Humanoid Robotics

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  • 1. THE HUMANOID ROBOT By Ramya M K 8th Sem, ECE Shirdi Sai Engineering College Anekal, Bangalore.
  • 2. CONTENTS  What is a Robot?  What is Robotics?  Types of Robots  What is a Humanoid?  Why Develop Humanoids?  History of Humanoid Robots  Humanoid Robot Applications  ASIMO : An Intro  The Latest Version of ASIMO  The Intelligent System  Why ASIMO is most intelligent  Social Issues
  • 3.  A robot is a mechanical or virtual intelligent agent that can perform tasks automatically or with guidance, typically by remote control. In practice a robot is usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by computer and electronic programming.
  • 4. Unimate Puma500 manipulator Mr.Joseph F Engelberger
  • 5. Mobile robot Industrial robot Autonomous robots Remote-controlled robot Types of Robots
  • 6.  Humanoid refers to any being whose body structure resembles that of a human: head, legs, arms, hands.  It resembles a human both in appearance and behavior.
  • 7. • They can work in human environment without a need to adapt themselves or to change the environment. • It is easier for a human being to interact with a human- like being.
  • 8.  Self-maintenance  Avoiding harmful situations to people, property, and itself  Safe interacting with human beings and the environment  Legged locomotion  Arm control and dexterous manipulation
  • 9.  Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility (ASIMO)  It can walk and climb the stairs  It is 120 cm high and 43 kg weight  It looks like humans  It can work like human beings  It has the ability to take decisions  It can use common sense in the new environment
  • 10.  Honda has unveiled a new version of its humanoid robot that understands human gestures and movements.  Capable of to following the moves of nearby people  It uses a camera to recognize ten different preprogrammed faces and respond with a vocal welcome
  • 11. A System Is Thought To Be Intelligent If It Can Understand And Learn, Solve A Problem, Make Its Own Decisions And Adapt To New Environments.
  • 12.  It can work as a person like cooking , cleaning, recognize nearby people, understands human gestures and movements etc.  ASIMO can change both its speed and its directions smoothly without having to stop where as the conventional robot had to stop once before changing its direction.  It can make decision in the new environment  It can understand the problem and works accordingly
  • 13.  Plenty of humans already who do not have jobs or good places to live , then why replace with Humanoids  Why not keep humanoids, like calculators, merely as useful gadgetry?  Robots will become super intelligent and rule this world.
  • 14. QUESTIONS?