Contemporary advertising 11e chapter 17
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Contemporary advertising 11e chapter 17






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Contemporary advertising 11e chapter 17 Contemporary advertising 11e chapter 17 Presentation Transcript

  • Chapter chapter 17 Using Digital Interactive Media and Direct Mail Factors advertisers weigh when considering digital interactive media and direct mailMcGraw-Hill/IrwinContemporary Advertising, 11e Copyright © 2008 by the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 17-3 Chapter 17 ObjectivesDiscuss the opportunities Determine and measureand challenges of digital the Internet’s audience interactive media Explain how Internet Explain the evolution advertising is sold and of interactive media how much it costs Enumerate the various types Debate the pros and of direct-mail advertising cons of the Internet as an advertising medium Categorize costs associated with direct-mail advertisingDefine the various kinds of Internet advertising Assess which kinds of mailing lists are best
  • 17-4 Digital Interactive Media U.S. growth in online ad spendingInsert ex. 17-1, p. 542U.S. online advertising spendingPosition = centered horiz., 2.15” verticalSize = 8.1” WIDEResolution: 300 dpi
  • 17-5 The Internet as a Medium Anatomy of the Internet InternetWorld Wide Web Browsers Web SitesWeb (WWW)
  • 17-6 The Internet as a Medium2006 onlinesearch Insert ex. 17-3, p. 545percentages bysearch engine Percent of online searches by search engine Position = 2.9” horiz., 1.5” vertical Size = 4.6” TALL Resolution: 300 dpi
  • 17-7 The Internet as a Medium Who Uses the Internet Older Women Adults City College Dwellers Attendees How People Access the InternetNarrowband Cable Modem Broadband DirecPC DSL MSN TV
  • 17-8 The Internet as a MediumMSN TV 2 Webscreen shows Insert photo 17.7, p. 555easy-to-use and MSN TV 2 web screeninteractiveaspects of the Position = 2.9” horiz., 1.5”World Wide Web verticalincorporated Size = 4.6” TALLdirectly into TV Resolution: 300 dpi
  • 17-9 The Internet as a Medium Types of Internet Ads WebsitesBanners and Buttons Rich Media Interstitials Sponsorship Added Value Classified Ads E-Mail Rich Mail Spam CRM
  • 17-10 The Internet as a MediumInternet adrevenues by Insert ex. 17-8, p. 557ad type Percent of internet ad revenues Position = 2.9” horiz., 1.5” vertical Size = 4.6” TALL Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Measuring the 17-11 Internet AudienceStandardization Tracking Ad impressions Cookies Click rate Profiling Click rate CPM Privacy
  • 17-12 The Global Impact of the InterneteBay is anexample of how Insert photo 17.10, p. 566globalcommerce is eBay web screenbecoming more Position = 2.9” horiz., 1.5”common vertical Size = 5.7” WIDE Resolution: 300 dpi
  • 17-13 Other InteractiveInsert photo 17.11, p. Media568 Staples assistsDigital kiosk customers with stand-alonePosition = 0.35” horiz., digital kiosks0.4” vertical What are some forms ofSize = 5.75” TALL interactive media?Resolution: 300 dpi DVD Catalogs and Magazines Kiosks Interactive TV (DVR)
  • 17-14 Direct-Mail Advertising Types of Direct-Mail Ads Sales Letters, Postcards, E-Mail and Business-Reply MailFolders, Brochures, Self-Mailers and CMM and BroadsidesStatement Stuffers House Organs Catalogs
  • 17-15Buying Direct-Mail Advertising Acquiring Direct-Mail Lists House Rented Mail- Compiled Database Response by Broker Production and Handling Distribution
  • Buying Direct- 17-16Insert ex. 17-14, p. 574 Mail AdvertisingDirect Mail List Rates andData listing Typical listing from Direct MailPosition = 0.35” horiz., List Rates and0.4” vertical DataSize = 5.75” TALLResolution: 300 dpi