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Social Media and MICE from the EIBTM event in Barcelona

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  • Hyperlinks to a 2 minute video
  • GO-Gulf.com
  • The new wave is User-Generated content. This means being open to your connections posting their own thoughts, ideas and content. This can do more for you, your company’s brand. This is a chance for users to also bring their criticism directly to you – so you can remedy it. They just want their voice “heard” and bring it directly FOR a resolution, not to totally discredit you. If you aren’t open to it – often, the haters will be fueled by this and will create hater groups.Hyperlinks to IKEA 1:22 video
  • How many of you have spoken to your family/friends about work, your company, your job?Why not show your staff how to effectively raise the profile, reputation and credibility of your company by doing so online.They are already doing it, after all…..
  • Social Media shouldn’t be built on a house of cards.It’s beneficial throughout the company:Sure, it started with Marketing, but Sales, Customer Service, IT, HR for recruiting, and certainly TRAVEL can even find solid business benefits.Getting the whole company involved, integrated and enthusiastic – only possible through upper management support – can foster a truly beneficial social media success.
  • The 2012 Travel Manager of the Year in North America is Michelle DeCosta – who implemented social media two years ago and has proven the ROI and become a benchmark in the industry. She implemented Yammer – an inside the firewall twitter-type solution – and outgrew it within a year and a half. They incorporated a global and company-wide system now named VOX – Voice of the People
  • Why Facebook?Project a more human face of your company:Pictures of staff and events can illustrate your company cultureShareresearch and knowledge – link to additional resourcesPromote upcoming events to gain attention and attendanceHighlight partner activities to enhance relationshipsPromote sales, services and opportunities to interactUtilize settings on personal profiles to vary your communications to specific groupsEnhance inter-company relations via a global virtual forum for staffHighlight CRS activities to show your company philosophy
  • A great example of why YouTube works. Corporate videos don’t need to be all flash – polished and perfect. Virgin’s Richard Branson… well, who doesn’t want to hear what will come out of his mouth next… but they utilize his adventurous spirit and showcase the product. This type of usage provides corporate travel managers a glimpse into the products and services their travelers are enjoying – hotels are showing their rooms and ammentities, etc… Virgin was smarter though – and while the Richard Branson video received almost 25,000 views… they gave flip cams to customers and allowed them to video tape their own REAL experience – this felt genuine (as a fraud is easy to spot online) and thus, resonated with viewers and received almost TWICE the views as the corporate video
  • EIBTM Social Media & MICE

    1. 1. 27th – 29th November 2012
    2. 2. By Rana Walker Principal Consultant, GR&ATACTE Special Projects Consultant
    3. 3. SociallyBe Smart. Be Hip. Be Seen.
    4. 4. • Seperation of Private & Professional• Formalities in language• Privacy & Security• Time zones & cultural differences• Like a brand vs. Service issue
    5. 5. Sources: www.Go-Gulf.com 1 Billion users www.facebook.com175 M users 2 4 3
    6. 6. Source: www.Go-Gulf.com
    7. 7. Source: www.Go- Gulf.comFastest Growing
    8. 8. NO PUSH of content • (this is web 1.0 vs. web 2.0)Allow users to also generate the: • News • Feedback • Ideas • Photos • Videos and more…
    9. 9. Share your personality, NOT yourpersonal information!Share your company’s philosophy, NOTproprietary information!Viral social media provokes an emotion!
    10. 10. Trust is the #1 influencer of buyingdecisions in the future!Build your online network and youronline “Sphere of Influence”
    11. 11. PRE: Introduce speakers & topics, blog about expectations at eventDURING: Blog, share news, launches & ideas in one voice Blog recap & highlights, usePOST: attendee quotes post-event
    12. 12. PRE: Create event page /event tab on company page with teasers, pictures, agenda, speaker bios. Create custom “check in” locationsDURING: Update page with agenda, action pictures, speaker quotes and solicit user-generated contentPOST: Repurpose content using questions to validate they’ve been heard, build loyalty, post new photos and videos
    13. 13. PRE: Publish a # (hashtag) in advance, engage with agenda reminders, ask & answer questions, contestsDURING: Engage via agenda reminders, ask & answer questions, contests, use a “twitter wall”, changes and crisis commsPOST: Thank attendees, solicit overall event feedback, share contest winners, solicit local for next year
    14. 14. PRE: Prepare a welcome video, use past event footage, teaser of venue & interviews with meeting leadersDURING: Take video of speakers, venue with participants, meetings, parties & testimonial interviews of attendeesPOST: Share the highlights in one summary video, post interviews from staff, utilize for next year’s event promotion as well
    15. 15. PRE: Update status, create event, promote in user groups and on company pageDURING: Update status and promote in groups and provide daily summary on company page Update status & company pagePOST: with links to news articles on the event, or with a successful recap
    16. 16. PRE: Share links to event agenda and pre-event news articles and press releasesDURING: Share links to event news, update with quotes from speakers, start a video chat for those not at eventPOST: Share links to articles from event, host a post event video chat to summarize conference
    17. 17. PRE: Create a photo group and encourage attendees’ use, begin with event prep photosDURING: Take photos to connect with the other social networks & peak interest, encourage others also Publish closing event pics andPOST: ask attendees to share pics with their promo items
    18. 18. PRE: Create check-in locations & badges, scavenger huntsDURING: Encourage check in at event, at booths, at venues throughout tripPOST: Continue engagement where possible, create anticipation for following year’s event
    19. 19. QR Codes RFID (click image to hyperlink)
    20. 20. SUCCESS!  Not built on a “House of Cards” Thrives via internal Social Media champions  Multiple Departments play an integral role  Requires Upper Management support
    21. 21. SOCIAL@SAPIENTBy Michelle DeCostaGlobal Travel Manager 35
    22. 22. Sapient & YammerMichelle De CostaGlobal Travel Manager | ¬ SapientEmployees: Learn more aboutTravel at SapientWant to find out what’s new withTravel? Follow me onyammer.com
    23. 23. Puzzled? Supplement your Face-to-Face networking via LinkedIn online!
    24. 24. Listen to what the little birdie tells you… 175 Million TWEETS per day and a lot of them discuss Travel!
    25. 25. If Facebookwere a country,it would be the3rd mostpopulatedin theworld! Source: Facebook
    26. 26. 72HOURS.The amount of video uploaded toYouTube every minute!
    27. 27. Travel Buyer Opportunity:Research, Source & Share = Empowerment!
    28. 28. Kansas City BTA / November 2011 P. 49
    29. 29. Rana WalkerSocial Media Evangelist andPrincipal Consultant at GR&AThttp://be.linkedin.com/in/ranawalker