Blair IxD Thesis - Member Engagement


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How can design help visitors feel comfortable with a Church belief system while also encouraging personal connections and engagement?

Exploration of this topic has shown that the level of affinity,
understanding of culture, volunteer opportunities and a feeling of authenticity
towards engagement with the community are critical factors for people deciding where to put their physical and emotional energy.

This presentation was used in defense of a senior thesis project in the Interaction Design graduate program at the University of Kansas.

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Blair IxD Thesis - Member Engagement

  1. 1. Using Design to Facilitate PersonalEngagement in a Church CommunityA Service Design ApproachRandall Blair, University of Kansas 1
  2. 2. The QuestionHow can design help visitors feel comfortable with a Church belief system whilealso encouraging personal connections and engagement? 2
  3. 3. The ProjectSmall to mid-sized community churches face many challenges developing theservices that will fulfill the needs of members and non-members and deliverthem in a way that fits the way we live in a modern society. Their long-termsurvival depends largely on their ability to attract and engage prospectivemembers. Exploration of this topic has shown that the level of affinity,understanding of culture, volunteer opportunities and a feeling of authenticitytowards engagement with the community are critical factors for peopledeciding where to put their physical and emotional energy. 3
  4. 4. What is Service Design?“Design for experiences that reach people through manydifferent touch-points, and that happen over time.” 4
  5. 5. Key Characteristics of Service DesignIntangibility. Inseparability.The offering is largely or wholly intangible. Production and consumption are inseparable.Heterogeneity. Perishability.The offering is different each time it is consumed. The offering cannot be stored in inventory. Sasser, W.E. Jr, Olson, R.P., Wyckoff, D.D. Management of Service Operations, Allyn & Bacon, Boston, MA. 1978. 5
  6. 6. User-Centered Design Model ABSTRACT Definition Design KNOW MAKE Discovery Delivery CONCRETE 6
  7. 7. CaseStudy Valley View United (Church) Body Building Methodist Church 7
  8. 8. 907Discovery members of Valley View United Methodist Church as of August 2010.Membershipby Age 47% of members are more than 60 years old. 14-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90-99 85 stated ministries. 17 part-time staff members. Source: Valley View United Methodist Church 8
  9. 9. DiscoveryThe Concern 47% of members are more than 60 years old. Membership is at its lowest point in the last 16 years (1995-2010) Numbers attending worship are at their lowest point Percentage of members worshipping has remained flat – about 37% Source: Valley View United Methodist Church 9
  10. 10. DiscoverySeveral opportunities, such as the Servant Cafe is an area that provides The sanctuary is a non-traditional six-choir, are available for members to a casual atmosphere for social sided room that gives an “in theparticipate in the worship service. interaction on Sundays. round” worship experience. 10
  11. 11. DiscoveryHope Chest food pantry feeds and Evening Care gives developmentally Preschool Moms Club is a group thatclothes hundreds of local families per disabled adults a safe place for social gives support and networking formonth. interaction and friendship. mothers with young children. Photos by Noel Klein 11
  12. 12. DiscoveryTools and Systems 12
  13. 13. DiscoveryTools and Systems 13
  14. 14. DiscoveryInformation and Environment 14
  15. 15. DefinitionVisitor Journey Valley View United Methodist Church Visitor Experience Journey EXPERIENCE Moments of Truth unique sanctuary met a nice exiting parking didn’t single out helpful man was easy ENHANCED elevator was quick visitors big building learned about the non-pushy follow- friendly greeting were a lot of people good style of community up from church for service service BASELINE thanked for coming plenty of childcare was social areas parking available were active no communion few introductions DIMINISHED didn’t see map was daunting crowded cafe visitor parking got turned around website was unsure we could unsure where finding a room is hard to use find kids easily after to go next confusing child care lacked security MODE ANTICIPATION ENTRY ENGAGEMENT EXIT REFLECTION TOUCHPOINTS finding parking entering finding finding the filling out worship finding finding existing finding car receiving a information the building child care sanctuary visitor card participation children the cafe the building visitorBEHAVIOR SETTING home parking lot lobby hallways sanctuary hallways cafe lobby parking lot home NARRATIVE Made a decision to go to church on Sunday. Drove to the church, plenty of parking in Went into the front doors. Were greeted We go up the elevator. The stairs to the sanc- There is a friendly per- son there who greets An