Special needs education powerpoint educ100


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Special needs education powerpoint educ100

  1. 1. 1) What are children with special needs2) Common diagnoses3) School budgets4) Resources that contribute towardshelping these children5) Cruel treatment6) Equality
  2. 2. ž  A child with special needs who possess disabilities of physical, sensory, emotional, or behavioural nature. This includes having a learning disability. The purpose of Special Education is to enable the equitable participation of students with special needs in the educational system in British Columbia. -BC Ministry of Education
  3. 3. ž Cerebral Palsyž Autismž Down Syndromež Speech and language delaysž Cognitive delays
  4. 4. ž  Many people argue that the amount of children with special needs is rising, however school budgets are not.ž  Parents want expensive services that will prevent their child from a lifetime of disability.ž  Few school districts are developing innovative programs, but are costly.ž  People should not forget humanity and only focus on economic benefits.
  5. 5. ž  Shouldsociety be more concerned on the costs of helping these children or value humanity and disregard the expenses?
  6. 6. ž  2 teachers came together and created a unit in science on light, which would make teaching science easier for special education teachers.ž  Included skills such as, “hands-on” activities, predictions, observations and vocabulary.ž  Helps student in their organization skills and encourages them to be more independent.
  7. 7. ž  Many students are bullied throughout school, for being unable to comprehend what the teacher is saying.ž  Incident where teacher caught verbally abusing childž  Teachers are supposed to encourage children not put them down.
  8. 8. ž  In your opinion, do you think teachers can be trusted with these children or does there need to be more supervision in order for proper care of these children?
  9. 9. ž  Most children get bullied throughout school because of their physical disabilityž  This causes low self esteem amongst these children, which may result in children not wanting to attend school.
  10. 10. ž  Do you think it may be necessary for children with special needs to have their own learning facilities, separate from a public school setting in order to reduce bullying?
  11. 11. ž  Target published an advertisement for children’s clothingž  Did not include that child had Down syndrome in the magazinež  Did not treat give him “special” attention, which helped him feel equal.ž  “Its important for the world to see people born with disabilities with a fresh set of eyes and its time for us to lay down all the inaccurate stereotypes from the past.” -Target
  12. 12. ž  Shouldchildren be treated differently or given more attention if they have a learning disability?
  13. 13. ž  Children with special needs share the same abilities as other children.ž  Enjoy going to school, and participate in similar activities as their peers.ž  Enjoy life to the fullest and learn new things everyday.ž  Their developing difficulties should not affect how they encounter the world.ž  They are just like everybody else and should be treated equally.
  14. 14. ž Whatways would you try to improve the school system in order for it to help children with special needs?