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Global Verge Compensation Presentation V1 6

Global Verge Compensation Presentation V1 6



Global Verge is a group of e-associates that belong to a community with a simple business model and 3 easy ways to participate.

Global Verge is a group of e-associates that belong to a community with a simple business model and 3 easy ways to participate.



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    Global Verge Compensation Presentation V1 6 Global Verge Compensation Presentation V1 6 Presentation Transcript

    • Global Verge Compensation Presentation Version 1.6 Copyright 2008 Patent Pending
    • Company Welcome to Global Verge • Ultimate Consumable Products • ECO Friendly Company • Global Market • Powerful Income Opportunity Global Verge has created a New Dimension in Business Marketing that we refer to as “HUB Marketing”. Our unique marketing concept affords us the opportunity to provide products and services at wholesale to our e e- associates allowing them to sell at retail and earn the difference. At Global Verge we market products and services that people NEED and use EVERYDAY Our Compensation Plan is the most lucrative in the EVERYDAY. industry with multiple ways for you to earn an income. Global Verge offers the BEST avenue for part-time or full-time people to earn an ongoing income.
    • Entry Level Options Pro Pack $99.95 per month, $149.95 first month, plus shipping and handling The Pro Pack qualifies you for maximum commission payout. Global Verge has 3 entry options into the Basic Pack community. $39.95 per month, $69.95 first month, plus shipping and handling *This package is not eligible for any bonus pools. Package options make a difference. Intro Pack $14.95 per month, $19.95 first month *This package is eligible for seller sales commission only.
    • Business Model Each e-associate gets a retail store that the user can choose which products and services they want to market. Product Seller Commission Retail E-associate Retail Store R Upline Commission ( (User Specific) Store p ) et Product Cost ai l Global Verge Intro StRules Membership Retail Customer Engine or g Matrix Commission Retail E-associate Or Basic Replicated e Bonus Pools Store Website Products/Services Cost Business Prospect Pro Matching Bonus 3 Ways to join Global Verge has a unique rules engine that $14.95, $39.95 or calculates all commissions generated by $99.95 $99 95 a month. th Memberships or Retail Sales Sales.
    • Commission The Global Verge International commission plan is one of the most lucrative plans in the Direct Sales industry. Most companies talk about having a lucrative and fair pay plan, we prove it.older for your own sub headline 1. Seller Retail Commissions Commissions earned on a retail sale. 2. 3 x 9 Flex Pay Plan Seller 3. Global Bonus Pools Retail Forced matrix by Company wide bonus placement under first pools coming from every e- available location under associate’s monthly sponsor. subscription. Global 3x9 Flex Bonus Pay Plan Pools Global 4. Matching Bonuses Verge 5. Upline Retail Bonuses based on the Commissions amount of e-associates t f i t Commissions earned C i i d personally brought to the after a retail sale is community. Matching Upline made. Bonuses Retail
    • You Do The Math Look at any other program in the world and you do the math, soon you will understand why we are so proud of our unique business Level Number model and commission plan. 1 3 2 9 • A 3 x 9 Matrix is a structure that is 3 wide by 9 levels 3 27 deep. 4 81 • A complete 3 x 9 matrix is 29,523 people. • Payment in the matrix is determined by the initial 5 243 package that you purchase or upgrade to - don't miss 6 729 this. • As you can see on the graph it doesn't matter whether 7 2187 your on level three, or level six or level one. The key is 8 6561 to MAXIMIZE your earning potential on each level. 9 19683
    • Matrix Commission 3 x 9 Matrix Commission *Intro Level is not eligible for matrix commissions Basic Package Earns Professional Package Earns $1.00 per level, 1 through 9 $2.00 per level, 1 through 5 levels. levels. $3.00 $3 00 per level 6 and 7 level, $4.00 per level, 8 and 9 *All amounts are based on Professional e-Associates in your downline. Basic e- Associates will be paid $1.00.