usher is there to hand us a program. The sanctuary was pretty. Songs were of After the service we left the sanctuary, but We all went to the little café. It was very We could see the front doors from our seats It was pretty easy to find the car. We were When we got home we felt good about the front. by two nice women. tuary are easy to see, us and asks us to sign We find seats. a traditional nature. We out a different door. crowded with people so we headed for the up a hill so we had a morning overall. Haven’t gone since the They gave the kids they are right in from our child in on the liked that. Totally threw me off. but you could tell it exit. We were thanked good vantage point. kids were born. Ap- Didn’t see the visitor The pastor introduced Mid afternoon a high-fives and shook of us. Not sure about sheet on a clipboard. Had to pull out the was very popular. for coming by the prehensive about it. parking area until we themselves to us when We wished there was representative from both my wife’s hands the toddler room. I Seems OK, I am map like a tourist. people at the doors. were walking to the we were waiting to communion. Disap- We got our food and the church stopped by Decided to look for a and mine. Pretty quiet refer to the map. Not feeling better about main entrance. Mildly start. That made us pointed about that, but A nice older man drink and sat at a with a nice mug with local church. here but there is noise sure if this is the same leaving him here. He annoyed. Wished we feel good. I guess they do it once asked if he could help table in the next room. some cocoa mix and nearby. level as the sanctuary seems to be happy Google search. knew to look for it. a month. Seemed odd. us. We asked how Had a very pleasant some materials from or not but I assume playing. Didn’t really talk to Not sure where to go to get to the toddler conversation with the the church. They did Looked at the Valley Building looks nice. it is. anyone else though. Message was good. next. Nothing obvious. I ask how they will room. He lead us to man. not ask to come in just View website for loca- Kind of big. Pastor didn’t seem too Takes a couple of min- notify us if there is a During the service we the room which was to deliver the mug. tion and times. Was Want to hang up out pushy which was nice. He told us all about utes to find the toddler problem. She hesitates are asked to fill out very nice. a little hard to use but coats but I don’t see a It seemed comfort- the church and the A couple of days later I room in the preschool then says they will a small form on the we were able to find coat rack. able. He asked if we were services they provide pulled out that mug of area. “come get us”. That bulletin to register at- the basic information. new and if we wanted to the community. coffee and it reminded Have to ask the got me back to being tendance. Everyone is Not sure exactly what to get a cup of coffee me to give them an- woman where to go. apprehensive. doing it so we do also. He left us to go to his they are about but it and a muffin, “on him”. other try. Maybe next She gives us a map Sunday school class. is close so we’ll give Used the map to go Happy they didn’t We were very happy to time we will know a and directs us up the We felt pretty good it a try. down the hallway to single out any visitors. meet him. little more how things elevator then to go about our visit right the sanctuary. Was work. Got everyone ready down the stairs to the There is a time when then. pretty crowded near in time sanctuary. Confused the children can go up a stairwell. A lot of by this a little. to hear a special les- people coming and son. Ours went. Then Map is a little intimi- going. they said to go with a dating. We see a big sign that person to a children’s Ask about the kids. says “Sanctuary” by church. This worried She tells me the two doors. We go in us. We had no way of children’s plan. Since and go down a flight of knowing where they we have a toddler, I stairs to the sanctuary. were going. We told need to take them to ours to come back the toddler room. She and sit with us. shows me on the map where that is. I am immediately nervous about finding it. Randall Blair, Dec. 2010 15
  16. 16. DefinitionNeeds Cluster AnalysisThis strategy looks to create anintersection between customerrequirements (what they want toachieve) and customer behavioralmodes (how they go aboutachieving it).2006 Jeremy Alexis, IIT. 16
  17. 17. DefinitionParticipant Types Outsider Insider Comfortable with the culture Helps drive the organization Wants to understand culture and values Experienced Passionate Wants to be involved Has few or no connections Creates opportunities Needs guidance Knows the system Will make time to serve Has many connections Is proactive Well-known in the organization Not well known by insiders Champions the organization Knows little about the Knows what opportunities organization culture and values are available Rare involvement Passive Is very protective of time Simply a user of the services Feel it is “someone else’s turn” May not be affiliated with Is satisfied with status quo the organization Must have low barriers Has the potential to be engaged 17
