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This ppt introduced Many Eyes, a visualization tool from IBM and shows how to create visualizations.

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Many eyes @Vgsom

  1. 1. Vinod Gupta School of Management Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Click here for Tutorial Name Roll No Ramya Krishna P 10BM60056 Soujanya Kodati 10BM60039Vinod Gupta School of Management IIT Kharagpur
  2. 2. Agenda• Many Eyes• Visualizations•Creating your own visualization • Data sets • Visualization• Pros and Cons
  3. 3. • Visualization tool – backed by IBM• Generic data visualization techniques adapted to heterogeneous data sources• More than 100,000 data visualizations and 270,000 data sets• Visual representation of large amounts of data• Collaborative platform for sharing knowledge• Easy to use, interactive, time saving• Many Eyes in 60 seconds
  4. 4. VisualizationsPurpose Visualization typeRelationships among data points Scatter plot, Matrix chart, network diagramComparing a set of values Bar chart, Histogram, Bubble chartTracking rises and falls over time Line graph, Stack graphSee the parts of a whole Pie chart, Tree mapAnalyzing text Word tree, Tag cloud, Phrase net, Word Cloud generatorSee the world World map
  5. 5. Creating your own visualizations• Many Eyes is an online tool available at• Create a login account• Now, you can create a visualization in three easy steps Choose a Choose a Customize data set visualization and publish• Demo
  6. 6. Choosing a data set• Go to ‘upload a data set’ under ‘Participate’ tab • Prepare your data • Paste the data • Check for correctness • Describe the data• Disclaimer : anything you upload will be visible to everyone on theinternet!
  7. 7. Dot your ‘i’s, Cross your ‘t’sFruit Cost Fruit Cost ($)Apple $ 1.00 Apple $ 1.00Banana $ 1.40 Banana $ 1.40Cheese Bread Cheese: Cheese: Bread: Bread:Cost($) Calories Cost($) Calories Cost($) Calorie Cost($) Calorie3.24 200 1.29 120 3.24 200 1.29 1203.31 200 1.91 130 3.31 200 1.91 130
  8. 8. Choose a visualization
  9. 9. Choose a visualization
  10. 10. Customize and publish!!• Customize your visualizations based upon variousattributes in the data set.• Publish your visualization• Get rated for your visualization and data set
  11. 11. Pros and consPros Cons• Huge variety of visualizations • Eats up your memory• Explore others’ data sets and • Might crash your browser visualizations • Garbage In, Garbage Out!• Allows analysis of complex data• Community based• Just needs a java-enabled browser• No softwares to download, no softwares to install• To top it all, it is FREE!