    • Rank and Qualifications Rank and Qualifications Executive Diamond 3 Diamond Elites with $250 000 of monthly group volume $250,000 Diamond Elite 3 Triple Diamonds with $100,000 of monthly group volume Triple Diamond 2 Double Diamonds or 25 active e-associates Double Diamond 2 Diamonds or 20 active e-associates Diamond 3 Golds or 12 active e-associates Gold G ld 3 active e-associates Silver 2 active e-associates Bronze 1 active e-associates E-associate *When ranking is established based active e-associates or amount of e- associates at a specific rank, only personally sponsored e-associates apply.
    • Matrix Qualifications 3 x 9 Matrix Commission *All ranks above Gold are eligible for 9 levels Bronze Silver Gold Levels 1 Active Personal 2 Active Personals 3 Active Personals Level 1 • • • Level 2 • • • Level 3 • • • Level 4 • • Level 5 • • Level 6 • • Level 7 • Level 8 • Level 9 •
    • Compression Vertical & Horizontal Compression Vertical Compression The matrix will compress for pay purposes only. The system will compress up vertically to eliminate all non-active positions for that month. If there is a non-active position that needs to be compressed out vertically and there is more than 1 active position below this non-active spot, then the system will use join date and the determining variable to roll up the correct person, the other people that are active on that same line would remain where they are at. p Horizontal Compression First the system compresses all of the positions for pay purposes only vertically. Next, it calculates and pays the vertical matrix counting how many pay slots it has paid out per person (max of 9 slot). Some of these pay slot are not able to be earned because some people do not have enough personals to get paid down 9 levels. In other companies this becomes breakage, but for us these unpaid pay slots become available monies paid through the Horizontal pay. To pay the Horizontal Pay the system starts at the bottom of the company and goes e-associate by e-associate looking for people with pay slots that have not been paid out. When the system finds a position with available pay slots it starts going up through the placement matrix from this position looking for the highest rank in the company (triple diamond) first, then the system checks to see if this position has already been paid on this position through the vertical. If it has already been paid through the vertical it will not pay any position 2 pay slots from the same e-associate, thus it continues to move up through the placement matrix looking for a triple diamond to pay. If it pays out all of the pay slots (max 9 total for horizontal and vertical), then it moves on to the p y p y p y ( ), next associate who has available slots. If the system reaches the top of the company and still has pay slots left then it starts over again from original position moving up through the placement matrix looking for the next lower ranking (Double Diamond) and paying the same way as described above. Vertical and Horizontal Compression removes "Dead Spots" in a matrix, this will allow you to earn MAXIMUM commissions. We do not know of any other company to ever use Horizontal and Vertical compression for it's associates. We believe this is a FIRST in the industry.
    • Global Bonus Pool Global Bonus Pools Distribution and Qualification Every month each e-associate on the Basic Subscription Plan has $3.00 and each e-associate on the Professional Subscription Plan has $7.50 divided into 3 different pools. Diamond Bonus Pool Qualifications: Personally enroll 12 active e-associates OR develop 3 Gold e-associates. Double Diamond Bonus Pool Money paid Qualifications: Personally enroll 20 from each active e-associates subsciption. OR develop 2 Diamond e-associates. Triple Diamond Bonus Pool Q Qualifications: Personally y enroll 25 active e-associates *Note: You must maintain active number OR develop 2 Double of e-associates to stay qualified. Basic Subscribers can not participate in the Diamond e-associates. Global Bonus Pools.
    • Leaders Equity Bonus Pool Leaders Equity Bonus Pool Distribution and Qualification The Global Verge Leaders Equity Bonus Pools offer a unique opportunity for individuals that are willing to achieve a level of Excellence. The Global Verge Leaders Equity Bonus Pools consist of two Leaders Pools that are based on sharing Global Verge Net Corporate Profits of Retail Product Sales Sales. Money paid from net profit of company. Diamond Elite Executive Diamond Qualifications: Global Verge will Qualifications: Global Verge will contribute 3% contribute 2% of the company net p y of the company net corporate profits from y corporate profits from Retail Product Retail Product Sales to the Executive Diamond Sales to the Diamond Elite Leader Leader Pool. To qualify you must produce and Pool. To qualify you must produce maintain three Diamond Elites and $250,000 and maintain three Triple Diamonds of monthly total group volume. and $100 000 dollars of monthly total $100,000 *Note: At each pool level the group volume. number of qualified members shall share the pool equally.
