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Fusion ’13 early conference registrants (fully paid) may now select one (1) book each for free from the following as gifts from the library of Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) as attendees of FUSION ’13: Negotiation Power Skills & Library Services Management National Conference on October 18-19, 2012. Thanks to Ms. Edith of FAPE for these valuable materials. Reserve & own a title anytime now by e-mailing rramos@adamson.edu.ph

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Fape gifts

  1. 1. FAPE GIFTS, Filipiniana, etc.Fusion ’13 early conference registrants (fully paid) may now select one (1) book each for freefrom the following as gifts from the library of Fund for Assistance to Private Education(FAPE) as attendees of FUSION ’13: Negotiation Power Skills & Library Services ManagementNational Conference on October 1818-19, 2012. Thanks to Ms. Edith of FAPE for these valuablematerials. Reserve & own a title anytime now by e mailing rramos@adamson.edu.ph e-mailing A voice from the hills: essays on the culture and world view of the Western Bukidnon Manobo people (1989) Francisco Col-om Polenda (1989)-America’s double-cross of the Philippines: a democratic ally in 1899 and 1946 (1999) Salvador cross (1999)- Araneta An Instant is this life: an autobiography (1997) Lourdes R. Quisumbing, 3 copies are available his (1997)-
  2. 2. Ang lipad ay awit sa apat na hangin (1990)- Merlinda C. Bobis Ang Pagguho ng Troya (1989)- Zeus A. Salazar Anthology of ASEAN literatures: oral literature of Indonesia (1983)Anthology of ASEAN literatures: the poetry of Singapore (1985)- Edwin Thumboo, et al, 2 copies are available
  3. 3. Anthology of ASEAN literatures: the story of the three planes of existence (1987)- King Lithai Ashes from Mt. Pinatubo (1995)- Billy Ray Watts Basic English for college (1998)- Emy M. Pascasio, et al. Conversations with F. Sionil Jose (1991)- Miguel A. Bernad Development & democracy: a people’s agenda (1994)- Reuel R. Hermoso
  4. 4. Dictionary of Filipino culture and values (1994) Tomas D. Andres (1994)- Directory of private higher education institutions in the Philippines (2002) Dupluhang bayan at dalawa pang dula (1991) Domingo G. Landicho (1991)- No Image Available Education: a catalyst in preparing the Filipino learning community toward g globalcompetitiveness by the 21st century and beyond, series no. 3 Mona Dumlao Valisno, 5 copies 3- are available No Image Available Education act of 1982 (1990) Amado C. Dizon, 2 copies are available (1990)-
  5. 5. Education and privatization in Eastern Europe and the Baltic Republics (1998)- Paul Beresford- HillEssence of wellness: essays in Philippine clinical and counseling psychology (1993)- Carmela D. Ortigas & Ma. Lourdes A. Carandang Forces that make a nation great- Jose P. Laurel Forming the Filipino social conscience (1997)- Vitaliano R. Gorospe, SJ
  6. 6. Higher education reform: now or never (1994) 3 copies are availableIf we’re so smart why aren’t we rich? (1995) Arsenio M. Balisacan, et al., 4 copies are available (1995)- Ilang piling akda ni Teodoro Agonci (1995)- Genoveva Edroza Matute Agoncillo Kilusang pambansa pambansa-demokratiko sa wika (1992)-Monico M. Atienza Monico Language in thought and action (1990) S.I. Hayakawa and Alan R. Hayakawa (1990)-
  7. 7. Lasa: a guide to dining in the provinces (1990) Edilberto N. Alegre and Doreen G. Fernandez (1990)- No Image Available Learning to live together in peace and harmony: values education for epace, human rights, democracy and sustainable development for the Asia Pacific Region (1998) Asia-Pacific No Image Available Look i into my eyes-Leonardo L. Bascara Looking back in anger (1992) Hernando J. Abaya (1992)-
  8. 8. No Image Available Manual of regulations for private schools (1992) No Image AvailableMeasurement and evaluation in the secondary schools: a handbook (1990) 2 copies are available My own bout with cancer & other last essays (1995) P.N. Aprieto (1995)- My work, my teacher (1987)
  9. 9. Neither trumpets nor drums summing up the Cory government (1992) Salvador H. Laurel, 2 (1992)- copies are available No Image AvailablePammadayaw: philippine studies by international authors in honor of Dr. Marcelino Foronda, Jr. (1987)- Emerita S. Quito Reading Cirilo F. Bautista (1995) Isagani R. Cruz and David Jonathan Bayot (1995)- Sounds of silence, sounds of fury (1989) Domini Torrevillas-Suarez (1989)- Suarez
  10. 10. Stranded in the Philippines: missionary professor organizes resistance to Japanese (1994)- Scott A. Mills Surigao across the years: story of a province (1993)- Fernando A. Almeda, Jr. The Bluebird sings! (2007)- Lourdes R. Quisumbing The Electronic trail: computer-assisted research and reporting in the Philippines (1997)
  11. 11. The Francisco Arcellana sampler (1990)The Katipunan and the revolution: memoirs of a general (1992) Paula Carolina S. Malay (1992)- No Image Available The Language issues in educati (1994)- 3 copies are available education The Noble warriors (1994) Wilhelmina L. Alcasid (1994)-
  12. 12. The Origins and characteristics of Lasallian pedagogy (1997)- Yves PoutetThe Path to liberation: theology of struggle in the Philippines (1995)- James R. Whelchel The Quezon-Winslow correspondence and other essays (1994)- Rolando M. Gripaldo The Remedios Hospital: 1942-1945, a saga of Malate (1995)- Pedro M. Picornell
  13. 13. The Social thought and political thought of Claro Mayo Recto (1981)- Emerencia Yuvienco ArcellanaUnderstanding Philippine social realities through the Filipino family: a phenomenological approach (1984) – Mina Ramirez Unwise & otherwise: essays (1997)- Ernesto M. Valencia Visions and revisions: essays in education (1991)- Bro. Rolando R. Dizon, FSC
  14. 14. Writing against current: proceedings of the 13th Iligan National Writers Workshop (2007)- Christine F. Godinez-OrtegaPHOTO SOURCE:http://ph.images.search.yahoo.com; http://www.google.com/search,http://www.amazon.com/books, etc.