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Feedback delhi 1857
Feedback delhi 1857
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Feedback delhi 1857


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  • 1. Dear Rajesh, I know very well that everything you turn your hand to carries the mark of excellence.We in the British military, in common with our brothers in India, fully understand the importance ofstudy of the past as a means of understanding the challenges of the present and the future. Wetherefore focus considerable effort on it in our training and at our schools and colleges. General Sir Richard Shirreff. (Deputy Supreme Commander, Allied Powers Europe) You were a good guide and an amusing companion. You know, you should be on a lecture circuit giving these sorts of talks. You are a charming, poised, lecturer - a pleasure to listen to. And you are very erudite.Hugh Purcell, Former Managing Editor BBC. (Writer and Film maker) Your encyclopedic knowledge is awesome and you are a great story teller. When we stood at the Kashmir Gate you brought history alive for us Brigadier Clive Elderton, Defense Advisor BHC, New Delhi (NowManaging Director India Gate Way Ltd.) We have been lucky to have had the expert support of Rajesh Rampal. He has undertaken valuable research for us and given us much advice. His understanding of the whole political and social context of all these events and of the current geographical layout of the sites of the military actions has been invaluable.Late Roy T. Eve O.B.E., D.L. (Publisher, Royal Green jackets Museum,Winchester)The best personal battlefield tour I’ve done. Loaded and such balancedperspectivesGroup Captain Ian Draper R.A.F., Naval and Air Defense Advisor, BHC, NewDelhi (Now with British Aerospace) Rajesh, thanks for all your help and in appreciation of your wisdom and never ending knowledge I present my book ‘The Sapper VC’s’ and some others too. Gerald Napier (Former Director Royal Engineers Museum) Author of‘Follow the Sapper’ and ‘Sapper VC’s. Lt General Sir Christopher Wallace (Former Director Royal College of Defense Studies) has acknowledged Rajesh Rampal in two of his books- Focus on Courage and Rifles and Kukris.Uprising 1857 –Delhi and Lucknow –Two Essays by Rajesh Rampal have been vetted byC.Wallace and his comments are given belowThe study of past battles prepares Officers and men alike for situations they might face infuture. These two essays on Delhi and Lucknow in 1857/8 bring out the importance ofLeadership, Strategy and innovative tactics not only for armed forces but for all of us.
  • 2. Seeking to draw Management Lessons from the Battlefield based on the Assault on Delhiin 1857 is a novel concept; they merit consideration in detail by Business Groups.Lt. General Sir Christopher Wallace (Former Commandant Royal College of DefenceStudies)