What is Social Media? (American Institute of Architects presentation)


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  • *Facebook*MySpace*Flickr*YouTube*RSS/iGoogle*Twitter
  • Social Networking = Use of communities of interest to connect others.-Use SM to facilitate SN.-Or network by leveraging social media.Architects can SN, connect/augment by usage of SM.POWER IS IN THE VISIBILITY OF THE NETWORKS.
  • “Just like the telephone didn’t replace the face-to-face meeting over coffee, and e-mail didn’t replace the telephone, social media doesn’t replace other forms of connecting with people. It adds to them.”
  • Traditional Media influence OLD; Major Networks, Companies, PublicationsEdelman trust barometer 2009:trust in US Business is at 38%, down from 58%, lowest of all-timeSociety has shifted- all areas of life value the individual MORE.Customization, Personalization, TargetingEXAMPLES:Brick and motor= Starbucks, Burger KingTV=Discovery Channel (Animal Planet, Health, Military, TLC)Online= Amazon.com Reviews, Netflix Ratings
  • We trust strangers online almost as much as face to face recommendation.We would much rather trust a stranger than a celebrity by a large margin.“Sources of information people trust”Source: Universal McCann, “When did we start trusting strangers?”. How the internet turned us all into influencers.
  • 1.) Why does trust and transparency matter? TRUST = INFLUENCE2.) The translation to SM? * …because people demanding these dimensions to be trusted SM allows you to communicate what YOU are doing to fulfill these criteria.“When you think of good and responsible companies, what factors are important?”Source: 2009 Edelman Trust Barometer Report=Government, Banking, Automotive+ Communicates frequently the state of the business, 91%+ Has strong commitment to the environment, 87%= Regardless of channel or voice, people need to hear message 3-5 times to believe it.
  • Tools; Twitter,FacebookApplications, MySpace, Blogs, AOL, Forums“Percent of Internet users activity”Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Tracking surveys-Watched Video on YouTube, 52%-Use online social networking sites, 35%-Read a blog, 32%
  • Sales/Lead Acquisitions = blog to display thought leadership / knowledge discovery of your business Customer Service = support existing clientsExecutive Leadership & Visibility tout your experiences, accolades and awardsProduct Development = sharing with others in the industry to better improve your knowledge/best practices
  • Example: Best Buy* Having a presence, “show up to play”.* Statistic, blog = credibility
  • Look for information online about a service or product you are thinking of buying, 81% online usersMultiple ways to consume your information.
  • What is Social Media? (American Institute of Architects presentation)

    1. 1. About me. • Project Lead/Consultant at Digital Evolution Group • Blogger, Video Blogger, Former Lifecaster on Justin.TV • _ • www.kcsweaterparty.com email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    2. 2. Where I work. • 9 year old e-business consultancy • Voted one of the best web development firms in the region (Ingram’s) • National and regional awards for thought leadership and results • Exceptional team with in-house strategy, information architecture, programming, testing, e-marketing and animation skills.
    3. 3. Quick Survey • What tools are you already using? email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    4. 4. What is Social Media? • Tools for sharing and discussing information. • SM vs. Social Networking? = communities w/like interests to connect email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    5. 5. Social Media isn’t replacing anything. • SM is in the spectrum of communication. email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    6. 6. The new influencers. • Expansion from traditional media. • The rise of the individual. • Trust 2.0, peers not institutions. email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    7. 7. Proliferation of influencer channels. • We trust a stranger over any paid-for communications or advertising. • Blogs are a form of trusted opinion, over magazines and newspapers. email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    8. 8. Demand for transparency. email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    9. 9. Social media, more than just a fad. email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    10. 10. …more than just a marketing tool. • sales/lead acquisitions • internal knowledge development • customer service • operations • executive leadership & visibility • branding • product development email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    11. 11. …more than just a marketing tool. • “Chatter Factor” – online vs. offline translation email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    12. 12. Your website isn’t good enough. • = 1 component of a larger web strategy – Channels/Gateways to homebase • Trust factor and credibility • SEO positioning • SM starts conversations & relationships email@ramseymohsen.com @ramseym
    13. 13. What should you do next? • Do 15 minutes of Social Media research a day. • Share 1 thing a day. • Find people to follow that interest you. • Be ready to… – Learn, learn, learn. – Let go to gain more. – Risk the unknown, plan to be flexible.