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DailySocial Trenologi Credentials

  1. 1. Media Tren Teknologi
  2. 2. Started in 2012, with company that experienced in Technology for almost 5 years, we understand how Internet media works and what content we should provide. The result is very significant, we reach what other tech media can’t reach in the first year, on exposure and revenue.
  3. 3. 60,000 Visits per month 100,000 Pageview per month More than 80% Unique Visitors in total Visit per month 20% Growth in traffic every month
  4. 4. From Rank 3 mio Alexa to Rank 1200
  5. 5. 30,000 visits per day Full time students Associate professional & technicals Professional
  6. 6. Featured News are news we place for promotion on Trenologi.com main page, we promote the news because the article got read by most readers, or contains important information to our readers.
  7. 7. Since 2008, DailySocial has been a gateway for digital and tech entrepreneurship. Growing from a blog, we are now one of the most reputable source of digital content, we host monthly event inviting tech & digital figure, also decision makers in Media, Tech Startup, IT Enterprises and Digital Agency from Indonesia.
  8. 8. Known as the Social Country, Indonesians love to hang out and know each other before going to further business relationship, through our strong readers community, we are capable to introduce sponsors brand to the effective target market in Indonesia with a simple and warm dinner gathering.
  9. 9. Startclub meetup is also a perfect opportunity to introduce you to the target market with 15 minutes session, Q&A and 2 way discussion. And it is a very valuable networking to open partnership and get insight from the Industry player. We will also provide you the list of people you can engage with after the meetup. Why meet them one by one, if you can gather them in one place with our support and network?
  10. 10. Startclub is invitation only, limited to 50 people. Customized for client target market, we do this to ensure that client have enough time to do personal and one on one conversation with the guests, the target market.
  11. 11. We will tailor the invitation based on your target audience, we can have startup, developers, professionals, agency and PR, just let us know.
  12. 12. and many more...
  13. 13. 2 Years of Social Media Festival “Social Media is You” “Create and Collaborate” 44,767 participants 69,875 participants 93 Performers 139 Performers 200 Supporters 250 Supporters Largest Social Media Meetup Largest Social Media Festival
  14. 14. salingsilang.com | dailysocial.net
  15. 15. salingsilang.com | dailysocial.net
  16. 16. Why Do Business With Us? • We are a small group of people dedicated to Indonesia’s tech industry and we are strongly connected to the players from all level with the same passion for tech. • As Indonesia’s #1 tech blog, we’ve reached people nation-wide as well as regional. • Strong and impactful, laser-focused campaign targeting people who matters.
  17. 17. What they say about us? “DailySocial plays a key role in Indonesia’s tech and startup scene. We’re pleased to have worked with DailySocial and we look forward to collaborate with them again in the future” Rizky Muhammad, Head of Media Channel, Telkomsel Indonesia “Daily Social is a bunch of motivated young man with numerous talents and considerable self- discipline." Narenda Wicaksono, Developer Relationship Manager, Nokia SEA
  18. 18. rama@dailysocial.net rahmat@dailysocial.net