Ji yoon process journal entry 5 – side blocks 11


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Ji Yoon's Biomimicry Lamp Proc. Journal

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Ji yoon process journal entry 5 – side blocks 11

  1. 1. Journal Entry 5 – Side Blocks 11. 1. 17. 7:58 PM<br />18th January 2011- Tuesday<br />In today’s lesson I continued on with what I was doing in the last period<br />Slow Coping saw<br />I got a coping saw and my side blocks. I put the side block in the wooden<br />vice and used a coping saw to cut. I pulled the saw three times backwards<br />and moved it back and forth. It took me more than 10 minutes to cut one<br />piece out.<br />I felt that I should find another way to cut the side block or else it would<br />take me a long time, making me way behind my Gantt Chart. I felt that<br />because I need to first cut approximately to shape then use a disc sander to<br />sand it, it would be okay if I Just cut diagonally near the corner.<br />I got a tenon saw and put the side block diagonally in the wooden vice, then<br />I pulled the tenon saw three times and cut the piece out. This was faster<br />than using the coping saw to cut<br />the side block into shape.<br />This is an image of a side block<br />that is cut using a tenon saw.<br />There is a diagonal cut at the<br />corner of the side block. <br />Sanding into shape<br />After cutting all the side blocks,<br />I was ready to disc sand the side<br />blocks into shape. <br />Before using the machine, I got a safety goggle and a mask for my safety.<br />When using machineries in the workshop we always have to consider our<br />safety.<br />Mr. Anderson showed me a new tool disc sander cleaner. This was used to<br />clean the disc sander that has been used too much. We turn on the disc<br />sander and let it go, then we use the disc sander cleaner and sand it on the<br />disc sander. Then the disc sander gets more cleaner, hence making it easier<br />to sand.<br />Disc Sanding the Side Block<br />When using a disc sander we always have to disc sand it on the left hand<br />side. Because the disc sander rotates rapidly in anticlockwise direction if we<br />sand it on the right hand side, the object might fly and cause injury.<br />I put the side block and sanded the corner round by turning the side block<br />while sanding it.<br />Emotion:<br />I was bored because of the repetitive process. I had to cut the corner for 7<br />more side blocks in the first period. After cutting the corners, I had to start<br />using the disc sander. I liked it at first, but because it was very repetitive I<br />felt bored.<br />Construction Plan Link<br />Although I didn’t start cutting the mould for the lampshade, I think I am<br />quite ahead of my plan. If cutting the side blocks into shape takes 10<br />minutes per block, I think the time it will take will be similar to the time I<br />have predicted.<br />Next?<br />In the next double period I will continue on with the disc sanding of the side<br />blocks. If I am finished with sanding with the disc sander I could either start<br />making the mould or start sanding the side blocks into the shape I want. I<br />prefer sanding the side block first.<br />AOI/Learner Profile Link<br />The AOI that is always involved when we are in the workshop is Human<br />Ingenuity. Human Ingenuity involves creation, like creating an object. When<br />we are in the workshop we always make our product, therefore Human<br />Ingenuity is always involved.<br />I think the learner profile that involved in this lesson is risk taker. I was<br />introduced to a new tool, and I used some new ways to cut the timber.<br />