  18. 18. DefinitionUser Behavioral ModesThis set of behavioral modes defines the different ways users approach, engage, interact with, and even think about member communities . Community Consumer Outsider ...utilizes the service offerings of the community without additional ties to the community. Has potential to become more involved but may only use the services and have no interest in further engagement Cautious Outsider ...has had unsatisfactory experiences with previous communities. Resists engagement unless asked. Is curious about the community but wants to be certain they are comfortable before making even small commitments. Affinity Seeking Outsider ...wants to be in a community primarily where they feel a strong affinity with the beliefs, messages, and actions of its members. Overall environment is critical to their satisfaction. Altruistic Outsider ...wants to be in a community primarily to perform acts of service to the general public they can be fully committed to. They are comfortable with the communities’ values and would like to make personal connections. They have a can-do attitude when committed. Welcoming Insider ...wants to ensure anyone that wants to be part of the organization can be. Willing to do what is necessary for the betterment of the community. Acts as a mentor to new and interested people. Territorial Insider satisfied with the community status quo and does not mind change as long as it doesn’t impact them. Mainly interacts with the same people. Has carved out their own space in the community and has little interest in engaging with new people. 18
  19. 19. DefinitionPersonae Marie Allen Jennifer Marco Paul Helen Community Consumer Cautious Affinity Seeking Altruistic Welcoming Territorial Outsider Outsider Outsider Outsider Insider Insider“I really am grateful for the “Im a slow starter. I like to “Being around people “Getting involved makes it “Want to find the next “Well, I hope all this effortprograms. Really glad they know what Im doing before more like me would make more personal, Vs. just generation of leaders. is worth it. But I certainly are here.” I get too far into it. Get the experience more coming in Sunday morning Need to start sacrificing didn’t vote for it.” acclimated little by little.” relevant to me.” and not thinking about it some sacred cows.” again until next week.”Marie is an unemployed Allen had a bad Jennifer and her husband Marco has spent many Paul is one of the ”go to” Helen has been asingle mother of two experience with his are both looking for a hours volunteering with members of the church. member of the church forgirls. She has received previous church and church that provides the church on different He has served as a leader more than 20 years. Thefood and some clothes some of the members them with a complete projects after first visiting on too many committees church is a stronglyfor school from the there. He is very careful spiritual experience. The six months ago. He really to count, but he knows engrained part of her Food Pantry on now with his time and pastoral message, the likes the service-oriented that can’t last forever. He She has seen it grow andtwo occasions since she trust. He is a musician type of service, the music, focus of the church. He loves the community and was happy to be a part oflost her job. She does not and would love to use where people put their wants to find ways to get will do whatever he can to that growth. But now sheattend a church but that talent in a church time, even the building more deeply involved but seek out the “new is satisfied where thewould love to find a way community. But he will architecture are all doesn’t know anyone yet. blood.” He is a mentor church is and really resiststo “give back” once she take his time to make sure important. They want a When he finds an activity and helps to get them any change that maygets back on her feet. it is the right fit before complete sense of he is passionate about he involved wherever they affect her. committing. “belonging.” is “all in.” can. Consuming Watching Seeking Aspiring Connecting Resisting 19
  20. 20. DefinitionOutcome RequirementsRequirements are formed by assessing more intangible things like motivations, preferences, hopes, and desired outcomes. “What are they trying to achieve”is a useful refrain for driving this analysis. Commitment Details The user needs to clearly understand the time required and logistics before committing to an activity or group. Activity Management The user needs the ability to manage communication, group involvement and donations of time and money. Cultural Information The user needs information to understand the beliefs, values and culture of the community. Personal Connections The user should be able to make new personal connections and strengthen existing ones. Available Services The user should be able to explore the services offered by the community to the public. Genuine Welcome The user should feel genuinely welcomed and included in the community. 20
