encouraging as usual. I have just been doing a summary blog post for my small business clients on the panda impacts and can't resist embedding this gold at the end of my resource list! It is just too good not to share.
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  • Rand keeps pushing that bar even higher w/ this spot-on prez! Will SEO as a term continue to exist in the next few years? It's all just inbound marketing now.
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  • Such a great preso, Rand! Really really useful information to be used in our daily work! Thanks for sharing! =)
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  • Thanks for sharing Rand! This is very useful information for me!
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    Creative Thinking + Linking in SEO Creative Thinking + Linking in SEO Presentation Transcript

    • Creative Thinking & Effective Linking
      This deck is available online at http://bit.ly/omsmozlinking
      Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz CEO, June 2011
    • Remember Back in 2004…
    • Today, It Looks More Like…
    • SEO Used to Be Just a Few Key Items…
    • High Quality, Anchor-Rich, External Links
      Proper Keyword Usage
      Useful, Relevant Page
      Accessible to Crawlers
      Solid Internal Link Structure
      The Basics of SEO: Accessibility, Content Quality, KW Usage and Link Signals
    • But Today, It’s All That, Plus…
    • Quality Raters
      Topic Modeling
      High Quality, Anchor-Rich, External Links
      Proper Keyword Usage
      Useful, Relevant Page
      Rich Snippets
      Vertical Results
      Google +1
      Accessible to Crawlers
      Solid Internal Link Structure
      Brand Metrics
      Usage Data
      When everyone’s getting the basics right, you need to go above and beyond to compete.
    • 10 “New” Strategies Every SEO Should Be Considering in 2011
    • #1: Expanding Our Social Circles
    • Results from Google’s “My Social Circle.” To see results like this, just add “&tbs=frim:1” to the end of any Google query.
    • The social connections appear to influence rank ordering.
      These annotations undoubtedly increase CTR, particularly if the source is trusted.
    • Hang on a tic... How did they know I’m connected to Kalena on Facebook?! I haven’t yet added Facebook to my Google account!
    • Google crawls deeply to get social data and connections once you add a profile.
      Read more here http://www.seomoz.org/blog/social-annotations-in-search-now-your-social-network-rankings and see your socially connected data via http://www.google.com/s2/search/social?hl=en#socialcontent
    • #2: Improving Our Site’s Social “Share-Ability”
    • Via one of the web’s most brilliant data porn blogs: http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/your-looks-and-online-dating/
    • Overwhelmed by sharing!!
      Every post on http://mashable.com has 23 unique links to share across 7 channels
    • Google’s Now Showing +1 to Logged Out Users, Too: http://searchengineland.com/confirmed-google-showing-1-counts-to-logged-out-users-82800
    • #3: Optimizing Our Own Sharing Activities
    • By using http://bit.ly for link sharing, I can see stats on the things that I share that earn clicks/retweets/facebook shares, etc. From that tracking, I can learn + optimize.
    • Check out http://www.seomoz.org/blog/calculating-and-improving-your-twitter-clickthroughrate for more on analyzing/improving your social sharing
    • I use http://trunk.ly to keep track of everything I share across networks and make it searchable for future retrieval.
    • #4: Influencing the Influencers
    • Finding influencers via http://www.followerwonk.com is awesomely easy.
    • Google Profile search also rocks: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/dont-ask-sites-for-links-find-people-and-connect. Just use &tbs=prfl:e to the end of any Google query to see them.
    • #5: Video Content
    • Video “snippets” and video results are a powerful way to get high CTR and great branding. More - http://www.seomoz.org/blog/video-seo-basics-whiteboard-friday-11080
    • Video XML Sitemaps protocol enables you to host any video on your site, send it to Google, and get included in their video results + snippets. http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=80472
    • We control the link for the embed video feature, including the target and anchor text!
      At Moz, we use and like http://www.wistia.com for video hosting; particularly the stats, ability to embed and earn the link back to our site rather than someone else’s!
    • #6: User Experience Optimization
    • Panda features metrics and a machine-learning model that biases toward “better” UX sites: http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2011/03/the-panda-that-hates-farms/
    • #7: Site Speed
    • Site speed alone may only be a small factor, but if you’re not loading fast enough, you’re likely losing out on everything else, too… http://www.seomoz.org/blog/site-speed-are-you-fast-does-it-matter
    • #8: Beauty of Design + Layout
    • If your site is as pretty as http://www.cakesweetcake.co.uk/, your credibility, perceived trust, brand value and other post-Panda SEO metrics are going to be much easier to get right.
    • Drawar.com/gallery is one of my favorites for finding awesome designs
      Finding a designer whose work you love isn’t terribly hard, and it will likely be some of the best money you spend. http://sixrevisions.com/web_design/16-best-web-design-galleries-for-inspiration/ has a good list of sites to check out.
    • #9: Community Participation
    • Moleskine does an awesome job of getting their designer/re-seller community contributing on their site: http://artistmarketplace.moleskine.com/en
    • You Must Become a Hub for GreatContent in Your Niche
      Answers on Q+A sites reference its resources
      Referenced by industry blogs
      Site that offers:
      • Unique Research
      • Informed Opinions
      • News/Trend Analysis
      • Multimedia Content
      • Authentic Expert Contributors
      • Quality Discussion/Interaction
      Mentioned in news publications
      Forum discussions link to its pages
      People email links to each other
      Links are Tweeted
      Liked/Shared on Facebook
      Cited at conferences + events
      Sometimes, a single piece of content or just a few, can yield these results but, more often, it takes dozens to hundreds of attempts to become a resource hub.
    • #10: We Need to Kill the“Good, Unique Content” Meme
    • “Good, unique content” isn’t good enough. That’s what everyone’s making. If you’re not raising the bar, just buy traffic. Inbound marketing + SEO probably aren’t for you.
    • To produce truly awesome, share-worthy stuff, you’re going to need to invest serious effort. Using content factories and automated solutions is unlikely to work for much longer.
    • STOP
      Getting Links
    • START
      Earning Links
    • Take Time Invested in These:
      Directory Link Building
      Keyword-Variant Abuse
      Reciprocal Link Pages
      Paid Links w/ Manipulative Anchor Text
      Sitewide, Footer Links
      Navigation for Engines, Not Humans
      Low Cost/Quality, Outsourced Content
      Generic Design and Layout
      Anchor-Text Rich Internal Links
      Anonymous Contact Forms
      Keyword Stuffed Titles + Pages
      Ad Blocks Dominating the Page
      Honestly, how long can these tactics keep working? And, more importantly, do they really add value to your business or just expose you to risk when the engines get smarter?
    • Do This Stuff Instead; It Really Works
      Research/White Papers
      Blogs + Blogging
      Comment Marketing
      Social Networks
      Online Video
      INBOUND MARKETING!(Find Your Audience Organically on the Web)
      Document Sharing
      Social Bookmarking
      Word of Mouth
      Direct/Referring Links
      Type-In Traffic
      Q+A Sites
    • Q+A
      Rand Fishkin; CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz
      This deck is online at http://bit.ly/omsmozlinking
      • Twitter: @randfish
      • Blog: www.seomoz.org/blog
      • Email: rand@seomoz.org