One minute manager


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This book is written by Dr. Spencer Johnson and Dr. Kenneth Blanchard

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One minute manager

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. One Minute Manager From, Ramyarayee, T21081
  3. 3. Dr. Kenneth Blanchard Dr. Spencer Johnson
  4. 4. What Kind Of Manager Are You? Autocratic Manager: • Micromanage • Rigid & demanding • Decision maker Democratic Manager: –Friendly with staff –Supportive & humanistic –Trusting & nurturing
  5. 5. Effective Managers Effective managers, manage themselves and the people they work with so that both the people and the organization profit from their presence.
  6. 6. How Do You Feel? Question – When is it that you work the best? “People that feel good about themselves, work better, work smarter and are more productive and produce better results.”
  7. 7. By: Devanshu What One Minute Manager Means? • He/She Takes Not More Than A Minute To Interact And Guide His/Her Team Members. • A Manager Who Follows The Principles of “One Minute Management”. • 3 Principles Of One Minute Management: 1. One Minute Goal Setting 2. One Minute Praising 3. One Minute Reprimand
  8. 8. One Minute Goal Setting Make clear what our responsibilities are and what we are being held accountable for
  9. 9. Look at performance, see how it matches the goals and give feedback
  10. 10. Why one minute goals work • Employee is responsible for solving his own problems and achieving the goals he set. • It help people to focus on their goals, as they could review their goals frequently and then check their performance against those goals. • Positive impact.
  11. 11. Quote “Everyone Is A Potential Winner, Some People are Disguised as Losers, Don’t Let Their Appearances Fool You”
  12. 12. ONE MINUTE PRAISING Catch them doing right and praise them
  13. 13. Be Immediate, Don’t save it till later
  14. 14. Describe what they did right
  15. 15. Encourage them to do more of the same
  16. 16. Why one minute praising works • Feels more pleased with his work • Gain more confidence in what he does. • Try to continuously improve what he does • Develop a good relationship with his manager
  17. 17. Quote “Help People Reach Their Full Potential – Catch Them Doing Something Right”
  18. 18. One Minute Reprimands Tough on performance not tough on the person.
  19. 19. Be immediate, specific, and describe the poor performance
  20. 20. Encourage them and remind them how much you still value them as a person
  21. 21. Let them know it is over
  22. 22. Why one minute reprimands work • Employee realizes that managers wants him to succeed. • Serve as a way to quickly respond and correct employees bad performance.
  23. 23. Summary • This is the basic foundation for good leadership and being good manager • Using the above steps one can have a work, which can be enjoyed • Job satisfaction can be made guaranteed
  24. 24. Thank U