Social Media - Marketing in the 21st Century


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  • "There is no such thing as a Twitter strategy. Or a Facebook strategy. Or a Google + strategy. Participation in these (or other) social outposts are tactics used in service of a social media strategy, which in turn is in service of a marketing (and sometimes customer service/retention) strategy, which is one element of an overall business strategy."
  • "Social media at it's core doesn't want to be marketed to.“F-Commerce = JC Penney, 1-800 Flowers, and Delta AirlinesAssumption that “Facebook as portal” philosophy (AOL of the 21st Century), but that assumes we are farther along the f-commerce continuum than is actually the case.Focus instead on social utility - which we define as providing a social service that helps people find social solutions to problems or that solves social problems.For example, “away we go” App by DeltaORDevelop content that influences connected customers down the purchase path (to the correct channel to transact).
  • "Traffic to Old Spice’s YouTube channel surged to 264,969 unique visitors in December 2011. That same month, the Old Spice brand site’s traffic jumped to 56,525 visitors, according to Compete.Read more at“"Turns out, it’s a question of context. “It’s a different mindset when [our fans] are on Facebook,” Mahan said. “When they come to social channels, they want to have fun and share. When they come to our website, they’re looking to solve a problem.”Read more at"
  • Burden and opportunity of social is its dependency of content.
  • Social Media - Marketing in the 21st Century

    1. 1. Marketing in the 21st CenturyRamsey Mohsen |
    2. 2. about me: ramsey mohsen Director of Social Media at DEG National speaker regarding Digital Marketing/Social Media Over 6.5+ million views on YouTube Co-founder of the Travel Channel featured „Ugly Christmas Sweater Party‟ (fundraiser) Named one of Ingrams Magazine‟s “Twenty In Their Twenties”
    3. 3. Founded in 1999 in Overland Park, KS110+ associates, strategists, designers& developersTrusted partner and significant workfor global brands
    4. 4. `
    5. 5. B2B social media success. Social media helped over 56% of B2B marketers acquire new business partnerships (compared to 45% of B2C marketers). Almost 60% of B2B marketers found improved search rankings from their social media outreach (compared to 50% of B2C marketers).
    6. 6. What is the ROI of your mom? Source: Gary Vaynerchuk
    7. 7. “ It takes more than a presence in new channels to improve customer experiences and relationships. - Brian Solis ”
    8. 8. “Social media marketing isnot easy. At its core,you’re trying to market toaudiences that broadly donot wish to be marketed ”to.- Jason Falls
    9. 9. #1) start by setting objectives
    10. 10. example social media goals/objectives: Expand product and service awareness. Effectively use social channel(s) for audience engagement, advocacy, customer service, and loyalty. Acquire quality fans and followers in the social channels the brand is invested in. Integrate social into the overall marketing mix to drive consideration for the brand.
    11. 11. so what?Executives don’t care if you’re “good atFacebook”. They want to know its impact onthe organization. What overall business objectives are you supporting? How is it affecting customer behavior? What phases of the purchase cycle are you stimulating? #IWCA | @rm |
    12. 12. there is no such thing as a [Twitter] strategy.“The goal is not to be good at social media. The goal is to begood at business because of social media.” – Jay Baer #IWCA | @rm |
    13. 13. #2) define your targets, personas
    14. 14.
    15. 15. #3) set measurements for your objectives
    16. 16. Example social media measurements: Referrals to .COM from social channels Lead generation forms Discovery call surveys (“how did you hear about us?”) Revenue New Fans / Followers YTD Growth Best performing engagement post (likes, comments) Best performing revenue post Worst performing…? #IWCA | @rm |
    17. 17. Stop counting followers as your primary metric.
    18. 18. #4) plan your content calendar.establish a process for creating iton an ongoing basis.
    19. 19. social media conversation calendar
    20. 20. Social is for sharing not for shopping.
    21. 21. “Content is my best B2B socialmedia lesson. Ive seen manycompanies learn that providinginteresting content (videotestimonials or how-to information)is a great way to encourage ”prospects, warm up leads, andconvert to sales opportunities.- Chris Brogan
    22. 22. The burden of Facebookand Twitter vs. yourwebsite.
    23. 23. The opportunity ofFacebook and Twitter vs.your website.Set it and let it go to work for you.Try. Learn. Optimize.
    24. 24. Develop content maps opportunities forcontent or information you can providethroughout the buyer and existing customercycle.
    25. 25.
    26. 26.
    27. 27.
    28. 28. Don‟t under invest + underestimate in content. And the resources it takes to develop it.
    29. 29. #5) try, learn, and refine. reviewyour metrics to determine what isworking (and what is not).
    30. 30. TIP: Create “Facebook Interest Lists” ofyour competitors and aspirants.
    31. 31. TIP: Hold (quarterly) 101 executivesessions.
    32. 32. enhancing relationships (to drive sales).
    33. 33. Social Media can enable you to… raise brand awareness position your organization as a thought leader drive conversions (sign-ups, registrations, sales) allow you to converse directly with your audience allow you to listen to your audience‟s needs/wants provide interesting insights and anecdotal evidence complement your marketing and PR strategies(adapted from Listrak’s “Social Media Synergy”)
    34. 34. But you can do it wrong… use an insincere, inauthentic, hard-sell approach clutter the communication channel send mixed messages inconsistent with your brand one-way broadcast, instead of a conversation analytics without corresponding action not involve/represent your entire organization built with internal priorities and not customer priorities(adapted from Listrak’s “Social Media Synergy”)
    35. 35. You need a plan… that considers your objectives and your targets… before you select your strategies and technologies. 10 Tips for Social Media Success in 2013 ::
    36. 36. Thank you.Questions? on Twitter
    37. 37. Effect of Reciprocal Attention on Relevancy
    38. 38. Content Differences Between Facebook / Twitter: Twitter is more urgent, immediate, velocity Twitter is more conversational Twitter has the advantage of being mobile-oriented Facebook can more flexibly present richer content Facebook is more referential and detailed Facebook is aimed at more lightly engaged
    39. 39. Facebook sucks if your friends suck.
    40. 40. Social Photos App: Frametastic
    41. 41. Free Social Scheduling tool:
    42. 42. Measurement tool:
    43. 43. The feeds. They are different.
    44. 44. Thank you.Questions? on Twitter