    • Matching Bonuses Matching Bonus Distribution and Qualification Matching bonuses are based on your personally sponsored recruits monthly income they receive from the 3x9 Matrix. Triple Di T i l Diamond Matching d M t hi Diamond Matching Bonus Bonus Qualifications: Personally enroll 12 Qualifications: Personally enroll 25 active e-associates OR develop 3 active e-associates OR develop 2 Gold e-associates. Do ble Diamond e associates Double e-associates. Double Diamond Triple Diamond Di Diamondd Enter your Bonus Pool Bonus Pool Bonus Pool own text here 15% 50% 30% Double Diamond Matching Bonus Qualifications: Personally enroll 20 Q lifi ti P ll ll active e-associates OR develop 2 Diamond e-associates.
    • Product Sales Commission Product Sales Commission Every time a product is sold it generates Product Commissions. The amount for each of the 3 variables below will differ for each product, but the way they are distributed within each commission group will always f ll ill l follow th same b i the business rules. l Product “X” Retail cost of $249.95 $125.95 Company Product Cost/Margin $100.00 Seller Commission The difference between wholesale and retail $24.00 Upline Commission The difference between cost and wholesale • Top producers pool • Matrix Payout • Coded Bonus $249.95 $249 95 = Total Sale
    • Product Seller Commission Seller Commission Seller commission will vary from product to product and is generated when a Global Verge product is sold retail. The seller will get the difference between wholesale and retail retail. Some commissions will be a one time commission for a one time purchase and others will be paid monthly upon payment received monthly. This does not include monthly memberships or any products purchased at wholesale. Eligibility to receive seller commission requires that an e-associate is active for that month for any package.
    • Product Upline Commission Product Up-line Commissions Top Producers Pool p • Diamond levels and above who also have sales in that product category. 10% • Product category pool specific. • Top 20 Producers in each product category qualify. 40% Matrix Payout • Paid upline evenly 9 levels by matrix placement. 50% Coded Bonus • All of the money in this payout is divided in the following way: Enroller 30%, Diamond 25% Double Diamond 25% Triple Diamond 20% 25%, 25%, 20%. • Upline genealogy permanent ly coded upon signup of each e-associate. • Coded per product category.
    • Product Coded Bonus Coded Bonus When some one joins Global Verge as an e-associate, they are permanently coded at that instant to: 1. Their Enroller Double Triple 2. The 1st Qualified up-line Diamond Enroller Diamond Diamond Diamond 3. The 1 st Qualified up-line Double-Diamond 30% 25% 25% 20% 4. The 1st Qualified up-line Triple-Diamond Once a particular e-associate is coded to you for any of the above codes, all product sales are coded to you for life. The system will use the Enroller Tree and not the Placement Tree to find the qualified ranking levels. It is possible for a person to be qualified for more than one of the four coded payouts. Example 1: If you enroll a new e-associate and you are the rank Double Diamond, you would get coded to this new e-associate as their Enroller, Diamond and Double Diamond. Since you are not of Triple , y p Diamond status this would be permanently coded to the next Triple Diamond above you following the Enroller Tree. Example 2: If you are a Triple Diamond in rank and someone you enrolled (not a Diamond or higher in rank) signs up a new e-associate, then that person would get coded as the Enroller and you would be coded as the Diamond, Double Diamond and Triple Diamond Diamond Diamond. If you are coded to a person and are not active or no longer have the rank you were assigned the coded bonus for, then the monies for that bonus will not be paid that month (you can qualify the following month by attaining the previous ranking).
    • Thank You Are you ready to be a part of something Historical? Global Verge is taking back the "American Dream". Make your dream come true at Global Verge Verge. We invite you to join us now.