  21. 21. DefinitionRequirements Matrix Community Affinity Consumer Cautious Seeking Altruistic Welcoming Territorial Outsider Outsider Outsider Outsider Insider Insider Genuine Welcome Available Services Cultural Information Commitment Details Activity Management Personal Connections Design Focus Areas Authenticity and Communicate Community Activity Socialization and Hospitality Community Culture Management Mentoring 21
  22. 22. DefinitionSolutions Architecture Welcoming People Welcoming Systems Authenticity Visitor Ambassadors Enhance Hope Chest Waiting Experience and Hospitality Parking Attendant Visitor-Specific Building Map Hospitality Training Program More Distinctive exterior signage (parking & entrance) Comprehensive Visitor Information Desk Classify “Zones” of the building for easier navigation Outward Communicate Modular Messaging Hit the Streets Community Information Card Kit Focus on Out-reach vs. In-reach Culture Consistent brand and voice Combine Service Opportunities with Outside Agencies Bolster the online presence Stronger community involvement/representation Regular messaging refresh Community Manage Opportunities Manage Activities Activity Clear descriptions of opportunities System to notify members of activities Management Create short-commitment opportunities System to track, measure and report efforts Publicize opportunities & events online Display aggregate activities to congregation Inward Socialization and Mentoring Socialization Non-Sunday Groups formed around interests and Mentoring Small Group Matching/Connecting by life stage Newbie+Old Guard Mentor Program Small Group Invitation System 22
  23. 23. DesignCreate Concepts 23
  24. 24. DesignCreate ConceptsAuthenticity Communicate Community Community Activity Socializationand Hospitality Culture Management and MentoringVisitor Ambassador Identity System Church Connection Online Service Mentoring Program• Greeting/Information Desk right when you come • Consistent Branding • Online tool (with offline procedures a backup) • Mentor program with “insiders” in the main entrance • Need full identity system, not just logo • Register “membership/account” • Connect people by experiences• Greeter Scripts • Communications guidelines • Use to volunteer for opportunities and recruit • Visitor connected to dedicated person right• have greeters available dedicated to visitors as Public Website • Sign up for events and services, Manage giving from the start guides on Sunday and payments, Join small groups, Register • Church directory online with photos and contact • Web site must reflect culture and value. Main• Ready when the visitor arrives external touchpoint attendance information, Photos of members, Family• Follow up to ask visitors to come to activities • Mobile app to access the online connection relationships (Father of, etc...) • Provide new-member class style information not just Sunday service BEFORE people say they will be members • Receive messages from members via the tool • Member “resume” of jobs done/held (as churchModular Information Kit volunteers and as careers) so others can find • better description of the Sunday schedule and • Submit prayer requests people with experience• use real people in communication service • Organize events and invite others Develop Social Opportunities• Visitor Packets (info on church, your visit, ways • Full listing of all services offered with good • Connect to other social media Facebook, linked to engage, feedback mechanism) descriptions and contact information • Enhance the cafe to expand its usage on in Sundays and for other events• Online and offline • Let the website be the church when the church • Need coordinated way to contact volunteers is closed • Support social as well as service opportunities• Prioritize what are the main service areas and and new people so they don’t feel create cards for those. Develop External Communication Guidelines overwhelmed • Try to make service opportunities a SOCIAL experience have a way to send immediate helpEnhance Visitor Navigation • Q& A with the pastor for better understanding of • Instant messages to members (email, text needs and message members about it• Better signage for visitors/parking specifically the message from the pulpit message) From small group or church wide or special opportunity messaging • Find ways to get people to work cooperatively in• Interior Church signage • Try to illustrate the experience with the church projects to make connections • People are looking for what THEY can do in the • Be able to track individual and immediate family• Easier access to the main sanctuary activity in a dashboard-style report for the • Create areas to facilitate social interaction church, what interests THEM• Make less intimidating for non-churched member • Don’t talk about things as if everyone knows• Signage for sanctuary and childcare what it means. example: ALPHA, non-churched • Be able to “check in” to church or activity• Use landmarks in the signage/maps or non-methodists might have no idea what that • Incentives to build a profile.• Use a different map style (isometric) with areas is or why they should do it. • Interface must be very easy to use and highly indicated just for Sunday small groups • Find ways to digitize communication and legible with simple language (childrens, nursery, classrooms, cafe) delivery. Reduce offline artifacts. Access Points Within the Church to the Connection Website • Kiosks in public spaces of the church incentives for users to build complete profiles. • Terminals or access points to be used by small groups or classrooms to register, checkin etc 24
