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Automatic removal tool is very efficient tool to remove the strong vault malware programe from your computer without any problem. It is the complete solution of this problem which has no any bad impact.
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  • Simpler Method:

    1) Start computer in safe mode-command prompt. (Forget about using find programs his trojan will not show)

    2 Change directory to c:/program files (x86). You will find the strongvault directory there.

    3. Type Del *.* and answer yes

    4) open directory ( type dir )

    5 open subdirectories and delete files (del *,*)

    6) As your back out of sub-directories remove them (rd (sub-path name))

    7 ) When you have removed all sub directories and data restart the computer.

    8) open c-drive in computer

    9) go to c:/program files (x86)

    10) send strongvault directory to the trash bin

    11) empty trash bin

    You have now eliminated the Strongvault Trojan.
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Uninstall strong vault : How To Uninstall strong vault

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