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  1. 1. Guess who this is? HINT : He is the founder of the Deptt. of Economics at MIT and a Nobel Laureatte and his family size doubled when triplets arrived.
  2. 2. Prof. Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics MIT Nobel Laureate Economics 1970Even crime and punishment are susceptible to economicanalysis. Does crime pay? If there were no police and courts andnever any punishments or deterrents to crime more people wouldfind themselves rewarded by illegal activities. On the otherhand, if strong locks are employed private and public guardsemployed who maintain a vigilant watch, if apprehension islikely, if trial is swift and the jury and the judge can be presumedto be quite accurate in distinguishing between the truly guiltyand the innocent, that part of crime which is undertaken in therational hope of reward may be reduced in total amount. ========================= The following slides take us one step towards a crime free society. You joined the protests nowdo something concrete. See and Decide yourself.
  3. 3. CRIMESTOPPERSCall anonymously with Information about Crime*(A Charity Organisation based in UK – a JV between Media, Police,businessCommunity and the Public)
  4. 4. CRIMESTOPPERS Call anonymously with Information about Crime We are an independent charity helping to find criminals and help solve crimes. We have an anonymous phone number, 0800 555 111, that people can call to pass on information about crime; alternatively via our website, using our Giving Information Form. Tell us what you know, not who you are. Did you know...? Crimestoppers is a charity. We are independent of the police and the government. You can call the phone number, 0800 555 111, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Crimestoppers operates across the UK. The information you give us is passed onto the police in such a way that they do not know who you are. The 0800 555 111 phone number has been helping to find criminals and solve crime for 20 years. Its a system that works for everyone – except criminals. Callers from abroad can reach us on 0044 1883 731 336.
  5. 5. CRIMESTOPPERS Call anonymously with Information about Crime History In 1985, PC Keith Blakelock was murdered during the riots at the Broadwater Farm estate in London. Police appealed for information. Lord Ashcroft, a businessman, offered to provide the police with money for a reward to encourage somebody to come forward with information. He set up Crimestoppers in conjunction with the Commisioner of Metropolitan Police in January 1988 and together with some business colleagues who were also concerned about the rise in violent crime, they funded the UK operation. There are now 38 volunteer committees across the UK and a further increase will follow, as volunteer numbers grow sufficiently to set up these new, more locally focussed groups. This is a concept of businesses establishing a partnership with the media and the police to help solve crimes.
  6. 6. CRIMESTOPPERS Call anonymously with Information about Crime Our vision We believe that people and their communities have the right to live without crime and without the fear of crime. When crime does take place, we believe that anybody who knows those responsible should go to the police. However, many people who want to take action are close to the criminal and fear retribution. Crimestoppers offers them the secure means for them to get that information to the police, making their families and communities safer. Our values Trustworthy Effective and business-like Realistic Non-judgemental  Our Mission To provide a means to detect, reduce and prevent crime through the provision of information about crimes and criminals to the law enforcement agencies from anonymous sources.
  7. 7. CRIMESTOPPERS Call anonymously with Information about Crime Our Executive Group are the key decision-makers for the charity on a day- to-day basis. Chief Executive - Michael Laurie CBE Director of Operations - Roger Critchell Director of Finance - Bob Booker Head of Campaigns and Communications - Isabel Cross Head of Development (Interim) - Anamari Bishopp Head of Human Resources - Rachel Stead Head of Operations - Michael Gordon-Gibson Head of Performance - Karen Ogborn Board of Trustees Advisory Board Staff only have 87 members of paid staff across the UK. Volunteers 500+ volunteers located across the UK.
  8. 8. CRIMESTOPPERS Call anonymously with Information about Crime Our achievements We change peoples lives every day by helping to make communities safer across the UK. Whether its our volunteers out in the field, tirelessly finding new ways to promote the anonymous phone number, 0800 555 111, or our links with partner organisations to create new campaigns to raise awareness about specific crimes. Not to mention the number of people who actually call Crimestoppers anonymously every day on 0800 555 111, to tell us information they know about crime. Without them, the 6,205 people arrested and charged every year on average, because of information received by Crimestoppers, would still be unknown to the authorities. Information weve received has led to all different kinds of crimes being solved, from million-pound drug trafficking operations to the fraudulent production of bank notes and building society cheques. A caller to Crimestoppers even helped to identify 4 armed robbers who shot a policeman.
  9. 9. CRIMESTOPPERSCall anonymously with Information aboutCrime Particulars April 2007 Since Currently, as a result of the to March 1988 information you give us: 2008 17 people are arrested every day. Crimestoppers official year- Criminals 6,237 87,385 end statistics, from April 2007 arrested until the end of March 2008, and reflect results based on anonymous information charged Crimestoppers has received. Value of GBP 3.46 GBP 103 stolen million million * charged with offences goods including murder, rape, drug dealing, burglary, robbery and recovered theft – over 600 people alone with murder Value of GBP 13.23 GBP drugs million 159 seized million
  10. 10. Statistics Latest- April 2011 till March 2012 Since Crimestoppers started taking your anonymous calls in 1988, weve received more than 1.3 million calls with useful information which have led to: 117,000 people being arrested and charged with offences including murder, rape, drug dealing, burglary, robbery and theft – over 900 people alone with murder £123 million of stolen property being recovered Drugs with a street value of over £270 million being seized
  11. 11. Quiz 1. Why is a London Policeman called BOBBY? 2. Look at the Bobby on right and tell the Month? Do our cops smile? 3. London Police Commissioner Sir Robert Peel later became PM. Can we imagine this in India? 4. Robert Peel’s third son CaptainSir William Peel VC (RN) was instrumental in the capture of Lucknow in 1857-58 using innovative methods beyond our imagination. He died in Kanpur on 27th April 1858 of small pox.
  12. 12. This is the Remembrance day Poppy when all commonwealth countries pay homage to their soldiers on November 11 every year at 11 A.M.Do we need a symbol something like this for our Nirbhayas andChildren against whom grave crimes were committed? We owe it to them because we failed them when they needed us the most. THANK YOU.