  25. 25. Design Storyboard Viable Concepts Service M entoring P rogram dor AmbassaVisitor 1. Informatio Match mak n is collect ing for interest ed through 2. ed visitors a variety of -Up and new m methods Follow The newer embers. The mento Connectio n Through people are r would he Service ities experienced then match person to lp guide an 3. portun person in th ed with an the differe d connect ant op similar back e commun available to nt opportu the newer and relev ground or ity that may them. nities and programs By forming 3. k you interests. have these relatio Full Circle ome h than The mento service insid nships and el at h up wit rm newer pers ay also have a leader e and outs pe ide the chur rforming em fe Follow ations on could be person be comes an Make th ce and in vit trained to ship role th at the experienced ch the newer ntran The match do. They are th member. main e ed to work on people would decide en ready to at the . help build begin to m 2. ts them a great one d. an joint servic d would build a conn on what pr additional en connections tor others and ons r mee eir visit ’s han ojects oducti ssado erson e. ection thro as they do Virtu al Intr Amba d to make th s each p n settled, ugh so. w ill prepare e, shake t childre e they by nam coats, ge of tim we’ll meet them e ahead g, Greets them to tak itor packet. to Enhance Visitor Navigation online ill be comin them t if 1. indica te s Escort them the vis duces n uw . Intro rens mome Visito rs can us know yo hand es ctuary d et e. before provid the sa n lain ch il visit, via “L n of websit via email s th em to them. Exp r sectio t them visit. Escort ple around rs afte you!” ontac m and their n o e doo offee in r will c e rmatio the pe ry. tside th c ssado re about th cke t of info sa em ou r to invite to Amba ut mo itor pa neces et th ay me children o to find o s a vis they m eir ompile Asks if ice to get th s them a ss ador c . rv . Give Amba to them the se . anted n t fe if w s. releva the ca fe the ca on chat in ave questi quick h Has a card if they Modular Information Kit conta ct Finding Where to Go Getting Around 3. 2. be produced that does Getting In ge needs to be A visitor-centric map should 1. Once in the building, the signa church but is focused d be upgraded so that a are designated as not include every room in the The parking lot signage woul configured so that major areas landmarks to aid in specific parking spaces identification. more on the districts and the visitor knows that there are districts in the building for easier navigation. reserved for Visitors. signs that are visible Sanctuary Elements to include are: Reserved spots would have many feet away. Children Entrances/exits from Youth Restrooms Cafe Information Desks 1. Catalog of Available Infor mation Cards Community Life Center 2. Assemble Set of Cards A series of information card Customized for a Person s are designed and 3. Small Groups Rooms prepared to describe the The Information Desk or the Present Set to the Person major aspects of the Visitor Ambassadors community and the services would be able to build a stac This Information Kit would Hope Chest they provide. Card k of these cards that be given to the visitor by their Ambassador, or coul should be visible above topics might include: are tailored to the visitors and their life stage and d be built for a visitor by Signage to these major areas where they can not What we believe. interests in the church. the information booth team as needed. the crowds and not on the walls them. be seen until you are right on Sunday Worship Card sets would be of a unifo Hope Chest Food Pantry rm size, shape and design so as to fit into a case Preschool Program specific to the cards. Upward Basketball and Che erleading Youth Music Visitor Feedback Card Name tag sheet DVD overview of the chur ch Time-Sensitive Notifications etc... 25
  26. 26. DeliveryExperience PrototypeWe wondered how design might helpvisitors feel comfortable with a Churchbelief system while also encouragingpersonal connections andengagement.This video explores the conceptualdesign of the Visitor Ambassador anenhanced service of the church thathelps visitors make instant connectionsto the church through a personal guidewho can answer any questions.The service consists of virtual andphysical interactions with arepresentative of the church who maythen deliver communication andnavigation tools to the visitor. 26